Monday, January 4, 2021

The 22nd LHP Team Champs is Coming

Mark your calendars for the 22nd Lee H. Park Team Champs!

A martial arts team competing in tournament in Denver, CO.

Our annual LEE H. PARK TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS will take place January 22 - 23, from the Campus location of each of our students.

That's right!  Because of the recent pandemic, we will hold our very first ever LHP Team Champs where the competitors go to their CTI Campus and compete from that location!  Our competitors will have the unique opportunity to perform from their "home turf" - this will bring some interesting twists into this year's championships.

This is our 12th CTI Hanmadang  (where students and instructors take part in team competitions in poomse, one-step sparring, creative basics, target kicking and more!) and will show one way how Moo Sul Kwan martial artists keep the traditions of their art alive, while adapting and progressing with modern times.

More information can be found here

Monday, November 9, 2020

Why Choose the CTI

 By Caleb Feagans, CTI Instructor

Like my own personal experience, parents and families often begin their search for martial arts schools for their kids or themselves by searching the web for ‘karate schools’. When my family and I first started to search for karate schools near us, none really stood out and impressed us; however, we did find the Colorado Taekwondo Institute (CTI), which has continued to impress us for 14 years and counting.  But why should you consider Taekwondo? And why should you consider the Colorado Taekwondo Institute over other Taekwondo schools? CTI not only teaches students the art of Taekwondo but the rich history of Korea. Not only will you be learning valuable self-defense techniques and sparring, but you see through demonstration how integrity, respect, courtesy for others, and self-control skills reinforce a well-rounded martial arts student and overall better person.

Students doing a side kick at martial arts classes at Colorado Taekwondo Institute
When my family and I started, we had no idea what Taekwondo was or what the difference was between Karate and Kung-Fu or why I should ever try it over the other two martial arts, but I soon learned why Taekwondo, especially at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute is so special. Although Karate and Kung Fu are similar to Taekwondo, the Korean martial art focuses more on kicking and leg techniques than the other two martial arts which emphasize the use of hand techniques.  After all, the definition of Taekwondo is the Korean art of smashing with the bare feet and hands. Taekwondo still utilizes several hand techniques but the hands are less emphasized in the Taekwondo basics and sparring. 

The classes offered at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute are taught by instructors with years of experience and training.  There are classes from ages 2 and up at a variety of locations around the state of Colorado and the CTI caters to all ages when teaching and there is something that all ages groups can learn by participating in CTI classes. Tiger classes (ages 2-4) focus on basic listening and motor skills and is a great release of energy. The junior classes (ages 5-11) are a great way for kids to start exercising regularly and help boost their confidence as they remain healthy! Teen (ages 12-15) and adults (ages 16 and up) begin a goal-oriented program that helps them learn the basics of self-defense and fitness. The CTI’s classes are structured the same regardless of what campus students attend classes and most other schools do not have a “backbone” basics routine quite like the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. 

The CTI was founded in 1983, and they continue to teach and accept new students every day for the past 37 years and there is no sign of stopping anytime soon.  So the next time you consider searching for any Karate schools near your location, consider stopping in at the CTI and see how Taekwondo can help you not only get in shape and learn self-defense, but be a better student at school, a better employee, and a better person.

Monday, October 12, 2020

2020 CTI Online Championships - Lower Belt Results!


Taekwondo black belts wearing masks during COVID-19

The second day of our 2020 CTI Online Championships featured Moo Sul Kwan blue, green, orange, yellow and white belts in competitions like, Poomse, One-Step Sparring, Target Kicking and more.

The day began at 7:30 AM with the 99 separate divisions ending at 1:30 PM.  There were competitors of all ages doing a fantastic job at their own home locations.  Our top CTI / AMASEA/ MSK Judges assembled at the Green Mountain Campus, Headquarters of the CTI, wearing masks and safely distanced from each other.

What was remarkable about the day was how good the competitors looked.  Consistent training and focus on the special competitions of this CTI Online Champs helped our students improve markedly.

Here are the results of Day 2 - 2020 CTI Online Championships:


1st place
Ace Ashworth, Joe Carroll, Shiven Venkat, Vanessa Tao, Brody Mitchell, Brandon Brech, Gregory Smagala, Ryan Marine, Landon Adams, Logan Sorenson,  Lily Lloyd, Joel Hall, Cooper Curry, Ellie Pechon, Emma Burden, Zachary Palmer, Henry Lewis, Molly Dugan, Kaleb Guffey, Hannah Holmes, Alex Kirt, Rebekkah Copel, Amy Daly, Hank Haubner

2nd place
Dale Sanders, Janet Caminada, Landon Sidley-Mercado, Diego Quesada, Brandon Kirt,  Charlie Booten, Lucas Brown, Abby Booten, Stryder Martin, Grace Quinones, Eddie Garner, Ace Garcia, Connor Burgin, Jaxson Hipsher, Rue Weerapura, Ava Alvarado, Grace Becker, Aarush Venkat, Abdo Badanagi, Keira Sherman, Selah Hall, Jacob Scott, Ibenez Mangines, Kayla Romero, Nolan Shidemantle

3rd place
Meredith Botnick, Juan Verni, Keatyn Adams, Jennifer Kautz, , Oliver Shultz, Akshay Chauhan, Tristyn Cvanciger, Eli Quinones, Wyatt Stone, Kellan Barnett, Chase Gentry, Clara Carlson, Regan Lamkin, Freya Brown, Ella Laird, Logan Martin, Coen Cooley, Garritt Stone, Josie Landis, Oliver Garner, Ronan Hayden, Shayla Mannering, Joshua Ranjit

One-Step Sparring

1st place
Meredith Botnick, Joe Carroll, Landon Sidley-Mercado, Diego Quesada,  Joel Hall, Hank Haubner, Shayla Mannering

2nd place
Dale Sanders, Juan Verni, Shiven Venkat, Vanessa Tao, Ace Garcia, Jason Ranjit, Amy Daly

3rd place
Ace Ashworth, Janet Caminada, Keatyn Adams, Jennifer Kautz, Nolan Shidemantle, Kayla Romero

Shadow Sparring

1st place
Joe Carroll, Carlos Ramirez, Shiven Venkat, Diego Quesada, Brandon Kirt, Akshay Chauhan, Zachary Cotner, Eli Quinones, Wyatt Stone, Grace Quinones, Lily Lloyd, Ace Garcia, Clara Carlson, Ellie Pechon, Keira Haubner, Zachary Palmer,  Drake Ferguson, Landon Adams, Abdo Badanagi, Luna Garcia, Dylan Rodgers, Selah Hall, Lorianna Schulte, Shayla Mannering, Jacob Scott

2nd place
Juan Verni, Janet Caminada, Keatyn Adams, Vanessa Tao, Brody Mitchell, Brandon Brech, Tristyn Cvanciger, Lindy Mandelbaum, Stryder Martin, Logan Sorenson, Chase Gentry, Joel Hall, Ronin Reed, Jaxson Hipsher, Emma Burden, Ava Alvarado, Henry Lewis, Molly Dugan, Garritt Stone, Zoe Economou, Meredith Botnick, Kensley Morris, Aidan Shidemantle, Amy Daly, Rebekkah Copel

3rd place
Carrie Booten, Melissa Kautz, Landon Sidley-Mercado, Jennifer Kautz, Jackson Babcock, Charlie Booten, Lucas Brown, Ryan Marine, Landon Adams, Kellan Barnett, Eddie Garner, Cooper Curry, Regan Lamkin, Freya Brown, Ella Laird, Grace Becker, Aarush Venkat, Kaleb Guffey, Josie Landis, Justin Gann, Alex Kirt, Joshua Ranjit, Kayla Romero, Vera Reed

Taking it to the Target

1st place
Joe Carroll, Janet Caminada, Shivan Venkat, Jenifer Kautz, Oliver Shultz, Charlie Booten, Lucas Brown, Sam Powers, Stryder Martin,  Logan Sorenson, Lily Lloyd, Ace Garcia, Cooper Curry, Regan Lamkin, Rue Weerapura, Ava Alvarado, Logan Martin, Aarush Venkat, Garritt Stone, Josie Landis, Justin Gann, Oliver Garner, Joshua Ranjit, Shayla Mannering, Ronan Hayden

2nd place
Carrie Booten, Melissa Kautz, Keatyn Adams Vanessa Tao, Jackson Babcock, Akshay Chauhan, Zachary Cotner, Abby Booten, Wyatt Stone, Grace Quinones, Caroline Nusbaum, Joel Hall, Ronin Reed, Elli Pechon, Keira Haubner, Zacharay Palmer, Grace Becker, Landon Adams, Kaleb Guffey, Keria Sherman, Dale Sanders, Selah Hall, Hank Haubner, Amy Daly, Rebekkah Copel

3rd place
Juan Verni, Carlos Ramirez, Landon Sidley-Mercado, Diego Quesada, Brandon Kirt, Brandon Brech, Tristyn Cvanciger, Ryan Marine,  Landon Adams, Kellan Barnett, Chase Gentry,  Connor Burgin, Jasxon Hipsher, Emma Burden, Ella Laird, Henry Lewis, Coen Cooley, Abdo Badanagi, Hannah Holmes, Ace Ashworth, Kensley Morris, Lorianna Schulte, Kayla Romero, Vera Reed, Ibenez Mangines

Following Directions

1st place
Brody Mitchell, Charlie Booten, Paxton Barnett, Lindy Mandelbaum, Wyatt Stone,  Kellan Barnett, Chase Gentry,  Cooper Curry, Regan Lamkin, Freya Brown, Ella Laird, Grace Becker, Dean Barrieau, Abdo Badanagi, Keira Sherman, Alex Kirt, Jacob Scott

2nd place
Jackson Babcock, Akshay Chauhan, Lucas Brown, Ryan Marine, Landon Adams, Grace Quinones, Lily Lloyd, Clara Carlson, Ellie Pechon, Emma Burden, Zachary Palmer, Henry Lewis, Molly Dugan, Kaleb Guffey, Josie Landis, Selah Hall, Rebekkah Copel

3rd place
Brandon Kirt, Brandon Brech, Gregory Smagala, Abby Booten, Stryder Martin, Logan Sorenson. Caroline Nusbaum, Ronin Reed, Jaxson Hipsher, Keira Haubner, Ava Alvarado, Logan Martin, Aarush Venkat, Garritt Stone, Hannah Holmes, Rylan Lamkin, Vera Reed

Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts: Experiences of the New Guy

By Brian O'Reilly

I am new to Moo Sul Kwan martial arts. I’m 50 years old; but I’m not old! Thanks in large part to Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts!

Young lady doing a side kick outside in a martial arts class
I have been an athlete for nearly all of my life and involved in a wide range of organized sports, exercise and recreational activities. Participating in sports as a youth is very different than participating as an adult. When you are young, there is so much to learn about your body, your competitive spirit, how to train, and how to interact with opponents, teammates, referees and coaches. I grew up around athletics as my dad was a high school coach for 40 years. I asked my dad at an early age why sports are important for a student athlete who will never be good enough to “go pro” and make a career as a professional athlete. His answer pointed out the obvious physical and mental benefits of exercise for people of all ages. He also stressed the equally important personal and social lessons of learning a skill, consistent hard work, commitment, loyalty, positive interaction with teammates/authority figures, sportsmanship and how to navigate through successes and failures. He pointed out that all of these lessons are available through athletics, especially in a solid program lead by a great coach. He stressed that these are life-lessons and should transfer into adulthood to create the leaders of tomorrow. Adults who never learn these life-lessons struggle personally, professionally and can have a negative impact on society as a whole. Fortunately I have been surrounded by great teachers, coaches, bosses and mentors.  As an adult the life-lessons of athletics continue to ring true and help me grow, physically, mentally and spiritually as a well-rounded person. Moo Sul Kwan martial arts is now my sport of choice as a 50 year old man.

Moderation was never really my thing. My body has paid the price over the years for extreme living. Broken bones are par for the course in any contact sport; but years of heavy weight-lifting and CrossFit programs resulted in various surgeries which eventually slowed me down as an adult. I was unhappy during the recovery/healing times, craved physical activity, and competition. Yet, I was also worried that I would be back under the knife again if I kept up the same extreme and active pace. I had always been fascinated with martial arts classes from afar, so I thought I would give it a try.  There were so many options available it was difficult to choose; but after some in-depth research I joined The Colorado Taekwondo Institute and the study of Moo Sul Kwan martial arts. I was very fortunate to have landed where I did!

Moo Sul Kwan martial arts at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute (CTI) was exactly what I needed.  The Colorado Taekwondo Institute was founded by Grandmaster James M. Sautel, 8th Dan Black Belt, in 1983 and there are now several locations throughout the Colorado. CTI works in association with the Moo Sul Kwan martial arts Institute and the American Martial Arts Sports and Education Association.  Moo Sul Kwan martial arts was brought to the United States by Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park in 1969 and serves as the model for training at all Colorado Taekwondo Institute locations.  The CTI mission statement is “To encourage and develop world-class leaders through educational excellence and Moo Sul Kwan martial arts traditions”.  

For the past year and a half, my personal experience with CTI and Moo Sul Kwan martial arts classes training has been in line with the CTI Mission Statement and the life-lessons I have been taught growing up.  The aims of Moo Sul Kwan martial arts, the tenets of Taekwondo and the philosophy, goals and operation of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute complement my lifestyle, goals, ethics, exercise and competitive needs. I enjoy the ability to challenge my body in new ways, and for many years to come, which will lead to healthier longevity without the high-risk of injury.  I also enjoy the mental and emotional challenges related to learning a new discipline and starting out a program as a rookie.  I’m the new old guy!  Starting Moo Sul Kwan martial arts classes as an adult is new experience that teaches humility, patience and perseverance.  I believe that a little suffering in any forum is the requirement for success.  As a 50 year old, that suffering can be more apparent than when you’re an 18 years old athlete!  But that challenge to stay involved, active and fight through the aches and pains has its rewards.  

The rewarding and positive experience of Moo Sul Kwan martial arts at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute is more than physical.  The bonding and team support with fellow students, support by upper-belt students and Black Belt instructors is a mental and emotional reward by itself.  Most prominent though is the inspirational guidance, instruction and care provided by Grandmaster Sautel.  I am fortunate to have found Moo Sul Kwan martial arts, which provides comprehensive Psychomotor Domain, Affective Domain and Cognitive Domain training, knowledge and self-defense skills. I am fortunate to have found The Colorado Taekwondo Institute, which honors the traditions of Moo Sul Kwan martial arts while providing a positive and exciting modern-day forum for training, learning and competition.  I am very fortunate to be surrounded by supportive CTI Students and Instructors…and I cannot say enough about how lucky I am to study under CTI founder Grandmaster Sautel.  I’ve added him to my very short, selective and influential list of heroes. In talking to fellow students I know that I’m not alone as he inspires so many others at CTI.  I am always happy to have the opportunity to share my positive experience with others, especially those with similar backgrounds and needs.  CTI and Moo Sul Kwan martial arts have provided everything I was looking for and I’m excited to continue my training for many years to come.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Taekwondo for Toddlers!

Taekwondo for toddlers as a little girl gets ready to perform at a martial arts tournament

Martial arts is the perfect sport for kids, providing a valuable, positive outlet for their energetic selves.  When looking for taekwondo or karate classes for toddlers, it's important to find a quality program that will give the most to your children. That's why we highly recommend Taekwondo for toddlers at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. 

Kids love working out with Taekwondo black belt instructors and fellow students in great martial arts classrooms with padded floors and master instructors.  All ages of kids can join us at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute!  No matter when a child starts Taekwondo, they can experience the benefits of Taekwondo. In fact, some black belts of today started when they were as young as three years old. It's great to think at one point there was a parent like you looking for karate classes for 3 year olds, and years later they are the proud parent of a Moo Sul Kwan black belt. No matter what age a kid is, they can enjoy Taekwondo at CTI, where classes are offered throughout the week for all ages.

Taekwondo is a great source of exercise for kids. Classes last 30 minutes for “tigers” (the youngest students) and an hour for older kids.  In both, kids get to exercise and have fun, both in a great Taekwondo environment.  Not only do kids have a chance to exercise in CTI Taekwondo classes, but they also improve their mind-body coordination and even learn about the science behind how the body works and how that affects Taekwondo moves.  There are workouts in Taekwondo classes at CTI for all parts of the body.

The benefits of CTI Taekwondo for kids are enormous. Besides being a good outlet for energy, Taekwondo classes also provide mental exercise.  As kids learn blocks, kicks, punches, and other techniques in Taekwondo classes, they improve memory, coordination, and patience, along with other mental skills.  Taekwondo is one of the best sports that include both physical exercise and mental excellence in its training.  While kids in Taekwondo classes are physically exercising, they are also learning discipline and attention skills.  The Taekwondo teachings at CTI is meant to include both the body and mind.

Whenever kids start karate classes for toddlers, they can enjoy the fun classes, physical exercise, and learning that comes with it.  All the black belt instructors at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute have had years of Taekwondo experience and are great with kids.  No matter the age, kids who join Taekwondo fall in love with the classes, learning, exercise, and experience.  They can even become black belt instructors themselves with time and practice.  All kids (and adults) who do Taekwondo enjoy it and learn every time they step into the classroom.

Monday, September 28, 2020

2020 CTI Online Championships - Upper Belt Results!


The first day of our 2020 CTI Online Championships took place on Saturday, September 26!

Next, on October 10th, the blue, green, orange, yellow and white belts of all ages are up for competitions!

This first of two days of our inaugural online Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts competitions saw purple, brown, red and black belts in 74 online divisions involving action in Poomse, One-Step Sparring, Shadow Sparring, and Taking it to the Target.  Black belts also competed in staff technique.   

Online Moo Sul Kwan judges included grandmaster and master instructors:  Mindy Sautel, 7th, John Sautel, 7th, Erik Albrechtson, 6th, Fred Sautel, 5th, Alice Meyung, 5th and Clayton Garner, 5th.  Regional Directors judging were Andy McDaniel, 4th, Nick Slinkard, 4th and Abdu Kikhia, 4th.  Chief instructors judging were Hope Morgan, 3rd, Eileen Lindner, 3rd, Tyler Murphy, 3rd, Don Johnson, 3rd, Peyton Brauch, 3rd, Mark Scott, 3rd and Caleb Feagans, 2nd.  The online championships was presented by Grandmaster James M. Sautel, 8th dan.

This was the very first time MSK competitions have taken place online and everyone did an outstanding job.  Special thanks to each competitor and judge for making this historic day such a success!

Here are the upper belt results on our 2020 CTI Online Champs:


1st place
Andy McDaniel, Katie Dahle, Sean Huntley, Gillian Boswell, Colston Yoder, Khristin Paisley, Owen Robertson, Collin Kreutz, Lindsey Boswell, Katie Minden, Alexis Chavez, Lillian Eichelberger, Marley Griffin, Phineas Hallock, India Ross, Lars den Hartog, Marley Powers

2nd place
Mark Scott, Caleb Feagans, Cody Jacobson, Sarah Dahle, Averie Chavez, Brian O'Reilly, Jasmine Salamera, Kathleen Sautel, Vivi Brown, Garrison Meeks, Jordan Rutz, Thomas Burton, Max Babcock, Toby Palminteri, Mateo Piza, Alex Tan, Nathaniel Parker

3rd place
Eileen Lindner, Keet Holdridge, Mathias Bauer, Abbey Salamera, Quynn Cotner, Alex Schwartz, Nethika Suraweera, Eliseo Bandala, Hope Morgan, Deb Denny, Aidan Sturm, Lily Laird, Sabrina Jensen, Andra Vieru, Lucy Paisley, Miette Jandreau, Kayla Albrechtson, Ellie Smagala

One - Step Sparring

1st place
Collin Kreutz, Eileen Lindner, Caleb Feagans, Konner Evans, Lindsey Boswell, Marely Powers, Lars den Hartog, India Ross, Mathias Bauer, Phineas Hallock, Andra Vieru, Thomas Burden, Lily Laird, Aidan Sturm, Owen Robertson, Brian O'Reilly, Averie Chavez, 

2nd place
Nick Slinkard, Mark Scott, Makayla Trapp, Deb Denny, Abbey Salamera, Eleanor Smagala, Ales Tan, Mateo Piza, Cody Jacobson, Toby Palminteri, Max Babcock, Lillian Eichelberger, Evan McEwan, Katie Minden, Jasmine Salamera, Khristin Paisley, Caiden Murphy

3rd place
Andy McDaniel, Kathleen Sautel, Katie Dahle, Vivi Brown, Gillian Boswell, Calvin Jensen, Nathaniel Keckler, Caleb Romero, Malachi Romero, Sean Huntley, Lucy Paisley,  Kaylyn McEwan, Sabrina Jensen, Alexis Chavez, Garrison Meeks, Eliseo Bandala, Susan Burgstiner, Quynn Cotner

Shadow Sparring

1st place
Andy McDaniel, Sarah Dahle, Collin Kreutz, Vivi Brown, Caleb Feagans, Mathias Bauer, Colin Palminteri, Brian O'Reilly, Owen Robertson, Katie Minden, Alexis Chavez, Sabrina Jensen, Max Babcock, Phineas Hallock, Evan Zdechlik, Marley Powers, Alex Tan

2nd place
Don Johnson, Gillian Boswell, Kathleen Sautel, Lindsey Boswell, Keet Holdridge, Sean Huntley, Colston Yoder, Khristin Paisley, Christian Lloyd, Lauren Dahlberg, Lily Laird, Thomas Burden, Andra Vieru, Lucy Paisley, Mateo Piza, Nathaniel Keckler, Caleb Romero

3rd place
Mark Scott, Abbey Salamera, Hope Morgan, Deb Denny, Katie Dahle, Lydia Willis, Averie Chavez, Susan Burgstiner, Jasmine Salamera, Garrison Meeks, Evan McEwan, Lillian Eichelberger, Marley Griffin, Toby Palminteri, Malachi Romero, Leto Ochsner, Lars den Hartog

Taking it to the Target

1st place
Don Johnson, Abbey Salamera, Peyton Brauch, Lindsey Boswell, Makayla Trapp, Sean Huntley,  Colin Palminteri, Brian O'Reilly, Eliseo Bandala, Katie Minden, Alexis Chavez, Lillian Eichelberger, Paul Paisley, Lucy Paisley, Mateo Piza, Marley Powers, Lars den Hartog

2nd place
Mark Scott, Konner Evans, Nick Slinkard, Deb Denny, Katie Dahle, Mathias Bauer, Colston Yoder, Nethika Suraweera, Henry Rumpf, Aidan Sturm, Evan McEwan, Thomas Burden, Max Babcock, Phineas Hallock, India Ross, Ellie Smagala, Kayla Albrechtson

3rd place
Eileen Lindner, Sarah Dahle, Hope Morgan, Vivi Brown, Caleb Feagans, Lydia Willis, Averie Chavez, Khristin Paisley, Christian Lloyd, Garrison Meeks, Lily Laird, Sabrina Jensen, Kaylyn McEwan, Toby Palminteri, Miette Jandreau, Ahas Weerapura, Alex Tan

Staff Technique

1st place
Andy McDaniel, Abbey Salamera, Collin Kreutz, Lindsey Boswell, Keet Holdridge, Cody Jacobson

2nd place
Eileen Lindner, Konner Evans, Peyton Brauch, Vivi Brown, Makayla Trapp, Mathias Bauer

3rd place
Mark Scott, Gillian Boswell, Tyler Murphy, Deb Denny, Caleb Feagans, Meryn Probasco

Campus Spotlight: Conifer Campus

The front of the conifer taekwondo school martial arts school
If you’re looking for a Conifer martial arts school with a family friendly, disciplined, and exciting environment, look no further than the Conifer location of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute (CTI). Located conveniently on US Highway 285, this Conifer martial arts school hosts classes that teach valuable self-defense skills to students of all ages, from toddlers to teens to adults. Like karate and kung fu, taekwondo is a martial art that trains the body and mind to improve ourselves and achieve goals. 

Martial arts, unlike many other sports, is an individual sport. Practicing karate and taekwondo is self-directed and self-motivated training. Traditional taekwondo, which is taught at the CTI, is a martial art similar to karate and kung fu. As a student, we better ourselves with the self-defense and education provided by this Conifer taekwondo school. This allows us to set our own goals to accomplish with this martial arts training. For instance, a teen might be interested in the focus martial arts training provides and applying that to school. An adult may be interested in losing weight and setting a goal for getting in shape using martial arts. Even a toddler will see the benefit of setting a goal like getting their next belt and the satisfaction achieving that goal brings. 

There are choices out there for martial arts, but the CTI Conifer martial arts school is a step above the rest. At the CTI students are encouraged to do more than just exercise in their regular classes, such as monthly homework and written tests for each belt. This keeps the martial arts frame of mind present in all part of our lives, so we can achieve any goals we have. The self-confidence and self-defense taught by our outstanding group of black belt instructors will allow anyone, to become a better version of themselves. 

Conifer's main classroom has a custom-built, carpeted suspension floor, so as to reduce stress on the body when working out. The workout area is incredibly spacious, to provide each student ample room to workout. There are also spacious and comfortable viewing areas for friends and family to watch class. 

Nestled in the midst of beautiful Conifer, the Conifer taekwondo campus serves the Conifer, Aspen Park, Evergreen and Bailey communities. Nearby amenities include 3 Margaritas, Liks Ice Cream and Staples. 

Come join us today at the Conifer campus of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. We’re here to help you be a better you and reach your goals.