Monday, April 8, 2024

April Tournament Registration Now Open!


Registration for the 2024 All-City Championship tournament on April 26th and 27th is officially open.  This event will take place at Alameda International High School in Lakewood.  Black belts will compete Friday evening and all other belts will compete on Saturday.  We have attached the tournament brochure to this email in case you have not yet received it.

Please register by clicking here and then clicking the indigo square that reads 'All-City Champs Tournament.'  Please note that even if you have informed your instructor that you will be attending the tournament, you still must register and remit payment via the above link.  Registration is due April 18th; after that a $10 late fee will apply.  

Please note:  Tiger (2-4 year olds and some 5s who attend 30-minute classes only) registration is $40. School Program (students who do not attend CTI Campus classes) registration is also $40. All other students are $55 or $65.

Here are the competition times for that weekend: 

Black Belts - Friday evening, timetable will come to you in an email as we get closer to the event.  Likely 6 pm.

  • Purple, Brown, Red Belts, all ages: Saturday 8 am
  • White, Yel, Org, Green, Blue Belts, ages 8 and under: Saturday 10.30 am
  • White, Yel, Org, Green, Blue Belts, ages 9 and up: Saturday 1 pm
  • You will want to check-in about 30 minutes prior to your competition time.  We will detail the check-in process as we get closer to the competition.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your instructor.

We hope to see you all there! Start the summer off strong!

Monday, April 1, 2024

Taking Initiative

By: Alex Schwartz, Junior 1st Dan

Taking initiative is doing something without being told to do it. When you are anywhere, whether at home, work, school, or other place, a person who takes initiative is useful to help get everything done without having to bother a boss, coach, etc. with a bunch of questions.

This is important because it helps out the people around you along with yourself. When you take initiative it shows the people around you like your friends, family, or even boss that you have a high work ethic and shows how well of a leader you can be. Taking initiative is a great way to show your ability to take action and help out at the same time. At home you can take a little more initiative and do the dishes, clean, walk the dog, etc. before your parents or roommate have to ask you a bunch of times. And they will appreciate everything you help out with.

In taekwondo there are many times when taking initiative is important and very very useful. A big time when it is useful is at tournaments (or any other event). At the tournament there are lots to set up (or take down) like trophies, judging chairs, ring flags, etc. It really helps out when you take the initiative and just start helping with whatever you see needs to be done, without just standing around and letting someone else do the work. And it takes a whole lot of stress off off everyone when everyone helps out.

Another place where taking initiative is really important is at school or even a workplace. At school there are times where you do a lab of some sort in science. After the lab there is always at least 10 minutes where their teacher has the class clean up, during this time a lot of students ask the teacher a billion questions causing them stress. It is really helpful when there is a student who takes responsibility and just cleans up whatever they can, being a huge help for the teacher. This is not just for labs but any project you do in school. This can be the same as your job, at your workplace there are often team meetings and sometimes potlucks. When those meetings are over, if you stay make sure the chairs are pushed in, there's no trash or anything spilled, the person who ran the meeting and the next person to use the room will be extremely thankful. 

In summary, it's not hard to take initiative and you don't have to do everything. Just a few small easy things can make a huge difference to help out no matter where you are. And along with helping out it can show to those around you your leadership skills, and your willingness to work hard when needed.

Monday, February 26, 2024

Superbowl Success!

This last weekend the Colorado Taekwondo Institute hosted its 49th CTI Superbowl at Alameda International. With over 350 competitors, the day was a huge success! 

Congratulations to our four under black belt Grand Champions: Tristyn Cvanciger, Josh Stephenson, Emily Green, and Ahas Weerapura.


1st Place
Collin Kreutz, Kathleen Sautel, Eric Evans, Cody Jacobson, Ethan Price, Quynn Cotner, Marley Powers, Lance Schwartz, Meredith Botnick, Alexis Chavez, Tristyn Cvanciger, Carson Kolwyck, Evan Mcewan, Diego Quezada, Andra Vieru, Emily Green, Mason Zerbib, Rebekkah Copel, Rue Weerapura, Cooper Curry, Jackson Foster, Stella Reyniers, Zach Trujillo, Alice Burgin, Keegan Christenson, Anna Copel, Aspen Henderson, Eli Anceravicius, Carter Camp, Amallia Chapman, Joshua Dollar, Landon Dulmage, Anthony Garcia, Dylan Kiser, Warren Locken, Ron Meyer, Ecton Scherer, Everett Ungar, Duncan Zook, Elias Amann, Vivienne Anderson, Spencer Anderson, Isabel Cole, Erika Cooke, Austin Gross, Emery Hetzel, Teagan Locken, William Lopeman, Stephen Mines, Sheen Pandita, Natalie Turner, Jack Wicken, Jace Bauer, Aaron Botnick, Dominic Ditallo, Naomi Kaup, Peter Montano, Kolbe Pries, Jordi Thornton, William Turner, John Hicks

2nd Place
Peyton Brauch, Eileen Lindner, Hope Morgan, Ed Stanton, Lauren Dahlberg, Katie Minden, Caiden Murphy, Darcy Stanton, Lillian Eichelberger, Lily Laird, Jackson Sisk, Kayla Albrechtson, Ace Ashworth, Zachary Cotner, Hank Haubner, Ivy Jensen, Keira Sherman, Andrew Kahan, Keatyn Adams, Carina Dulong, Ryan Marine, Ellie Pechon, Ashley Slinkard, Tk Nguyen, Max Botello, Aliyah Huckaby, Hayden Jeffries, Dalila Lopez, River Manuelito, Truc Nguyen, Kira Rhyden, Joshua Stephenson, Adeline Alayash, Henry Chiabotti, Millie Hessler, Quinn Hester, Presley Hobler, Haley Holley, Gabriel Kahan, Cyrus Khatri, Lincoln Lenzmeier, Avery Liu, Stella Lockhart, Alina Madruga, Lincoln Rezny, Mireyah Santiago, Nolan Smedes, Lila Story, Garrett Thomson, Milo Vaughn, Hadley Wilkins, Jace Yost, Jaydn Bauer, Ben Buteyn, Nirajit Dhakal, Luca Dimarco, Mckenzie Farmer, Zane Farrier, Leia Johnsen, Adrienne Stanko, Brantley Harris

3rd Place
Nick Slinkard, Katie Dahle, Mark Scott, Vivi Brown, Konner Evans, Susan Burgstiner, Colston Yoder, Brandon Kirt, Ivy Strickland, Lily Strickland, Ahas Weerapura, Warren Mcdonald, Kaylyn Mcewan, Tegan Moore, Dale Sanders, Nethika Suraweera, Aarush Venkat, Avery King, Olivia Towe, Landon Adams, Christopher Cochenour, Hayden Green, Ronan Haydon, Elliott Myers, Dan Copel, Jase Hessler, Standish Kingsbeck, Aylani Lopez, Omar Platero Mancia, Natalie Teska, Lyra Bratz, Atlas Conger, Anastasia Contreras, Kristen Cooke, Asher Gearhart, Colin Gilbert, Lorenzo Gomez, Quinn Hetzel, Nash Huffaker, Landon Lenyo, Timofii Lesyk, Ailani Lopez, Maryn Meyer, Siri Molnar, Betsy Nanguse, Seth Raymond, Gwen Spilling, Ella Wilkins, Colin Williamson, Kim Williamson, Violet Wondel, Bryce Yushka, Hugh Dionne, Eric Phillips, Brady Tozier, Leo Van Remortal, Madison Janacek, Austin Janecek, Max Shine

4th Place
Don Johnson, Tyler Murphy, Shekina Detienne, William Schwartz, Mateo Piza, Matthew Roberts, Aidan Sturm, Elsie Mcdonald, Zoe Economou, Khristin Paisley, Lucy Paisley, Joel Hall, Jaxson Hipsher, Dennis Mack, Dominic Pintur, Sam Powers, Zuri Cady, Aspen Swift, Rose Basnet, Bradley Beckner, Milo Connor, Eddie Garner, Armando Gomez, Mary Groff, Ariana Lamb, Landon Woodland, Bill Graves, Leroy Hutchison, Issay Mendoza Cruz, Josephine Phillips, Christina Sanders, Hastin Smith-Ruckart, Sawyer Smith-Ruckart, Giovanni Stone, Luna Bratz, Ellie Combs, Levon Dose, Easton Ellender, Aveline Forster, Graham Heffner, Shreeyan Khatri, Leia Kooyman, Henry Lewis, Celia Lunardi, Arwyn Robinson, Saheli Sinha, Keira Teska, Ozi Yalaz, Asher Yushka, Andrea Deiotte, David Enriquez, Lamija Imsirovic, Rowan Lamkin, Jordan Lawyer, Thomas Mcnair, Hazel Niles, Jackson Husted, Owen Meeks


1st Place
Charlie Lopeman, Theodore Peterson, Jasper Walsh, Clesse Hilton, Luke Hilton, Skylynn Benefield, Leighton Evarts, Abram Gearhart, Neev Pandita, Dagan Wilkins, Madelyn Coble, Silas Corbett, Olivia Madruga, Ben Newhouse


1st Place
Kathleen Sautel, Nick Slinkard, Eric Evans, Vivi Brown, Quynn Cotner, Marley Powers, Katie Minden, Caiden Murphy, Mateo Piza, Aidan Sturm, Ahas Weerapura, Elsie Mcdonald, Emily Green, Mason Zerbib, Zachary Cotner, Ivy Jensen, Andrew Kahan, Carina Dulong, Jaxson Hipsher, Dennis Mack, Sam Powers, Ace Garcia, Olivia Towe, Zachary Kahan, Tk Nguyen, Hayden Green, Elliott Myers, Eddie Garner, Mary Groff, Owen Eberhard, Hilde Groff, Cole Robertson, Hope Wilcox, Carter Camp, Amallia Chapman, Ron Meyer, Max Botello, Joshua Stephenson, Leroy Hutchison, Giovanni Stone, Ezekiel Oliveira, Aleina Evarts, Emery Hetzel, Haley Holley, Gabriel Kahan, Cyrus Khatri, Mireyah Santiago, Milo Vaughn, Lyra Bratz, Quinn Hetzel, Siri Molnar, Betsy Nanguse, Gwen Spilling, Colin Williamson, Ron Deiotte, Dylan Huckaby Rap, Savine Sinha, Tyler Tillman, Jaydn Bauer, Nirajit Dhakal, Adrienne Stanko, David Enriquez

2nd Place
Collin Kreutz, Katie Dahle, Mark Scott, Cody Jacobson, Ethan Price, Lydia Willis, Colston Yoder, Meredith Botnick, Tristyn Cvanciger, Evan Mcewan, Diego Quezada, Andra Vieru, Lillian Eichelberger, Lily Strickland, Zoe Economou, Khristin Paisley, Dominic Pintur, Henry Andonov, Cooper Curry, Ellie Pechon, Zuri Cady, Tara Cady, Oliver Garner, Anna Copel, Bradley Beckner, Armando Gomez, Dean Barrieau, Landon Dulmage, Everett Ungar, Dan Copel, Jase Hessler, Christina Sanders, Elias Amann, William Lopeman, Stephen Mines, Jack Wicken, Henry Chiabotti, Millie Hessler, Avery Liu, Stella Lockhart, Kristen Cooke, Timofii Lesyk, Ailani Lopez, Seth Raymond, Ella Wilkins, Violet Wondel, Luna Bratz, Arwyn Robinson, Saheli Sinha, Jack Arland, Jean Culbertson, Laurel Cummings, Olivia Ivie, Olivia Roberts, Jace Bauer, Aaron Botnick, Kolbe Pries, Jordi Thornton, Brady Tozier, Dominic Salgado

3rd Place
Hope Morgan, Don Johnson, Zach Greaves, Ed Stanton, Lance Schwartz, Darcy Stanton, Matthew Roberts, Jasmine Salamera, Lily Laird, Ivy Strickland, Allan Stanton, Warren Mcdonald, Dale Sanders, Nethika Suraweera, Lucy Paisley, Rue Weerapura, Aarush Venkat, Joel Hall, Logan Martin, Stella Reyniers, Connor Burgin, Franco Ramirez, Alice Burgin, Aspen Henderson, Landon Adams, Ronan Haydon, Weston Evarts, Rylan Lamkin, Makenzie O'Connell, Anthony Garcia, Dylan Kiser, Duncan Zook, Kira Rhyden, Standish Kingsbeck, Aylani Lopez, Omar Platero Mancia, Issay Mendoza Cruz, Josephine Phillips, Leo Duffy, Carol Wilsey, Vivienne Anderson, Spencer Anderson, Isabel Cole, Austin Gross, Sheen Pandita, Alina Madruga, Jace Yost, Ellie Combs, Audrey Mallow, Sophia Palfreyman, Yugal Poudel, Chris Ray, Luca Dimarco, Zane Farrier, Eric Phillips, Lamija Imsirovic, Ashton Hogue, Jay Karkula, Asher Whalen, 

4th Place
Peyton Brauch, Eileen Lindner, Konner Evans, Lauren Dahlberg, Carson Kolwyck, Kayla Albrechtson, Hank Haubner, Tegan Moore, Paul Paisley, Lee Tomjack, Rebekkah Copel, Ryan Marine, Avery King, Aspen Swift, Landon Sidley-Mercado, Ariana Lamb, Julie Pham, Connor Thomson, Joshua Dollar, River Manuelito, Bill Graves, Hastin Smith-Ruckart, Finn Deiotte, Adeline Alayash, Presley Hobler, Hadley Wilkins, Asher Gearhart, Lorenzo Gomez, Kim Williamson, Bryce Yushka, Keira Teska, Syriss Deherrera, Madison Dewoody, Torin Dimascio, Atticus Marquez, Stryder Martin, Dawson Portera, Elijah Yushka, Peter Montano, Mckenzie Farmer, Rowan Lamkin, Jordan Lawyer, Thomas Mcnair, Caroline Fogg


1st Place
Nick Slinkard, Hope Morgan, Mark Scott, Cody Jacobson, Ed Stanton, Quynn Cotner, Caiden Murphy, Lauren Dahlberg, Ahas Weerapura, Meredith Botnick, Tristyn Cvanciger, Diego Quezada, Ivy Strickland, Emily Green, Zoe Economou, Hank Haubner, Andrew Kahan, Jaxson Hipsher, Sam Powers, Aarush Venkat, Olivia Towe, Tk Nguyen, Hayden Green, Mary Groff, Owen Eberhard, Armando Gomez, Alice Burgin, Aspen Henderson, Ronan Haydon, Ariana Lamb, Max Botello, Joshua Stephenson, Ezekiel Oliveira, Dan Copel, Anthony Garcia, Duncan Zook, Kira Rhyden, Hastin Smith-Ruckart, Eli Anceravicius, Mia Martinez, Aleina Evarts, Gabriel Kahan, Mireyah Santiago, Lyra Bratz, Quinn Hetzel, Betsy Nanguse, Gwen Spilling, Colin Williamson, Ron Deiotte, William Lopeman, Kristen Cooke, Jack Arland, Jean Culbertson, Sophia Palfreyman, Presley Hobler, Hadley Wilkins, Kim Williamson, Shreeyan Khatri, Kolbe Pries, Hendrix Lacey

2nd Place
Kathleen Sautel, Collin Kreutz, Don Johnson, Ethan Price, Colston Yoder, Lance Schwartz, Darcy Stanton, Jasmine Salamera, Elsie Mcdonald, Lillian Eichelberger, Lily Strickland, Carson Kolwyck, Khristin Paisley, Warren Mcdonald, Lucy Paisley, Ace Ashworth, Carina Dulong, Ace Garcia, Rue Weerapura, Cooper Curry, Ellie Pechon, Zuri Cady, Oliver Garner, Stella Reyniers, Connor Burgin, Aspen Swift, Elliott Myers, Eddie Garner, Hilde Groff, Anna Copel, Bradley Beckner, Dean Barrieau, Landon Adams, Connor Thomson, Carter Camp, Amallia Chapman, Ron Meyer, Everett Ungar, Jase Hessler, Dylan Kiser, Issay Mendoza Cruz, Leo Duffy, Aliyah Huckaby, Natalie Teska, Emery Hetzel, Milo Vaughn, Stephen Mines, Seth Raymond, Violet Wondel, Laurel Cummings, Alina Madruga, Audrey Mallow, Atticus Marquez, Erika Cooke, Asher Yushka, Leif Kooyman, Wemma Moncrief, Nirajit Dhakal, Aaron Botnick, Jordi Thornton, Zane Farrier, Caroline Fogg


1st Place
Nick Slinkard, Kathleen Sautel, Eric Evans, Ed Stanton, Lydia Willis, Caiden Murphy, Katie Minden, Susan Burgstiner, Ahas Weerapura, Tristyn Cvanciger, Ivy Strickland, Evan Mcewan, Alexis Chavez, Emily Green, Dennis Mack, Joel Hall, Ryan Marine, Keatyn Adams, Selah Hall, Sean Marrufo, Ellie Pechon, Zuri Cady, Ashley Slinkard, Kensington Clark, Max Botello, Joshua Stephenson, Omar Platero Mancia, Joshua Dollar, Bill Graves, Hadley Wilkins


1st Place
Warren Locken, Luke Hilton, Daniel Mcleish, Lincoln Lenzmeier, Landon Lenyo, Logan Bower, Neev Pandita, Dagan Wilkins, Ben Buteyn, Brantley Harris, Austin Janecek

2nd Place
Charlie Lopeman, Ecton Scherer, Lila Story, Maryn Meyer, Ansel David, Tegan Gentry, Brooks Pollett, Skylynn Benefield, Noah Buteyn, Silas Corbett, Jackson Husted

3rd Place
Hannah Reitz, Clesse Hilton, Colin Gilbert, Levon Dose, Easton Ellender, Jj Defelice, Wyck Gaczol, Leo Van Remortal, Madelyn Coble, Ben Newhouse, Max Shine


1st Place
Collin Kreutz, Cody Jacobson, Ethan Price, Caiden Murphy, Katie Minden, Lauren Dahlberg

2nd Place
Peyton Brauch, Mark Scott, Katie Dahle, Lydia Willis, Quynn Cotner, Lance Schwartz

3rd Place
Zach Greaves, Konner Evans, Deb Denny, Marley Powers, Mateo Piza, Aidan Sturm

Thursday, February 22, 2024

This Weekend - the 49th CTI Superbowl!

This Friday and Saturday is the Colorado Taekwondo Institute's 49th CTI Superbowl, to be held at Alameda International.

The following information was sent out to all students via email on Feb 22nd:

We are looking forward to our tournament this Friday and Saturday, February 23rd and 24th! Please read this email in its entirety, and keep it in your inbox for reference on Friday and Saturday. Thank you.
Competition and Arrival Times:
Black Belts will compete on Friday night at 6 pm. Spectators are welcome. All other students (white through red) will compete on Saturday. You will find details on your competition time below. You will need to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time of your competition to check in, etc. Some divisions may begin early, so please be at Alameda at your arrival time. Thank you.

Purple, Brown, & Red belts, all ages: 8 am start time, 7.30 am arrival time

Ages 8 and under; white, yellow, orange, green, blue belts and all tigers: 10.30 am start time, 10 am arrival time

Ages 9 and up; white, yellow, orange, green, blue belts: 1 pm start time, 12.30 pm arrival time

Location details, parking:
The tournament will be at Alameda International High School which is located at 1255 S Wadsworth Blvd., Lakewood, CO 80232.
The construction at Alameda is complete! We will now be parking in the large parking lot on the southwest corner of Louisiana and Allison St. (There is another parking lot on the northwest corner of Arizona and Allison / north of the tennis courts that can be used for overflow parking).
Please do not double park and/or block someone in. If both parking lots are full, there is a lot of neighborhood street parking available in the area or you can see if there is room in the main entrance parking lot.

You will enter the school through the doors facing west. The title 'ALAMEDA INTERNATIONAL' is written in large block letters above the doors. It is marked with a red star in the graphic below.

Checking students in and getting them to their rings:
Once you enter, you will be directed to a check-in table. The check-in will be divided up alphabetically by last name so please proceed to the table marked with the first letter of your last name.
While checking-in, someone will write ring numbers on your hands. You will have a green number on your right hand and a red number on your left hand. Once you have your ring numbers, you will head to the upper bleachers of the gym to settle in. You will be called down to the floor for the group photo and will proceed to the green ring number after the group photo.

Parents of younger students competing at 10.30 am, you will take your student down to the gym floor when called for the group photo. After the group photo, demonstration, and announcements, black belts will take the students to their correct ring number which will be the GREEN number on their right hand. The ring number will be labeled with big signs. These ring signs are not color coded, so please look to the ring number on your student's hand that is green and disregard the color of the ring sign.

Once students are settled at their rings, we ask that spectators stay in the upper bleachers and off the gym floor for safety and to provide more room for the competitions. Please show your students where you will be so they know where to find you. If you have a very young child (tigers ages 2 - 4) who needs assistance, it is okay if you need to stay nearby on the gym floor.
Tiger students (2-4 and some 5 year olds who attend 30 minutes classes) will compete in two divisions in the same ring and then will be dismissed for the day. Please come down to the podium to collect your student after their competitions.

All other students will compete in poomse first. After that competition ends, students will then go to the RED ring number on their LEFT hand for sparring (school program students will not spar but will compete in Most Kicks instead).

After your student is done competing in their divisions, please come down to the edge of the gym floor to collect them. Thank you.

Sparring (or Most Kicks for School Program students) will also be the final competition for white and yellow belts ages 9 - 11.

Orange belts and above, ages 12 and up, will also compete in breaking. After their sparring division concludes, please stay in the gym and listen for their name to be called to their breaking ring.

Etiquette and Uniform
All students should arrive already dressed out in their uniforms with their belts tied. Anyone with long hair will need to have it tied back securely. No jewelry is permitted, and freshly pierced ears need to be covered from front to back with medical tape and/or bandaids. Students should wear a white crewneck t-shirt beneath their uniform top. Students should not wear jeans or secondary pants underneath their uniform pants as this will inhibit their ability to kick.

If your student is competing in breaking (students age 12 and up, orange and above), they will need to provide their own boards for this competition. Please touch base with your instructor with any questions you may have here.

Lastly, please do not attend the tournament if you or your student is ill or has tested positive for Covid. Thank you.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to your instructor. We are so proud of all of our students' hard work and preparation, and we look forward to this weekend! Thank you.

Monday, February 12, 2024

Why Patience is a Must

 By Elsie Mcdonald, Teen Red Belt

A martial arts teenager practicing an upset punch

Everyone works and learns at their own rate, and for different people, that rate varies. If you are trying to pursue a goal you will also do that at your own pace, and that pace can change depending on how committed you are to your goal. 

At times you may want to give up, but the key to sticking with it and achieving what you want is patience. An example in taekwondo could be a situation where you start your training at the same time as someone else or are on the same level as them at one point, but they progress through belts faster and get to black belt before you. This may feel frustrating, but if you learn to have patience and you keep trying, you will get there one day as well. You will feel so much pride in your accomplishment knowing that you used your patience and did not let yourself give up, knowing how hard you worked to get there. If you learn to be patient you can acquire many more skills by learning to try your best, commit to something and stick with it. Things may not always work out in the way that you want them to, but if you can find the patience to believe in yourself and keep pushing then the outcome could be much brighter than expected. 

Patience pays off in a much similar way that hard work and practice do. In a sense, all three things are related, working towards a goal and practicing in a routine manner exercises patience, because you have to stay with it for the long run. If you do not have patience it may be very difficult for things to go your way, because if you expect to reach a demanding goal in a short unreasonable amount of time this can put serious stress on you. You need to have the patience to accept that it can take a while to accomplish tough things, but if you can teach yourself that the wait and the work is worth it and give yourself the time you need to achieve what you want, you will not find yourself under the stress that not having patience can cause you. 

It is also necessary to build discipline so that you can endure challenging obstacles that may be in your way without giving up and straying away from the goal you are working towards. You also may need patience in much smaller situations, such as activities that you have anticipation for, like waiting in line for a waterslide or reading a book. You need to have patience to finish these simple activities as well. If you practice being patient in normal activities then it will be much easier for you when working towards something difficult.

Monday, January 29, 2024

February Tournament Registration is Now Open!

A group shot of many martial arts kids sitting in the bleachers at a taekwondo tournament

Registration for the 49th CTI Superbowl tournament on February 23rd and 24th is officially open. This event will take place at Alameda International High School in Lakewood.  Black belts will compete Friday evening and all other belts will compete on Saturday. your instructor should be passing out an information brochure in class this week.

Please register by clicking here and then click the blue square that reads 'CTI Superbowl Tournament.'  Please note that even if you have informed your instructor that you will be attending the tournament, you still must register and remit payment via the above link.  Registration is due February 13th; after that a $10 late fee will apply.  

Here are the competition times for that weekend: 

  • Black Belts - Friday evening
  • Purple, Brown, Red Belts, all ages: Saturday 8 am
  • White, Yel, Org, Green, Blue Belts, ages 8 and under: Saturday 10.30 am
  • White, Yel, Org, Green, Blue Belts, ages 9 and up: Saturday 1 pm

You will want to check-in about 30 minutes prior to your competition time.  We will detail the check-in process as we get closer to the competition.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your instructor.

Thank you and we hope to see you all there!

Monday, January 15, 2024

Martial Arts Lessons at the CTI

By Meredith Botnick, 1st dan

Are you looking for quality martial arts lessons for yourself or your family? Perhaps you’ve been looking for a karate school and have been inundated with results. Often the various martial arts are referred to as 'karate', but there are differences as well as similarities between and even within the different styles. 

Karate is an art that originated in Japan before being carried to other parts of the world, whereas Taekwondo, the art that is taught at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, originated in ancient Korea. Martial arts programs vary quite a bit and also have many things in common As a result, both Karate and Taekwondo have a basis in using the hands and feet for self defense and use a series of patterns to develop the skills necessary for proper execution of these techniques. The main differences, however, is the school behind the art. The quality of a martial arts school should be the number one factor when you're looking into joining a school for martial arts lessons. 

Colorado Taekwondo Institute specifically has a rich history of bringing quality martial arts and leadership instruction to the Denver metro area and beyond, having been established in 1983 by Grandmaster Sautel. CTI teaches the Moo Sul Kwan style of Taekwondo, which was developed hundreds of years ago in Korea and introduced to the United States by Grandmaster Lee H. Park in 1969. At CTI, the emphasis is placed not only learning the physical side of self defense, but also the mental and philosophical sides through leadership training and education. So if you’ve considered exploring martial arts lessons, including karate or taekwondo, and are looking for a high quality school, schedule a visit the closest CTI campus today!

Monday, January 8, 2024

The Best in Preschool Martial Arts Classes

Preschool martial arts classes
Martial arts classes are beneficial to people of all ages, but the long-term behavioral benefits are especially prevalent in preschool aged children who start taekwondo at a young age and adopt the concepts of self-control, focus, and confidence. Preschooler martial arts classes differs not in the way it is taught, or the types of techniques learned (as an example a 3-year old and a 30-year old adult will learn the same kicks),  but more in how the disciplines are picked up and what is emphasized to the student by their instructor. And one of the best martial arts schools for preschoolers, is the Colorado Taekwondo Institute

In preschool martial arts classes, learning the martial arts techniques as a form of defense is still the main goal, but the focus for the younger children is the body control and mental discipline which is still being developed. Whereas for adults, equal parts technique and and discipline are taught to the lower belts to ensure success as upper belts, the children’s education is centered around mainly the concept of self-control, as well as the body awareness required in class. Large, overarching techniques such as low stances, objective focus and tight hands remain the same, but the nuances in certain basics such as foot position in kicking or focusing before striking come later, once the children have hit the intermediate belts and begun to have the self-discipline required for more advanced techniques.    

Until that point, the emphasis remains on the mental fortitude to become a successful black belt- developing children’s self-confidence, their understanding of their own bodies and how to control themselves. This discipline in class then carries over into other aspects of their lives, encouraging good behavior at school and at home, and making these children of taekwondo almost like little ambassadors of our school’s tenets and beliefs. And creating the habit of having control over their bodies and minds allows for these kids to grow up and continue to grow and develop their skills as they progress through taekwondo. In this way they also become leaders among their peers, even the ones outside taekwondo.

Preschooler martial arts classes is so much more than just an exercise or a sport- it is a discipline, a life-long learning experience that will develop the child into a successful adult. Children, teenagers and adults can all benefit from martial arts in a myriad of ways; through the development of the body, mind and spirit, individuals can learn vital skills to prove as leaders. However, developing these traits early in children is the most beneficial in the long run, shaping them and their choices as they grow and learn about themselves, and blossom into ideal black belts and leaders of their generation.

Monday, December 11, 2023

The Benefits of Taekwondo for Teenagers

By Bridget Sautel, 5th dan black belt

A group of teenagers doing taekwondo at a tournament
Being a teenager comes with many different types of stress, ranging from educational and mental type stress, to social and home-life stresses. There are different outlets that can be used to cope with these stressors, some of which might not lead down good paths, and could result in bad outcomes. Luckily there are outlets that can lead to productive outcomes, that will guide the teen in a positive direction. One of these outlets can be to participate in the teen martial arts. The Colorado Taekwondo Institute is one of the longest established martial arts schools in the area. Some of the benefits Colorado Taekwondo Institute can give a teenager include: surrounding oneself with good influences, becoming and staying physically fit, establishing good habits, and learning how to commit to something and stick with it, even when it gets tough. 

It is crucial for teenagers to have healthy ways to release stress that comes with school, homework, and maintaining the social aspects of life. When participating in a taekwondo class, the student is so focused on what they are doing, it is equivalent to a form of meditation. When the student walks into the classroom, they leave everything at the door, and all the focus is put towards exercise, memorization, physical strength, and having fun. When all the focus is put towards these activities, the mind is pulled away from the stressors of everyday life, and the brain gets a much needed break. While the body is getting a workout, the mind is still actively learning at the same time. When you join a Colorado Taekwondo Institute class, and probably in other Littleton karate classes, you will be expected to attend class at least a couple times a week. Consistency is a valuable skill to acquire, especially as a teenager. Consistency will allow the individual to have something constant in their busy lives, which will be key to continued stress relief. 

One of the most important elements of teenage life is surrounding oneself with friends and acquaintances that are good influences, that will provide steady positivity and motivation. This will allow success in school, sports, social life, and home life, just to name a few. The life-long friends you will find at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute are especially unique, in that they will be the best influences in a multitude of ways. The main reason for this, is the bond that transpires with one another during taekwondo classes and events. This bond forms because of all the working out and sweating together, commitment to the same martial art, and most of all, the passion you share for the art of taekwondo. This positive influence will supply the individual with treasured qualities, including dedication, self-directed learning, and a bright and focused mind. These will all help a taekwondo student grow and stay engaged to a positive mindset. This will then flow out into other areas of life and allow success in school and at home. Prospering in these areas will open up so many opportunities in the near future and later on in life. At the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, and possibly in other Littleton karate classes, there will be a strong support circle that will help you progress through the belts and keep improving as a martial artist. These will be life-long friends that will provide support not only at teen martial arts classes, but also in daily life outside of taekwondo. 

Another characteristic that is imperative to develop during teenage years is how to maintain physical fitness and keep the body in good shape. As the years go on this can become more difficult, and it will become critical to establish healthy long-term habits. The continued attendance that is expected at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute and at some Littleton karate schools, will help to develop a healthy habit of consistency for the student. Physically conditioning the body, and learning exercises to stay in shape and develop flexibility, are also valuable habits to learn at a young age. Good health should never be taken for granted, and taekwondo will help keep the body young and fit. In addition to physical health, focusing on mental health is just as important. Excelling in school, and discovering new hobbies and friends, are key factors for favorable mental health. There is a huge educational piece that is incorporated into classes at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, and students are expected to complete monthly homework’s and written tests along with the progression of belts. This educational component will carry over to schoolwork and will allow the student to stand out from the others, which will lead to a wider range of opportunities in the future. Developing and maintaining physical fitness early on will enable an individual to continue to do taekwondo at older ages and stay active for as long as possible.

The most invaluable quality a teenager can acquire is to be able to start something and then stick with it. This can mean different things depending on the area of life. In school this could mean sticking with a hard math problem until it is solved or finishing a difficult essay. For a teen martial arts student it could mean getting to class even when feeling unmotivated or lazy. When life or school may get tough, the instructor or teacher will help the student regain motivation to push through the hard times and continue to progress. If something gets hard or doesn’t come easy, it’s natural to lose focus, but being able to regain this focus after a short period of time is what matters. The big picture always needs to be in mind, and the student should always have short-term goals AND long-term goals to constantly be reaching for. This assortment of goals will ensure motivation to get through the small bumps in the road and keep pushing through. When things get hard or life gets busy, time management comes to the rescue and makes it possible to juggle all of these parts of life, in order to become successful. When a student becomes unmotivated, it can be beneficial to notice all of the qualities the Colorado Taekwondo Institute can provide – self-directed learning, self-discipline, stability, and lifelong physical fitness and learning. Remembering these valuable qualities can help regain motivation. This will lead to an all-around prosperous and positive continuous lifestyle.

Teenage years can be a difficult time, but with healthy outlets such as teen martial arts, along with good influences and habits, these years can become some of the most important and valuable for what’s to come. Success will be inevitable, instead of out of reach. There’s always going to be highs and lows, but how these are handled and overcome, is what will define an individual’s success. 

Monday, December 4, 2023

24th Lee H. Park Champs Was Incredible!

Five martial arts black belts at a Taekwondo tournament kicking

We had an all-time Moo Sul Kwan and CTI record 413 participants attend our annual Hanmadang-style team tournament in honor of MSK founder, Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park.

Karate kids doing bows on their teams at a martial arts tournament

The action began at Alameda International on Saturday morning at 6:30 AM.  Black belt team competitions started the day.  Students of all ages and belts levels competed in Team Poomse/One-Step Sparring, Team Basics/Self Defense, Team Breaking, Team Staff, Most Kicks in a CTI Minute and the Basics Challenge.

Taekwondo teens doing blocks on their team at a martial arts tournament

Photos from the wonderful day will be coming soon to our Photos page on the CTI website.

A very special thanks to everyone who came and made this a most special day!