Monday, November 9, 2020

Why Choose the CTI

 By Caleb Feagans, CTI Instructor

Students doing a side kick at martial arts classes at Colorado Taekwondo Institute
Like my own personal experience, parents and families often begin their search for martial arts schools for their kids or themselves by searching the web for ‘karate schools’. When my family and I first started to search for karate schools near us, none really stood out and impressed us; however, we did find the Colorado Taekwondo Institute (CTI), which has continued to impress us for 14 years and counting.  But why should you consider Taekwondo? And why should you consider the Colorado Taekwondo Institute over other Taekwondo schools? CTI not only teaches students the art of Taekwondo but the rich history of Korea. Not only will you be learning valuable self-defense techniques and sparring, but you see through demonstration how integrity, respect, courtesy for others, and self-control skills reinforce a well-rounded martial arts student and overall better person.

When my family and I started, we had no idea what Taekwondo was or what the difference was between Karate and Kung-Fu or why I should ever try it over the other two martial arts, but I soon learned why Taekwondo, especially at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute is so special. Although Karate and Kung Fu are similar to Taekwondo, the Korean martial art focuses more on kicking and leg techniques than the other two martial arts which emphasize the use of hand techniques.  After all, the definition of Taekwondo is the Korean art of smashing with the bare feet and hands. Taekwondo still utilizes several hand techniques but the hands are less emphasized in the Taekwondo basics and sparring. 

The classes offered at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute are taught by instructors with years of experience and training.  There are classes from ages 2 and up at a variety of locations around the state of Colorado and the CTI caters to all ages when teaching and there is something that all ages groups can learn by participating in CTI classes. Tiger classes (ages 2-4) focus on basic listening and motor skills and is a great release of energy. The junior classes (ages 5-11) are a great way for kids to start exercising regularly and help boost their confidence as they remain healthy! Teen (ages 12-15) and adults (ages 16 and up) begin a goal-oriented program that helps them learn the basics of self-defense and fitness. The CTI’s classes are structured the same regardless of what campus students attend classes and most other schools do not have a “backbone” basics routine quite like the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. 

The CTI was founded in 1983, and they continue to teach and accept new students every day for the past 37 years and there is no sign of stopping anytime soon.  So the next time you consider searching for any Karate schools near your location, consider stopping in at the CTI and see how Taekwondo can help you not only get in shape and learn self-defense, but be a better student at school, a better employee, and a better person.