Monday, May 30, 2016


By Nethika Suraweera, Orange Belt

Respect is a way of treating other people. Being nice, polite, admire them and demonstrate high regard for them means respect. Person’s own qualities, abilities and behavior bring him respect. Making ourselves respectful people and learn how to respect other individuals in our society are important aspects in developing a successful and pleasant community.

I grew up in Sri Lanka which has completely different customs and culture than in USA. The way of respecting other people is done in a different dimension in Sri Lanka. I like what I learned there as to how to respect adults, parents, teachers, employers; all the people at a higher level than you with respect to age, education or occupation. But there was lack of respect towards the people at a lower level with respect to age, education, occupation and even based on rich or poor. It was frustrating sometimes, but you have to live like a Roman in Rome. For example if you smile or say “How are you?” or “Good Morning” to a person (that you don’t know) you meet on the street, that is a strange and inappropriate thing to do or even may be a call for danger. When I moved to USA 8 years ago I realized that here people respect everyone more equally. The way they talk and treat to strangers, children, students, employees, how people drive cars; all looked very nice and polite than the place where I used to live. I understand that they may not have deep concerns for other people and I know it is not perfect here. But at least it is way more pleasant and less stressful to live in a place that people have some respect to everyone around them.

So when I moved to USA, I had to learn a great deal of customs, culture and way of respect and speech.  And I am still learning.  As a mother of two young children, I have to learn, practice and teach respect. This is tough and I cannot make mistakes, because I am preparing and presenting 2 humans to the society. Me and my husband work hard to do the right thing for our children and our family. We learn everyday by reading books and meeting people on how to make our children’s lives successful by developing good qualities. Respect and love towards one another is the most important part of it. We must show respect to children, then they learn to respect. The influence we have from CTI is very helpful and valuable to our lives in developing these qualities.

Respect is a beautiful thing that makes people and community a happy and pleasant place. It brings quality and success to our lives and teaches us to be modest, honest and truthful.

Monday, May 23, 2016


By studying the problem from all angles and using the correct approach to solve it, perseverance is used effectively. The purpose of perseverance is to move consistently towards a solution and goal. Moving forward is the key and acting without a plan may seem like ground gained but is lost effort if not true towards your goal.
Colorado martial arts red belt with grandmaster bong yul shin

Having a plan of attack and staying strong even through the tough parts, all the way to the end is what proves that a person has perseverance. Even in smaller, seemingly insignificant tasks, one must prove they are persistent in order to be trusted with bigger responsibilities. Using perseverance in every task proves us to be the best team member and leader we all can be.

Easier said than done. How can one who wants to work towards a goal but be not be consistently consistent go about persevering towards that goal? Back to line one: study the problem from all angles and use the correct approach to solve it. Move consistently with a game plan. Don't set yourself up to fail with wild expectations of yourself, start out slow and pick up momentum. The best runners start with a jog and build to a run and then kick it into a sprint at the end. Not the opposite. I myself have several charts for the different areas of my life. I have a schedule of when to do what at work, one to track my progress in my business and a training chart for Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo at the CTI to keep myself growing stronger and better in my form, poomse and defenses. The best game plan for myself is a visual, interactive reminder of what and when and it keeps me accountable to my leaders as to what is actually happening. By staying consistent and gradually ramping up my routine, I can ensure consistent growth and long term the compound effect will kick in. Having a plan helps me to stay on the right track and to achieve my goals more effectively.

Using persistence yourself shows those around you around you the importance of perseverance and how to accomplish their own goals. Helping them to set up a game plan and outline their course of action gets them on the right track however they have to do the work and seeing other people who are accomplishing their goals may be the motivation they would need to fulfill theirs. This is especially true with younger association such as siblings or students. Stressing the weight of using perseverance in every part of their lives will set them up for success in school work and someday a business of their own. Instilling the quality of perseverance in those around you will help everyday tasks become easier and to be done more effectively.

All in all, perseverance will either break or make your goals and dreams. Without perseverance dreams are just dust in the wind and will never fully be realized to their full potential. However, using perseverance with every step makes the journey worthwhile at the end but even this can be difficult to see in the middle of the trip. Keeping yourself motivated is the biggest asset to your perseverance and doing whatever you need to do to keep your momentum is essential. Keep calm and carry on is an all-too-common phrase but it's the truth when it comes

The Way to Be

By Lars den Hartog, orange belt, age 12

RESPECT: Noun - A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

Respect is to admire someone and treat them kindly.  To respect someone you pay attention to what they say and give them the kindness that they deserve.

To me, respect is kindness and politeness and giving someone what they deserve in a kind way.  Everyone always needs to give everyone respect no matter who it is.  No matter if it is your least favorite teacher telling you to do the worst assignment ever, you need to respect them and do what they are telling you to do.

Colorado martial arts students running down a hill at a Taekwondo summer campYou need to respect everyone everywhere from your pets to the most important person in the world.  A great deal of respect needs to happen in your everyday life at home.  You need to respect your parents no matter what it is that they are telling you to do.  If they tell you to go sit on your bed for the remaining 5 hours of the day, you need to respect what they are telling you to do and trust them and go sit on your bed for 5 hours.  In Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo respect is a huge goal for people to learn.  From just taking your shoes off when walking in and putting your belt on, you are respecting the rules and expectations of being a student at the school.  When people say, “Yes ma’am!”, and go into chareyut they are respecting the commands of the instructor and showing them that we want to be there.

I show a great deal of respect at school.  I don’t cause trouble, I respect teachers and students, and I do the work that is assigned to me to the best of my ability.  When teachers ask me to do something I do it without putting up and argument and that is showing respect.  I also show a lot of respect at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute.  There are occasional moments when I am maybe talking when I am not supposed to but overall I show a lot of respect.  I try my best in class and I learn the things and do the things that I need to do.  I come prepared to class every day (except for the days that I forget my mouth piece and forget my top) and meet the expectations that the instructors have of me.

I need to show more respect to my brothers and my parents.  Overall I am mostly respectful but I need to work on specific issues like following directions that I don’t want to do immediately.  Sometimes my parents will punish me for doing something like bugging my brothers, and I don’t do what they are asking me to do immediately.  They may tell me to go up to my room because I am bothering Knox, and I argue and come up with excuses.  I need to also listen to my brothers and show them some authority because I do the same thing with them, I argue.  I need to listen immediately and show them the respect that they deserve.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Martial Arts Lessons for You: Golden Edition

The best taekwondo lessons and martial arts classes in Golden

Colorado has become synonymous with health, fitness and wellness.  Mountain biking, climbing, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing, the mountain are filled with calorie burning activities. But, maybe you're looking for something new. Taekwondo is one calorie burning activity that you might not think of in the mountains. And when it comes to martial arts classes in Golden, there's no place better than the Colorado Taekwondo Institute.

The Golden location services the West part of the Denver metro area, including Golden, Wheat Ridge, Lakewood and Arvada. Students come to train with many highly educated, experienced, and energetic black belts. The campus provides classes for children as young as 2 years old, along with kids, teens, and adults of all ages. The Golden school has a staff of accredited black belts that have all been participating at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute for years, and all began as white belts at this campus. These black belts instruct and assist, and also continue their personal training at the Golden campus.

The workouts in the Golden Taekwondo location are performed in a clean and spacious workout room. The carpeted custom suspension floors provide a support and cushion for joints while working out. It's hard to explain how much fun jumping and exercising can be with that little extra bounce in your step. That little extra cushion gives the younger students more confidence and gives the older adult student a little bit of a fountain of youth.

Even if you aren't in the class, there are many large windows that allow parents or children to view from the lobby. The lobby area provides a comfortable area to watch all the fun happening behind the glass. The school is also located next to Tafolino's Mexican Restaurant for some good food after a great workout.

The experiences at Golden school aren't limited to classes. The Colorado Taekwondo Institute provides events year round to meet with the other 5 campuses around Colorado and the Denver metro area. The events include tournaments where we compete with other equally aged and experienced students. Other events include weekend getaways in the mountains where students can focus on having fun and learning while enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery.

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute has a mission to: “Encourage world-class leadership through educational excellence and Moo Sul Kwan martial arts traditions.” The devotion of the CTI black belts and instructors ensures that students will be educated in a positive learning environment to be developed into leaders with many skills that can be carried over to family, school, and the community. With over 30 years of excellence, the Colorado Taekwondo Institute can promise the finest teaching of any educated-based martial arts program.

For more information on the Golden school, visit or call at 303-233-0039.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Just For You - Denver Martial Arts for Adults!

All around the country, and especially in Colorado, adults are looking for a new form of physical fitness and exercise. Considering martial arts for your new fitness program may not be as outrageous as you think. Martial arts training is ever-becoming a popular way for kids to gain focus, confidence, and physical fitness, but in Denver, martial arts training can be just as empowering for adults. The Colorado Taekwondo Institute offers training at multiple locations throughout Colorado, including Denver-area training in Lakewood, Littleton, Westminster, Golden and Confer. Martial arts are not just for kids anymore!

You can benefit from adult martial arts classes, such as Taekwondo or Karate, in the same manner as children. And, if they come to their program with the same curiosity and openness that kids and teens do, they are often surprised by how much their training has improved their confidence, helped them relieved stress and produced strength & muscle tone that helps them in other activities.

Learn goal setting and self-defense with denver martial arts for adultsMany adult start martial arts because they are interested in learning self-defense to protect themselves and their families & friends. In fact, martial arts were originally developed for common people and soldiers to protect themselves in wartime and from wild animals. But in peace time, people continued to practice their martial arts because of the other benefits derived from them. So even in today's world, training in karate, taekwondo, hapkido, kung fu or judo will help you can reap the many benefits from adult self defense training.

Relieve Stress – According to, "44% of Americans feel more stressed than they did 5 years ago." And as you know, stress is linked to increased risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke. We may not all be naturally calm individuals, but as you begin your martial arts training, you can develop the skills you need to calm your nerves and focus your energies toward simplified goals. Martial arts as stress relief may be one of the most underrated reasons to begin an adult program, but nearly every adult struggles with stress on some level, and taekwondo, karate, kung fu, judo or hapkido training is a great way to tackle this life-shortening emotional strain.

Get Healthier – Of course, any type of cardiovascular exercise can help you feel better and live longer, and martial arts are no different. And martial arts are great, because they also develop muscular strength and endurance, along with weight loss and increased flexibility. Many adults face the struggle to get to the gym or find a goal-oriented activity that is beginner friendly. As a martial arts student, adults can get the exercise they need, learn something new and push their limits while participating in something they can enjoy.

Set Goals – The belt system for adults is the same as it is for any student, six or sixty. By advancing through the belts, you can continue to set goals and achieve them, learning a little more about the art and a little more about yourself with each step.

So as you see, you should consider adult martial arts classes for your next fitness program. Call the Colorado Taekwondo Institute today to learn more about a no-obligation, introductory program!


Friday, May 6, 2016

Martial Arts Lessons for You: Lakewood Edition

The best taekwondo lessons, martial arts classes in lakewood

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute has five different locations including Lakewood, Littleton, Westminster, Golden and Conifer, all providing educational martial arts training within a positive environment. The different aspects of learning include building self-confidence and self-control, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Lakewood martial arts school is located on West Alameda Parkway, just west of Union, within close proximity to Starbucks, Shell and Iron Works. There are also quite a few elementary, middle, and high schools in the neighboring areas, some of which are: Green Mountain Elementary, Glennon Heights Elementary, Devinny Elementary, Hutchinson Elementary, Dunston Middle and Green Mountain High School.

The Lakewood location first opened in 1993 with students coming from surrounding areas, especially from Lakewood, Morrison and Golden. Students come to train with many highly educated, experienced and energetic black belts. The campus provides classes for children as young as 2 years old, along with kids, teens, and adults of all ages. The Lakewood school has a teaching staff of fully accredited black belts, and all began as white belts at this campus. These black belts instruct and assist, and also continue their personal training at the Lakewood location. The head instructor at Lakewood is Master Merinda Sautel, who is a 6th degree black belt in Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo. She is an exceptional teacher of all ages with over 30 years of experience as a martial arts instructor, and is also a licensed Jefferson County School school teacher.

An exclusive attribute of the Lakewood school is the design of the workout rooms and lobby. This includes two spacious workout areas with custom-built suspended floors, which allow the students to amplify their work out and participation abilities. These areas are also carpeted to enable a good learning experience in a comfortable environment. The large work out room includes equipment rack shelves for students to put their workout bags on while engaging in class; this gives them easy access to equipment they may need during training. Both workout areas include all utensils that are needed for instructors to ensure an educational and fun-filled class.

There is a pro-shop in the lobby area that includes student manuals, sparring equipment, and required patches. There are also key rings, t-shirts, and equipment bags to complete the fulfilled experience at the CTI Lakewood location. There is a TV in the lobby that exhibits screenings of past Colorado Taekwondo events including tournaments, summer Conventions, and Camps that show experiences and immense learning that happen while participating in these events. The lobby area also includes a place for parents, friends, and family to sit and watch as the students participate in classes apart in a setting that won’t interfere with their learning. The CTI staff and students, along with their families, make it possible to have a family-friendly environment.

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute has a mission to: “Encourage world-class leadership through educational excellence and Moo Sul Kwan martial arts traditions.” The devotion of the CTI black belts and instructors ensures that students will be educated in a positive learning environment to be developed into leaders with many skills that can be carried over to family, school, and the community. With over 30 years of excellence, the Colorado Taekwondo Institute can promise the finest teaching of any educated-based martial arts program.

For more information on martial arts classes in Lakewood, visit or call at 303-989-7542.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

MSK Summer Expo XXXII

Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo XXXII is right around the corner!  This year we will be at beautuiful Beaver Run Resort in Breckenridge, Colorado, June 3-5!
The MSK Expo is for all ages and belts levels.  It is three days of seminars and workshops in all areas of Moo Sul Kwan martial arts. 
The Expo weekend begins on Friday evening and continues through Sunday early afternoon.  Expo participants are divided according to age and belt level and are taught by some of the very finest instructors in Moo Sul Kwan and the American Martial Arts Sports and Education Association!
Upon signing in, everyone will be provided with an Expo XXXII Folder and materials for the weekend.  Students take their folder to each class for notes from all of the dynamic classes that take place during the Expo.  Students will also receive an Expo XXXII event tee shirt later in the weekend!
This year, Great Grandmaster Bong Yul Shin will be teaching classes at Expo XXXII!  GGM Shin was a close friend of our Moo Sul Kwan and AMASEA founder Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park.  A world renowned martial artist, GGM Shin resides in St. Louis, Missouri, and gives seminars around the world.  Along with GGM Shin,Grandmaster Charles Hildebrand (President of Moo Sul Kwan and the AMASEA) will be instructing Expo participants too!  
The Moo Sul Kwan Expo XXXII Teaching Staff includes Grandmaster Jim Sautel, 7th dan, founder of the CTI.  Also teaching are master instructors; Mindy Sautel, 6th dan, John Sautel, 6th dan, Erik Alrechtson, 5th dan, Fred Sautel, 5th dan, Alice Meyung, 5th dan and Clayton Garner, 5th dan.
This year there will be an extra special Expo Event for everyone, along with the Expo XXXII Saturday night festivities including students performing "MSK Commericials", music and demonstrations.  There will be an Expo XXXII Banquet and loads of fun for the entire family!
At each of the MSK Summer Expos, there are always special complimentary classes for our parents and family members.
Register today for the best weekend of the summer!

Monday, May 2, 2016

2016 All-City Champs Results!

The 2016 All - City Championships was the largest All-City Champs of all time! Taking place April 29 - 30, at Alameda International Junior and High School, the All-City Championships was hosted by the Colorado Taekwondo Institute.
The action began on on Friday evening with black belt competitions and continued through Saturday with competitions for all ages and belt levels.
Congratulations to Grand Champions Peyton Brauch and Bridget Sautel.
Here are the results:
1st place
Eric Evans        Brin Steward        Collin Kreutz        Shekina DeTienne
Jennifer McKernan    Makayla Trapp        Hope Morgan        Natasha McKernan
Kathleen Sautel        Katie Dahle        Devan Bagley        Brynn Konrad
Merrick Oleszek        Mitchell Oleszek    Rick Orton        Zuzanna Janowska
Julian Marine        Kylie Bickford        Dakota Jesse        Dante Hulin
Devon Bilyeu        Helen Grenillo        Anna Grose        Evan O'Fihelly
Adolph Ordaz        David Smith        Scott Hancey        Alex Hancey
Megan Garcia        Caleb Romero        Lars Den Hartog        Sean Huntley
Diego Quezada        Dalton Cole        Max Hassenstein    Bowen Meyer
Gabe Zinser        Mariah Cordova        Dylan Soule        Jillian Peck
Gabriel Muniz        Ahas Weerapura    Michael Veith        Owen Hughes
Kaddie Williams        Anika Olson        Kyle Janowski        Turner Jensen
Ellie Stanton        Rylee Ross        Bella Lasater        Kylee Rusher    
2nd place        
Eileen Lindner        Michael Sandusky    Peyton Brauch        Nathaniel McKernan
Melodie Page        Ryan Wyngarden    Tyler Murphy        Justin Lautrup
Lexi Johannes        Lynne Dean        Carter Reyes        Nina Madayag
Jacobi Field        Joshua Stencel        Taryn Dwyer        Konner Evans
Ashton Price        Mathias Bauer        Trish Nguyen        Lauren Lundeen
Emily Artman        Brian Jensen        Naomi Price        Benson White
Arhip Saratovtsev        Darcy Stanton        Jennifer Hancey        Evan Walls
Brendan Arink        McKenzie Cress        Carson Ayers        Alice Warnick
Jade Teegarden        Cheyenne Selbe        Jaden Jesse        Taylor Allen
Jackson Baker        Hudson Van Voorhees    Jonah Olson        Colton Hertel
Zoey Bryant        Isabella Rai        Tyler Gibbs        Rachel Bakkum
Ed Stanton        Allan Stanton        Quynn Cotner        Cash Estes
Aidan Sturm        Caiden Murphy        Grant McKissack    Adina Johnson
3rd place
Don Johnson        Andy McDaniel        Theo Lincke        Ethan Price
Bruce Dean        Gwen Gutierrez        Zach Greaves        Lexi Johannes
Emily Brophy        Luke Smith        Declan Gunther        Cody Jacobson
Evelyn LaMorgese    Nick Tibbetts        Dean Loux        Joshua Miller
Anya Trilk        Alex Price        Kameron Evans        Jacob Deverell
Mike Dean        Nethika Suraweera    Jack Weichert        Samantha Biesemeier
Fran Walker        Vi Vu            Jeremiah O'Brien    Angeleena Amaducci
Bryce Cole        Caidan White        Sophia Parker        Simon Padilla
Braden Walls        Jack Henning        Logan Rumph        Braden Zack
Kelsey Miller        Aaron Maloit        Emma Weichert        Leto Oschner
Slyder Sedlacek        Dylan Wellensiek    Jason Stencel, Sr.    Marley Powers
Colston Yoder        Colin Cook        Patrick Konrad        Carson Mack
Kai Schelhaas        Andrew Meyers
4th place    
Nick Slinkard        Coghan Spery        Shekina DeTienne    Zac Johannes
Delaney Zandin        Ethan Trapp        Kelsey Smith        Melvin Marine
Mohale Mitchell    Lydia Willis        Chase Wyngarden    Dean Gunther
Devon Lewis        Christian Lloyd        Mia Rubio        Elise Smith
Sarah Luper        Adam Harkins        Annie Jensen        Eliseo Bandala
Matthew Ordaz        Paul Tafoya        Pete Girard        Sam Chastain
Ethan Girard        Jovan Moore        Hailey Hillier        Andrei Amihalachio
Henry Rumph        Wyatt Ayers        Chiara Esposito        Max Bogdanoff
Tristen Garcia        Austin Streepy        Trenton Wheat        Beckett Kimball-Hodges
Andra Viero        Autumn Manuelito    William Schwartz    Tanner Scorsone
Elijah Alire        Averie Chavez        Tyler Cobb        Amadeo Sandoval
Lukas Chromy        Alaina Faler

Tiger Poomse
1st place
Oliver Garner        Zach Cotner        Preston Bryant        Serena Rai
Sage Shamus        Lucy Paisley        Makenna Comstock    Aiden Gomez
Sean Revels        Tait Shamus        Silas Rees        Jackie Penrod
Cooper Ivie        Grant Maloit        Noah Gomez        Alexis Chavez
Alexandra Kennedy    Arend Warne        Landon Pfalzgraff    Trace Jensen
Aidan Soule        Cohen Hanlon

1st place
Nick Slinkard        Bridget Sautel        Coghan Spery        Jennifer McKernan
Ryan Wyngarden    Michael Sandusky    Kameron Evans        Brynn Konrad
Nico Trilk        Devan Bagley        Juliane Marine        Mathias Bauer
Katie Dahle        Bill Schwartz        Elise Smith        Sean Konrad        
Arkhip Saratovtsev    Adolph Ordaz        Anna Grose        Benson White
Brecken Lusk        Braden Zach        Brendon Arink        Bowen Meyer
Dante Hulin

1st  place
Nick Slinkard        Coghan Spery                  Peyton Brauch                 Kathleen Sautel    
Ryan Wyngarden    Ed Stanton    `    Declan Gunther        Dakota Jesse
Rick Orton        Lauren Smith        Ashton Price        Anya Trilk
Chase Wyngarden    Elizabeth Hawkins    Lauren Lundeen        Kylie Bickford
Evan Walls        Brian Jensen        Brecken Lusk        Henry Rumph
Alice Warnick        Anna Grose        Diego Quezada        Annie Jensen
Payton Shern        Jack Henning        Katelynn Ward        Brendon Arink
Hudson Van Voorhees    Bowen Meyer        Jaden Jesse        Tristan Garcia
T.J. Tibbetts        Dante Hulin        Aidan Sturm        Kylee Rusher
Tyler Gibbs        Paul Paisley        Autumn Manuelito    Calder Kimball-Hodges
Theryn Oschner     Marley Powers        Colston Yoder        Asron Maloit
Ahas Weerapura    Kyle Janowski
2nd place
Andy McDaniel        Collin Kreutz        Ethan Trapp        Emily Brophy
Mike Dean        Melvin Marine        Mohale Mitchell    T.J. Gutierrez
Dean Loux        Kaddie Williams        Dean Gunther        Mia Rubio
Devan Bagley        Zuzanna Janowska    Elise Smith        Nina Madayag
Dalton Cole        Pete Girard        Sean Huntley        Max Hassenstein
Mariah Cordova        Darcy Stanton        Lars Den Hartog        Helen Grenillo
Jade Teegarden        Evan O'Fihelly        Taylor Allen        Ethan Girard
Benson White        Gabe Zinser        Cheyenne Selbe        Jonah Olson
R.J. Larson        Luke Smith        Tyler Cobb        Ellie Stanton
Slyder Sedlacek        Turner Jensen        Allan Stanton        Averie Chavez
Isabella Lasater        Zoey Bryant         Amadeo Sandoval    Owen Hughes
Trenton Wheat        Jaxson Wheat
3rd place
Zach Greaves        Theo  Lincke        Justin Lautrup        Natasha McKernan
Josh Miller        Jason Stencel, Sr.    Carter Reyes        Kameron Evans
Bill Schwartz        Lynne Dean        William Maes        Devon Lewis
Trish Nguyen        Sarah Luper        Brynn Konrad        Alex Hancey
Scott Hancey        Mateo Piza        Braden Walls        Megan Garcia
Bryce Cole        Alyssa Reinke        Samantha Biesemeier    Lucah Meyer
Angeleena Amaducci    Ethan Dwyer        Braden Zack        Logan Rumph
Will Kennedy        Alex Price        Jacob Deverell        Campbell Copt
Adina Johnson        Michael Veith        Colin Cook        Oliver Faler
Quynn Cotner        Alex Schwartz        Isabella  Rai        Aydon Lewis
Lovendy Rai        Leto Oschner        Caiden Murphy
4th place        
Eric Evans        Johnny Williams    Makayla Trapp        Nico Trilk
Lucas Richardson    Adam Harkins        Katie Dahle        Jason Stencel, Jr.
Merrick Oleszek        Mya Field        Sarah Dahle        Lydia Willis
Andrei Amihalachio    Paul Tofoya        Caiden White        Ethan Mori
Libby Girard        Jeremiah O'Brien    Nethika Suraweera    Zoe Prevatte
Jack Weichert        Chiara Esposito        Max Bogdanoff        Mathias Bauer
Kaylyn McEwan        Lukas Chromy        Dylan Soule        Dylan Wellensiek
Rachel Bakkum        Andra Vieru        Anika Olson        Elijah Alire
Cash Estes        Austin Streepy        Carson Mack

First Point Wins!
1st place
Brian Steward        Bridget Sautel        Theo Lincke        Peyton Brauch
Bridget Sautel        Josh Miller        Ed Stanton        Mohale Mitchell
Dakota Jesse        Rick Orton        Katie Dahle        Ashton Price
Anya Trilk        Sean Konrad        Trish Nguyen        Elise Smith
Nick Tibbetts        Nina Madayag        Evan Walls        Arkhip Saratovtsev
Brian Jensen        David Malec        Henry Rumph        Megan Garcia
Anna Grose        Bryce Cole        Aylssa Reinke        Payton Shern
Jack Weichert        Taylor Allen        Brendan Arink        Braden Zack
Gabe Zinser        Jaden Jesse        Jonah Olson        T.J. Tibbetts
Dante Hulin        Aidan Sturm        Adina Johnson        Michael Vieth    
Colin Cook        Oliver Faler        Rachel Bakkum        Theryn Oschner
Marley Powers        Elijah Alire        Lovendy Rai        Trenton Wheat
Carson Mack
2nd place
Nick Slinkard        Jennifer McKernan    Collin Kreutz        Justin Lautrup
Lexi Johannes        Mike Dean        Jason Stencel, Sr.    Declan Gunther
Kameron Evans        Bill Schwartz        Lynne Dean        William Maes
Mia Rubio        Elizabeth Hawkins    Sarah Luper        Mitchell Oleszek
Devon Lewis        Brynn Konrad        Andrei Amihalachio    Adolph Ordaz
Pete Girard        Brecken Lusk        Braden Walls        Alice Warnick
Darcy Stanton        Diego Quezada        Helen Grenillo        Hailey Hillier
Lucah Meyer        Chiara Esposito        Ethan Dwyer        Hudson Van Voorhees
Logan Rumph         Cheyenne Selbe        Will Kennedy        Cody Jacobson
Luke Smith        Tyler Cobb         Kylee Rusher        Tyler Gibbs
Turner Jensen        Allan Stanton        Averie Chavez        Isabella Lasater
Zoey Bryant        Aydon Lewis        Aaron Maloit        Leto Oschner
Kyle Janowski

Staff Poomse1st placeMichael Sandusky    Eric Evans        Jennifer McKernan    Theo Lincke     Natasha McKernan
2nd place
Bridget Sautel        Hope Morgan        Tyler Murphy        Collin Kreutz       Lexi Johannes
3rd place
Brian Steward        Zach Greaves        Shekina DeTienne    Peyton Brauch        Emily Brophy