Monday, November 26, 2018

Martial Arts for Family

By Nethika Suraweera, blue belt

Growing up in Sri Lanka and having moved to United States 10 years ago, I’ve heard good things about martial arts: How it helps people to stay in control with body, spirit and mind; How it helps kids to grow up with discipline and so many invaluable qualities; How it teaches any human to face challenges in life.  3 years ago, as me and my family moved to Denver, I was looking for a martial arts class for my 5 years old son. I inquired about Karate institutes and Taekwondo institutes in Littleton, Lakewood area.

My son was about to start Kindergarten, and we met some black belts from Colorado Taekwondo Institute (CTI) at the information session before starting the school year. When looked up for more information, and asked from other parents, I figured out that CTI was a great martial arts school. They had 5 campuses around Denver including Littleton, that is very closer to where we live. They had before and after school programs at several elementary schools and middle schools.

Martial arts familyWe enrolled our son for the Taekwondo class done by CTI, conveniently at his school.  Three months after he started Taekwondo, we were at his very first tournament, and I saw that people of every age participating in Taekwondo events, and I was fascinated by the demo done by the black belts. That’s the day I decided that I myself will join the classes at CTI. As of today, I am a blue belt, my son is a about to be a Junior blue belt and my 4 years old daughter is a Tiger green belt. We enjoy practicing in martial arts at CTI as a family. My husband continuously helps for our Taekwondo events and activities.

Within these few years we’ve built a good relationship with CTI. We have a great community of nice people. We have picnics, Christmas parties, food drives and many more activities. CTI even do ‘Lock-In’s that they take care of kids on some Friday nights, and parents can go out for a date night! CTI does an awesome job organizing martial arts events. Each year there are several tournaments, a summer expo, summer camps for kids and adults, a black belt symposium, master seminars and a black belt world tour every few years.

CTI follows rules and techniques of an ancient Taekwondo style: ’Moo Sul Kwan’. They make sure to preserve traditional values of Moo Sul Kwan, while teaching it to today’s students in a way that they can master in both physical and psychological excellence. To ensure high standards, CTI works in association with Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts Institute and American Martial Arts Sports and Education Association.

The martial arts instructors at CTI are excellent. They’ve being very well trained for teaching and it is a continues learning and training process and a life-long commitment for them. The belt promotion process is very organized and strict in a good way, that every student must work hard at their best to earn credits. The kids and adults complete an assignment every month, and in my opinion that is a great activity. The assignment is usually about 5 tenants of Taekwondo: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit, or other valuable concepts to improve our lives. It is a good chance for adults to revise and refresh their values. For the kids, a great way of growing up incorporating good habits and skills. CTI lives up to its mission statement: "To encourage world-class leadership through educational excellence and Moo Sul Kwan martial arts traditions”.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Recommended by Parents!

By Lindsey Boswell, brown belt

If you are looking into Karate, Taekwondo, or any type of martial arts lessons, I would highly recommend the Colorado Taekwondo Institute.

My daughter began taking classes when she was about 6 years old, and participated for about a year before I decided to join her.  She was having so much fun that I wanted to be a part of it.  It was such a good decision for us!  Participating in an activity that teaches us how to have fun and work hard, while encouraging us to develop and grow into leaders, has been an invaluable part of our family routine.

A mom and daughter doing parent recommended martial arts lessons togetherThe Colorado Taekwondo Institute is a great way for the family to be active together, learn healthy competition, and gain leadership skills.  My daughter and I both have the opportunity to learn together, practice with each other, and compete in the same events.  This is an art that the entire family can be a part of because it allows for each individual to learn at their own pace while being part of a team.

A proud moment, as a mother, is to see my daughter teach younger students.  While it is so special to watch her improve on her own technique and skill, it is magical to watch her step into the role of a teacher at such a young age.  She is learning patience and discipline, while enjoying the activity and challenge of martial arts.  The more comfortable she becomes with her skills in martial arts, the more confident she becomes in other areas in life.

If you are thinking of trying out martial arts lessons, come to the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. We have locations in Conifer/Bailey/Aspen Park, Lakewood/Green Mountain, Littleton/Morrison, Golden/Wheat Ridge, and Westminster/North Arvada. Come see what they have to offer. Bring the family and try out a class. It is a great workout and family friendly. We would love to have you!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Colorado Taekwondo Institute - Winter 2018 Website Intro

Physical Benefits of Training in MSK Taekwondo

By Khristin Paisley, blue belt

Most often when people not associated with martial arts think about martial arts or martial artists they automatically think of pop culture icons from the Karate Kid movies, Kung Fu Panda, Bruce Lee, and Chuck Norris to name a few.  Their perception of martial artists is based on these things and there is an almost automatic connection with board breaking,and yelling like a banshee while we go about kicking and punching.  It is hard to see beyond the Hollywood construct to the benefits that are inherent to our art, and the unique benefits that adults experience as a martial arts student.

A karate girl kicking a board while blindfolded
Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo is a one of many different kinds of martial arts when looking for karate lessons, and has its own inherent benefits that are unique unto itself.  We learn poomse, we learn kicks, punches and blocks all while improving our physical fitness.  MSK Taekwondo is amazing at helping to improve adult fitness, however, the benefits aren’t just physical and to say that it is the primary benefit of our art would be painting it with a broad paintbrush with too little paint.  The physical benefits are impossible to deny because we ask our bodies to perform feats that many would balk at and without proper training aren’t possible or safe for the average person to perform. Taekwondo takes a person from average to something more and like any artist, the more of ourselves we give over to it, the better we and it becomes.  The physical benefits are not the whole picture. We learn to do things we couldn’t do before, we benefit from the practice inside and outside the dojang.

In Taekwondo or karate lessons, nothing ever is just one sided.  When we kick with the left leg, our right leg is also involved as well as our hands. Through this we learn balance and gain an understanding that this also includes and requires balanced movements; not just the physical balance required to perform these tasks.  We gain a real life understanding of for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, this is apparent through a balance of movement. Otherwise we would all be on the ground much of the time as we wouldn’t be able to keep our feet.  A good block doesn’t just begin and end with your arm and requires whole body and whole brain involvement.  This is why physical fitness is a secondary benefit and comes naturally with everything else we do.

Much of what we do involves cross body movements which has been linked to things such as improved cognition.  In learning poomse we make our brains work in incredible ways that they likely have never had to before.  Keeping one part of your body still, while moving another independently and with intention, requires a great deal of heightened cognition, focus, and determination well as mastery of the aspects of moving and breath.  Without such control over the physical we would pass out constantly and therefore lack the physical and mental control and endurance to keep mastery of our body. It is just the surface of it because once you have the basics of the what, you learn the nuances that make it better. It is a mental workout.

Eventually we realize that if and when we apply these lessons to whole body and whole brain involvement, we see that we gain a better understanding of ourselves and achieve a greater mastery of our whole self.  We learn that no matter how good we are, we have the ability to achieve more, to learn and improve more, and to become more.  We never lose the sense of awe either, it goes from I could never do that, to I just did that, and wow you want me to do what?  It is cyclical. 

The secret is our goal is never fully reached.  It is close enough to keep us going, to keep us pushing and determined yet just far enough ahead that we are hungry and determined to reach for it. The benefits are vast, varied and nearly limitless. This is perhaps the greatest benefit of all, because we learn to keep pushing .  We learn to give respect and live respectfully and balanced.  Through karate lessons at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute you become part of a team and part of a family, a benefit unto itself.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Why CTI Taekwondo is Great for Kids!

By Jonah Elstad, red belt, 13 yrs old

A group of martial arts kids having funMoo Sul Kwan Taekwondo is not just good for kids- it is great for kids!  I started attending the Colorado Taekwondo Institute when I was 8 years old.  Over the last five years I have noticed many positive changes in my life because of Taekwondo.  I have also noticed the positive effects of Taekwondo in my fellow classmates.

While there are several great aspects of Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo, the three major ones are physical health, emotional health, and improved behavior.

First, Taekwondo improves the student’s physical health. Taekwondo has improved my heath tremendously.  Before Taekwondo I got sick a lot.  Because of the exercise the I get in class my body is stronger and I get sick less.  I have more energy now and my endurance has improved.  In the CTI class we learn how to eat healthy.  We learn the importance of eating fruits and vegetables instead of junk food.  When we eat healthy we get sick less and feel better.   Kids of all ages can get healthier by going to the CTI!

Second, Taekwondo improves the student`s emotional heath. During class and through our monthly homework, students develop a strong self-confidence.  The black belt instructors also point out our positive characteristics and help us feel good about ourselves.  This is very important to a person’s emotional health.  Since we go to class twice a week and do other actives regularly, we spend a lot of time with each other.  We become like a family.  My CTI Taekwondo family has helped me through difficult times in my life and I am very thankful for them.   All kids benefit from the emotional health benefits Taekwondo provides. Sometimes just being able to punch, kick, and yell helps to release one`s emotions and feel better.

Third, Taekwondo helps improves the student’s behavior.  I have seen kid’s behavior change for the better in my years at Taekwondo.  Students become more respectful, obedient and develop self-control while attending the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. When kids feel better physically and emotionally they are happier and act-out less.  I have watched kids attitude improve as their self-confidence grew.  It is truly amazing how Taekwondo changes the student’s behavior in appositive way.

It is obvious that Taekwondo is great for kids!  These past five years of being a student at CTI with black belt instructors have been the best years of my life.  I feel better physically, my emotional health is stronger, and I have more self-control.  I have also loved watching the transformation in all these areas of my fellow classmates.