Thursday, December 29, 2011


By Kyle Feagans, brown belt

It can be overwhelming when one stops to think about the many things they can be thankful for.  For instance, we should be thankful for our friends, family, shelter and the wonderful country that we live in, The United States of America, where our freedoms are like no other in the world.  I am thankful for the sacrifice of those that give and have given us the freedoms that provide us the opportunities to pursue our “American Dream.”  Thanks to them and with our dedication, hard work and desire we can achieve whatever goal or dream we may have.

Being respectful and thankful to friends and family, providing support and encouragement are ways I show my gratitude back to others.  I try not to take the “little” things in life for granted.  It is easy to take things like having food and water and a nice place to live or having shoes for our feet and clothes for our body for granted.

I can show my gratitude on a daily basis to my wife and kids by letting them know that I love them.  I show my gratitude, although they do not see it as gratitude, in helping the kids with their homework.  By holding them accountable to their responsibilities around the house each day.  I also like to hear about their day at school, what their favorite activity was that day or how their friends are doing.

It feels good to be able to extend gratitude to others.  There can be feelings of happiness, joy, and delight and satisfaction in extending gratitude.  Not too long ago we at the CTI went on a “Food Drive” for the Jefferson County Action Center and WOW did we collect a lot of food for the local community.  Not only did we get to have a good time with friends and family, we were also able to help an organization that provides a great service to those who need help in the community.

It is always feels good when someone shows or does something when they really do not have to.  I am very grateful for people who extended their time and resources to teach and mentor me in my occupation or give advice on how to handle challenging situations at work, home or life in general.  I appreciate people that love to help and expect nothing in return.  Their reward is just the opportunity to help, to be in the position to extend their gratitude.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

38th CTI Superbowl

The exciting CTI Superbowl is the end of the CTI-year event!

This year's Colorado Taekwondo Institute's 38th Superbowl will take place at Alameda High School on February 24th and 25th.

The exciting CTI Superbowl is the end of the CTI-year event!  CTI instructors rigorously prepare their students for this special event, and the students push their training especially hard to perform well during the CTI Superbowl weekend.

CTI students and instructors of all ages and belt levels will compete in Poomse, Sparring, Breaking, First Point Wins!, Staff Poomse and more.  Black belt competitions begin on Friday evening at 6:00 PM.  On Saturday, the action resumes with the black belt
s back at it at 7:00 AM.

Click here for scheduled times and more information.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lee H. Park Team Champs Breaks the Record

Students and instructors from across the CTI came together for the annual CTI Hanmadang at Alameda High School in Lakewood, Colorado on December 10th.  The event, the 2011 Lee H. Park Team Championships, was held in honor of Moo Sul Kwan and AMASEA founder Lee H. Park.
The Hanmadang competitions consisted of students of all ages and belt levels.
Flying Kick Breaking at the Competition
The excellent divisions ranged from Creative Team Basics to Team Poomse to One-Step Sparring/Self-Defense Team compeitions.  There was also Breaking, Most Kicks Kontest, CTI Basics Challenge, Team Staff Poomse, a Black Belt Mystery Contest and dynamic demonstrations.
Many spectators were on hand to watch the action and help us celebrate our very special day.  This largest CTI event of all time broke the record with 308 students and instructors taking part.  They interacted with each other, displayed their skills and competed in true MSK sportsmanship all day long beginning at 7:00 AM with black belt competitions. 
Among the many highlights of the team championships were the Creative Team Basics competitions.  In keeping with the theme from the Black Belt Symposium, "The American Dream," and to honor our American Veterans, teams executed their basics routines to the music of "Stars and Stripes Forever." 
The wonderful day ended at 3:30 PM and it was on to the CTI Christmas Party!
The CTI Christmas Party was food and fun for everyone!  Besides the delectable food, music by Moo Sul Rock and dancing by everyone, a very special surprise guest from the North Pole made an appearance to the delight of the packed crowd. 
Here are the results!

1st place
Annie Sautel, Rosie Sokolove, Brian Vargo              Connor Brauch, Mason Louth, Joren Good
Holly Madayag, Delores Herman, Jordan Stiller                    Ryan Pennington, Jackson Hayes
Brynn Konrad,Diesel DiPaula, Ethan Kirschner            Marck Scott, Jim Intriglia, Jake Grose
Carl Gibbons, Karen Carreon, Ethan Price, Rob Sarche            Will Dumler, Shawen Zhang
Cody Crawshaw, Emily Brophy, Zac Johannes, Nathaniel McKernan        Caela McCartney, Elise Smith
David Wallace, Chris Wallace, Sally Morgan, Jackie Wallace          Ashley Grose, Porter Krause
Hailey Koch, Cody Barnhardt, Elizabeth Hawkins                 ChristinaManna, Aubrey Reeves
Joey Charbonneau, Braden Davis, Marshall Vogain, Austin Carlton
T.J. Gutierrez, Cadam Harkins, Mason Lawrence    
 Kenny Brancio, Nathan Orwick, Peter Losasso, Illiasi Perez

2nd place
Kathleen Sautel, Ian Randall                                 James Pennington, Caleb Feargans
Michael Sandusky, Eric Evans                     Liam Paavol, Devan Bagley, Charlie Smith
Nico Trilk, Merrick Oleszek, Chase Wyngarden            Thomas Ma, Lydia Lincke, Beatrice Lincke
Andrew Madayag, Peyton Brauch, Natasha McKernan            Grant Haverkamp, Nate Braid
Rachel Rockenfeller, Vivi Brown, Blenness Quintana, Anna Sparlin    Peyton Barnard, Grace Apodaca
Madeline Rougier, Simone Schweich, Jake Seele, C.J. eBnton        Elizabeth Cutting, Avery Holdren
Keith Reeves, KellenReeves, Romelle Reeves, Karen Reeves    Zach Outcalt, Vivian Nash, Caleb Neel
Emily Artman, Amanda Artman                 James Healy, Matt Ashworth, Sabrina Jameson, Abigail Gibbons
Maggie Wingate, Damian Rupp, Emma Hartmann, Jennifer McKernan        
3rd place
Kelly Franson, Michael Madayag                      Fegans, Bruce Dean, Don Symington, Marcy Feagans
Thomas Sautel, Sean Sweeney                Caiden White, Colin Schweich, Micah Reeves
Don Johnson, Terry Copper, Zach Greaves        IanWilson, Aspen Hawkins, Joshua Metzentine
Caleb Mason, Benjamin Kirschner, Austin Beckman    Nichlas Boender, Zachary Boender
Max Landis, Jeffrey Bowen, Zuzanna Janowska        Alex Price, Emmy Romero
Dakota Jesse, Sarah Dahle, Derek Simpson        Bailey Bish, Sean Swalley, Brandon Swalley
Jamie LaMorgese, Nicholas Boender            Santiago Huggins, Kirk Otteson
Aksel Wasmoen, Dietrich Wasmoen, Alejandro Deppmeier  
Kira Malmgren, Julianne Todd, Ethan Trapp

4th place    
Erik Ondrejko, Brendon Dodson                                 Caleb Feagans, Mike Dean, Tyler Tatman
Knisely Sautel, Neda Kikhia, Brett Carpenter                Justice De Nava, Nico Huggins
Garrett Colehour, Tatum Buenning, Olivia Houghton            Robbie Crandell, Jaxon Gard
Michael Madayag, Sean Lawlor, McKenna Louth, Collin Kreutz        Alicia Leone, Tyler Murphy
Lauren Lundeen, Joseph Long, Mitchell Kelley, Dante Hulin        Mathias Bauer, Noah Sisk
Jacob Henderson, Mason Golliher, Sammi ?,  Benjamin ?         Jake Grose, Tim Tobias
Adam Forbes, Phillip Butler, Draper Webb                    Makayla Trapp, Addie Spery,AidenGreco
Aaron Nash, Zachary Nash, Gavin Pribil                    Lisa Landis, Nancy Fanning
Abby Lundeen, Natalie Lundeen, Gloria Alvarado, Phillip Hoenmans

1st place
Henry Walsh        Alex Langston        Abby Artman        Andres Deppmeier
Eli Turnage        William Johnson    Puhr Mc Kinnon    Osso Siddall
Chloe Curchill        Holden Langie        Sean Haverkamp    Mitchell Oleszek
Alaina Walker        Natalie Willis        Malaki McRant        Anya Trilk
Kane Mullin        Macy Wallen        

1st place
Ethan Price, Rob Sarche            Brian Vargo, Brett Carpetner, Brendon Dodson, Erik Ondrejko
Zach Metcalf, Seth Hughes, Austin Barnard, Jhaison Prouty    Nicholas Boender, Jamie LaMorgese
Jocelyn Wallen, Alyssa Copper, Tanner Copper, Gabe Gallegos    

2nd place
Karen Carreon, Rob Sarche        David Wallace, Chris Wallace, Jackie Wallace, Sally Morgan
Lydia Lincke, Dante Hulin                    Shekina DeTienne, Leah Teglovic
Ryan Lindner, Eileen Lindner, Tyler Sander, Melodie Page

3rd place
Emma Jartmann, Jennifer McKernan                Rex Splitt, Mark Drummond
Don Johnson, Terry Copper, Zach Greaves, Kelsey Smith     Mark Scott, JimIntriglia

4th place
Alicia Leone, Tyler Murphy    Baxter Wilson, Max Vogan

1st place
Michael Sandusky    Thomas Sautel        Rosie Sokolove        Ian Randall
Gabe Gallegos        Tyler Sander        Eric Bear        Thomas Ma
Emma Pinsinski        Dakota Jesse        Vinny Costantino    Jake Grose
Derek Simpson        Shekina DeTienne    Ethan Trapp        Holly Madayag
Jake Grose        Derek Simpson        Don Johnson        Jocelyn Wallen
Dante Hulin        Julianne Todd        Vivi Brown        Rob Sarche
Jamie LaMorgese


1st place
Ian Wilson        Jonah Sidwell        Hailey Koch        Merrick Oleszek     
Logan Gill        Evelyn La Morgese    Emily Artman        Shawn Zhang       Natalie Willis
Alaina Walker        Olivia Houghton    Simone Schweich    Caiden White        Lydia Willis

2nd place
Will Dumler        Aksel Wasmoen    Nico Trilk        Zach Nash
Jackson Hayes        Torin Fischer        Kristina Manna        Amanda Artman
Anya Trilk        Osso Siddall        Cody Barnhardt        Sigourney Zager
Mason Louth        Brock Narva            
1st place
Tyler Sander, Don Symington, Bruce Dean, Mark Scott, Jim Intriglia
Zach Metcalf, Austin Barnard, Jhaison Prouty         Thomas Ma, Lydia Lincke, Beatrice Lincke
Nicholas Boender, Zachary Boender, Zachary Outcalt, Vivian Nash
Kenny Brancio, Nathan Orwick, Peter Losasso, Caela McCartney
Don Johnson, Terry Copper, Zach Greaves    
Emily Brophy, Peyton Brauch, Cody Crawshaw, Nathan Rockenfeller
Shekina DeTienne, Leah Teglovic,Baxter Wilson, Max Vogan
Collin Kreutz, Emma Pinsinski, Owen Hartmann, Natasha McKernan

2nd place
Carl Gibbons, Karen Carreon, Rob Sarche, Ethan Price         Lisa Landis, Nancy Fanning
Caleb Neel, Bailey Bish, Sean Swalley, Brandon Swalley     Elise Smith, Vinny Constantino, Ethan Miles
Sarah Dahle, Dakota Jesse, Austin Carlton, Derek Simpson  
Brandon Pennington, Trevor Koch, Effie Gibbons        Kathleen Sautel, Ian Randall
Maggie Wingate, Damian Rupp, Emma Hartmann, Jennifer McKernan
Kelly Franson, Crystal Swedenberg, Zac Johannes, Lexi Johannes

3rd place
Rhonda Lawrence, Jasme LaMorgese                Joey Charbonneau, Braden Davis
Addie Spery, Aiden Greco, Makayla Trapp        Angela Orford, Sam LaMorgese, Caroline Nash
Kira Malmgren, Julianne Todd, Ethan Trapp            Cole Ernst, Kai Wong, Eric Bear
Ryan Lindner, Eileen Lindner, Kyle Feagans, Melodie Page
Kellen Reeves, Keith Reeves, Karen Reeves, Romelle Reeves
Andrew Madayag, Jack Eddy, Sean Lawlor, McKenna Louth, Anna Good

4th place
Rachel Rockenfeller, Vivi Brown, Blenness Quintana, Anna Sparlin
Caleb Johnson, Sarah Luper, Lilly Minor               Kameran Evans, Alan Fernandez, Gloria Alvarado
Jakob Deverell, Seth Hughes, Peyton Barnard, Grace Apodaca            Rick Orton, Rayanne Nowak
Holly Madayag, Delores Herman, Jordan Stiller, Dean Loux
Tanner Copper, Alyssa Copper, Jocelyn Wallen, Gabe Gallegos, Kelsey Smith

1st place
Sean Swalley        Merrick Oleszek    Torin Fischer        Mason Louth
Elizabeth Hawkins    Caleb Mason        Abby Artman        Phillip Butler
Natalie Willis        Mitchell Oleszek    Sean Swalley        Liam Pavol
Aksel Wasmoen    Santiago Huggins

2nd place
Brandon Swalley    Jackson Hayes        Alex Price        Joren Good
Simone Schweich    Zachary Nash        Tatum Buenning    Ian Wilson
Diesel DiPaula        Osso Siddall        Anya Trilk        Brandon Swalley
Micah Reeves        Madeline Rougier    Emily Artman

3rd place
Grace Apocaca        Baily Bish        Owen Landis        Brynn Konrad
Casey Feagansc        Cody Barnhardt        Christina Manna    Sean Konrad
Noah Sisk        Emmy Romero        Chloe Churchill        Alaina Walker
Grace Apodaca        Devan Bagley        Adam Harkins        Seth Carlton

1st place
Bridget Sautel


1st place
Chris Wallace, David Wallace            Brian Vargo, Erik Ondrejko

2nd place
Michael Sandusky, Eric Evans            Thomas Sautel, Sean Sweeney

3rd place
Sally Morgan, Jackie Wallace            Knisely Sautel, Rosie Sokolove, Annie Sautel

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Art of Patience

By Sally Morgan, 1st dan

    There are many different reasons to get involved in the Colorado Taekwondo Institute.  Some join for the physical fitness, others join to learn self-defense skills, while families may join as a way to spend time together in an activity that is healthy and lots of fun.
    I joined the CTI for a little of all of these reasons.  My daughter joined first, and when asked if I would like to try it out, I thought, “Why not?”  I could share in something my daughter seemed to enjoy, work on my own health and physical fitness, as well as my own self-defense skills.
    And now, three and a half years later, I am in better shape than I have ever been in, and my daughter and I have gotten much closer.
    I joined the Westminster CTI Campus with these expectations, but never anticipated how much more I would learn and how much more Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo had to offer.
    If you would ask my parents to describe me growing up, the word patient would have never entered into their description.  They would have also called me a perfectionist.  I wanted to get everything right the first time.  Needless to say this is not a good mindset to have in Taekwondo, much less in life.  Human beings are not perfect, and to expect perfection will only lead to disappointment.  Now don’t misunderstand, striving for perfection and expecting it are two different things.  Always strive to be perfect.  You may not achieve perfection, but you will succeed at being the best you can be.  The trick is to never give up.  And never giving up requires a mindset of dedication, perseverance, and above all patience.
    When thinking about Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo you would never think patience would be a condition for success.  But patience is probably the most important skill you will need to develop your art.
    For instance, in poomse, it takes at least five hundred times in performing a poomse before the techniques and skills are getting good.
    When I was learning some of my poomses, I was very impatient.  I could not understand why it took so long to get new moves or why I would only learn a couple of moves at a time.  It’s only now that I have trained for some years that I’ve realized there is much more to knowing a poomse then just performing the moves.  Among countless things, you must focus on eyes, balance, stances, flow of movement, timing and so on.  It was then I realized that performing a poomse is truly an art form.
    Sometimes things don’t happen the way you expect or want them to.  And when this happens, you have two choices.  You can become frustrated and angry and keep asking yourself “Why me?” Or you can be like water and go with the flow.  This analogy sounds silly, but it works.  When water comes to an obstacle, such as a large rock, it doesn’t try to break or push through it, it simply finds a way to flow through or around it.  It may take more time, but it eventually reaches its destiny.  Patience.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Everyone Wins!

By Holly Madayag, red belt

Questions on tournament competition.

As a competitor, are you ever nervous before a sparring match?  The answer is yes.

Black Belt Women Sparring
     I barely have my protective gear on and I am already sweating.  I look up at the clock on the wall and notice the second hand ticking . . . for every tick, my heart beats at least two times.  I try to stretch and can’t stop thinking about the adrenaline circulating through my body.  Everything is in slow-motion.
    We line-up.  My heart is beating so loudly in my head that I can barely hear when the center judge calls my name to step into the ring.  If it hadn’t been for a wave of his hand to reinforce that it was my turn to spar, I probably would not have heard him at all.  I am standing at attention stance – frozen – as he calls the person who will share the ring with me.  It is my fiercest competitor.  She is relentless in the ring.  She never gives up.  She is unwavering.      She is indomitable.  She is powerful.  She is - - my friend.
    We take our respective places in the ring and share a glance.  We respectfully maintain eye contact.  What are we saying to each other that we cannot utter aloud?

As a competitor, what are you thinking as you bow to each other just before the match begins?  It is this:

      “I have trained hard for months and am ready to challenge you to a match.  I have watched you spar and I know the moves you may try.  I am ready for those moves.  I am ready to block them and try some new things I have been working on to win.  I want to win.  But, above winning and everything else, please know that I respect you.  I respect you for the fighter that you are, for the work you do, for the woman you are.  We are both daughters, both wives, both mothers – both CTI martial artists.”  This sentiment is mutual.  We begin and the adrenaline clearly translates into external energy for both of us.  No more butterflies.  They have flown away.  The second-hand on the clock is a distant memory.  What is left is instinctual . . . what is left is all that we have learned throughout our training.  Focus, concentration, indomitable spirit.
    It is tied up and we are both tired, but neither of us ready to give up.  Next point wins.  I pivot quickly to deliver what I am sure will be the defining moment in the match – a roundhouse right to her solar plexus.  But, my foot never quite makes it.  As I lifted my leg, she beat me to the punch, throwing a perfect defensive sidekick right where I had left myself open.  My chest gear vibrated and instantly, I knew, it was over.  I see people talking but I hear no noise.  We return to our positions and out of the corner of my eye, I see the center judge motion to my opponent’s direction.  Point.  Match.

As a competitor, do you ever get mad that you didn’t win?  The answer is no.

     We shake hands, hug each other.  We walk out of the ring arm in arm.  Disappointed by defeat, I am strangely happy for her win. I have even more respect for her now that I even did before – and she, for me.
    You see, in a way, I won today too.  I woke up early on a Saturday morning, when many of my friends are sleeping in.  I came to a CTI tournament to support my instructors, fellow students and my own children.  I took myself out of my comfort zone to step into a sparring ring against a division of women who are amazing Moo Sul Kwan artists.  I sparred my best – with strength AND integrity.
    You see, this is how, as students at CTI, we have been “raised.”  From the time we started together as white belts, we have always been taught to be respectful of each other, courteous, kind.  We spar to improve ourselves – not to hurt a fellow student.  We spar to help each other grow – not to take each other out.  My colleague was the winner today and the fact that she is my friend makes me a winner too.

What do you do the night after a tournament?  I will tell you – we reflect.  
We think about things we did right, we think about things we can improve upon.  We think about our wins and our losses and how to do better next time.  We think about the kids in the program.  How we set an example for them in our actions, our behaviors, how we handle ourselves.  We think about how they are the future – the next generation of Moo Sul Kwan martial artists and how it is up to each of us to ensure they carry on the tenets of Taekwondo and traditions of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute.  My opponent will hang her medal up with pride, as she should.  She trained, worked hard and won.   As a student of CTI, she knows that that medal is for herself, her opponents, her instructor and her fellow students.  Trophy or not trophy, at CTI, everyone wins . . .