Friday, May 22, 2015

Benefits of Children Learning Martial Arts

By Zach Greaves, 1st dan

When young children are thinking about learning martial arts or karate, the Colorado Taekwondo Institute is the place to be!  Developing self defense, self control, and self confidence is something we work on every class. With our program we guarantee a fun interactive environment where children can learn and strive to be black belts and world-class leaders.

Colorado Taekwondo Institute is a great place for your children to learn martial arts. They start and learn the basic martial arts techniques from white belt. They strive to gain complete control of their body and position of every single technique, they also learn to keep their eyes up, focus and stand still. For kids, especially those with lots of energy, this a great skill to have through all of life, to listen and act upon when information is given. It's a discipline that will help young children succeed and push their limits in school, music, gym class, and everything.

A martial arts black belt doing a jump back kick while learning martial artsMartial arts or karate classes is a great outlet, physical setting, and social setting. Through personal experience I have grown up with Colorado Taekwondo Institute and it has given me a place to show true colors and express who I really am and want to be. Opportunities are always given to become a really well rounded person through extra activities that we do in Taekwondo. For example, we have a martial arts summer camp where the kids have a chance to get away from their families and get to make friends in a new, safe environment. When they go through that entire fun-filled week they realize that is probably one of the best weeks they have ever had. As parents, you probably remember the first time you went away to camp and how scared you were. Then at the end of it all you realized that you made priceless memories and maybe even lifelong friends. We dance, we play, we ride bikes and we sweat practicing our Taekwondo martial arts.

Through our every day classes we work on anti-bullying and self defense.  We want children to understand that they can defend themselves and also prevent the community from bullying. We are also pushing children to understand opportunities and keep their eyes open to world and to stay away from the bad to preserve the good.  We like to dive into different cultures and our black belt team travels around the world. Last year we went to South Korea, the home of our martial art, Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo. So in every class we use Korean words for our techniques to keep their origin and tradition alive. After each class we say a Korean word which means, "Self-Control before Self-Defense". We make each other understand instructor to student, student to instructor and student to student that we will use our self control first. This whole mentality and word really eliminates conflicts outside of the school and within the school.  It's makes us better as a community and makes us better in our community. Through learning martial arts we can help children to protect their mind and body.

So when you or your child is thinking about learning martial arts or karate class, the CTI is a great way to get them into something physical and fun that they can enjoy their entire life.  It helps them with confidence and discipline at school and at home.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Martial Arts Teaches Excellence in Leadership

By Eric Evans, 2nd dan

“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.” - Booker T. Washington

One thing that many parents will notice when watching their children participate in a kid's karate class taught at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, are the leadership skills being instilled in their children. Goal setting, focus, discipline, and integrity are just some of the many wonderful benefits students learn from the martial arts classes being taught.

As we teacher leadership within the CTI classes, we are consistently striving for excellence. This is not something that we are born with. It takes dedicated effort. We cannot stand by and wait for someone to tell us what to do, we must take responsibility and put forth our own effort. Waiting for someone to tell you to practice or do your homework will lead to complacency and failure. Success is gained by self examination, self direction and self improvement.

Martial arts black belt instructor teaching leadership in kid's karate classThroughout history, remarkable men and women achieved greatness by knowing what they wanted and then doing something about it to achieve their goal. We would not have many of the things we take for granted in our lives if the leaders of the past sat idly by and waited for someone to tell them to try.

It takes 10,000 hours of dedicated effort to master something. In your training that requires you to put forth effort outside of class, on your own. If you only practice Taekwondo twice a week for an hour a class, it would take you 96 years to reach 10,000 hours. If you make one extra class a week and the yearly tournaments, the duration is almost cut in half. However, if you consider what would happen if you practiced 5 hours a week outside of class. The duration is drastically reduced to 20 years. Interestingly enough, 20 years is the minimum time in rank to reach 5th dan.

Excellence in Taekwondo can be achieved by anyone. It requires dedicated effort, self motivation, flexibility and perseverance. If you're looking for an activity for yourself or looking for kid's karate or martial arts classes, then you've found a great place at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute.

Monday, May 4, 2015


A fantastic weekend is coming!  It's the Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo XXXI!

Taking place in Breckenridge, Colorado, May 29 - 31, at Beaver Run Resort, the 31st Expo features three days of training for students and instructors of all ages and belt levels.

Special guests Great Grandmaster Bong Yul Shin and Grandmaster Charles F. Hildebrand are travelling from St. Louis to be on the Summer Expo Teaching Staff.  Joining them will be Grandmaster James M. Sautel, Master Merinda J. Sautel, Master John T. Sautel and Master Erik R. Albrechtson and other excellent instructors!

The Expo begins on Friday evening and goes through Sunday at noon.  Dynamic classes, seminars, events and much more await the Expo participants.  There is training in all areas of martial arts training - poomse, sparring, self-defense, one-step sparring, breaking, staff and much more!  There are even complimentary classes for our parents, family members and friends that come for the weekend in self-defense, cardio kickboxing and how to help your students at home!

Great Grandmaster Shin, a pioneer in introducing martial arts to the United States, will be teaching everyone at different points during the weekend.  He will also have a special discussion with the black belts on philosophy and history of the martial arts.  In addition to the fine Expo Staff, Grandmaster Charles F. Hildebrand, President of MSK and the AMASEA, will also have the chance to teach each student and instructor that attends this year's Summer Expo.

The theme of the weekend is, "Make it Matter."  This idea, a hallmark of Moo Sul Kwan martial artists, will be present in each of the classes and events during Expo weekend.  To top off the great weekend, there will be a fun Expo Saturday night party featuring entertainment provided by all of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute locations.  There is also the favorite Amazing Moo Sul Race XI for all the students and instructors!

Sign up today for this very special weekend!

Friday, May 1, 2015

A CTI Testimonial

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute - Best martial arts school in the front range
By Shekina DeTienne

When I moved to the Littleton area four years ago, I wanted to find a martial arts school that would keep me active as well as address other issues like self defense, education and weight control. I looked at several different styles like karate, aikido, kung fu and judo but none of the other schools caught my attention like the Colorado Taekwondo Institute.

The head instructor, Master John Sautel, called me back right away and took the time to answer several questions about the program and style. He answered questions about what I would do in class, how the belt system works and scheduling a trial class. We set up a time to meet for an orientation class. During the class, we went over a few stretches, basics and I got to see some of the other activities from a typical class.

The following night, I joined the adult class. The work out area was nice and big and even though there were quite a few students, we all got personal attention from the instructor several times throughout the class. Everyone was friendly, respectful and helpful. It felt good to sweat and learn in a constructive, positive environment.

I have worked out at the Littleton campus ever since and enjoyed every minute of it. The instructors are well educated and continue to hone their Taekwondo and teaching skills every week. The head instructor, Master Sautel, has his masters degree in education. They offer classes six days a week for anyone who wants to learn. Beginners courses all the way up to advanced classes keep our students progressing at a rate customized to them. Every class is fun and unique and encourages each student to push hard for their own goals. The Littleton location is definitely a little bit of home for me. If you're looking for a karate school or a martial arts school, I highly recommend the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. They have five locations in Denver, including Lakewood, Westminster, Golden and Conifer. I look forward to practicing Taekwondo there for many years to come.