Friday, October 24, 2014

Taekwondo and a Shy Personality

Taekwondo is a sport that is healthy for your body and mind. The sport itself has an abundance of positive aspects for who ever wants to make martial arts a part of their life.

Being shy is an example of one of the many things that Taekwondo can help improve. Shyness can make some activities more difficult than others. I can relate because I have a shy disposition. For example, say you're taking a group test at school. After seeing the next problem, the majority of the group decides on an answer that you don't agree with. But you realize that you are the only one in  the group that thinks differently. You disregard your opinion out of the fear of being made fun of. Shyness just took a point off your test score! Learning Taekwondo can be a positive tool to help yourself to be a little more outgoing and to have more confidence in your actions and personal growth.

Joining Taekwondo can make a positive step in overcoming your shyness. When working in teams at a Moo Sul Kwan tournament, you can't remain on the side lines and not participate. Even if you are to fail your team still receives more points than if you didn't do anything. Your Taekwondo peers will respect your opinion during group discussions as well. There are no stupid questions.
The higher you rise up in the rankings there will come a time when you are asked to share your knowledge on a subject to a lower belt. Whether it be a poomse, one steps, or self defense you need to be the teacher. I know personally the very first time I was asked to help a yellow belt on their Chongi poomse I was terrified. But like practicing your self defense or riding a bike, the more you do it the more confident you will be.  Remember to the lower belt you are the teacher right now. You have been doing Taekwondo for a longer period of time and have already passed the point where they are now. They have no reason to doubt someone who has experience with what they are teaching. After all respecting your teachers is one of the MSK rules of etiquette. Your MSK training will help you set goals, reach goals, and advance in rank.

The Taekwondo environment is an interesting one. Of course the first time someone ever steps foot inside one of the different school locations they might notice the bulletin board where all the upcoming events are posted. The walls are decorated with all of the belts white to black. You might be thinking “Wow, I wonder how long it will take ME to become a black belt? But how is a shy person like me going to fit in?”

Sure that first time inside the school can be a little intimidating but after your first lesson you can start to notice something different. MSK Taekwondo has a very friendly atmosphere. Even if you are just stopping by our Lakewood school to check out who we are a black belt will greet you with a smile and talk to you about what we do here.

Shy personality or not it would be quite difficult for one not to make friends at MSK Taekwondo. Whether it be from a social event like the yearly trip to water world or a lock in at the campus. Also special events like MSK summer camp or one of the many tournaments you participate in during the year. Its certain that you will find someone to talk to. Plus having a friend you can look forward to support while you are learning new things. For me, this makes going to classes at our Lakewood Taekwondo school that much more enjoyable.

Each new thing I learn at Taekwondo makes Tournaments more enjoyable. We get to show what we have learned and with my friends it turns into a friendly competition. Since we are in the same age and belt group we usually compete against each other. One Friend beats be in regular sparring, I beat him in first point wins. Another wins the staff poomse division for their better form, but I place higher in regular poomse for my superior power.  It can go back and forth. But it makes practicing my moves at home and in class more interesting with the motivation to place better than my peers. You learn as a white belt about good sportsman ship. Even if you don't do well in an event no one is going to brag or make fell bad for not doing better.

In conclusion, the positive aspects of Taekwondo can help improve social skills, confidence, and encourage higher self esteem. Being shy will no longer hold you back. You can face the world with your head held high!

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