Monday, September 26, 2016

Tenets of Taekwondo in my Mom!

By Melodie Page, 1st dan

Taekwondo martial art lady recieving her new black beltToday would have been my mother's 103rd birthday.  She is not alive to day, but she did live to be 102 years, one month and five days. She, Hazel Leigh Whitney Parcel, was an amazing woman who had many exciting experiences in her life.  She had many years to learn from her mistakes and gain tons of wisdom.  In 1935, while attending a Bible institute in Denver. CO, she decided that she wanted to be a missionary to Africa after hearing an African missionary speak at her school.  My father also attended the school and was also inspired by the African missionaries' talk.  After graduation they decided to get married and go to Africa together. They had five children, two of which, my middle sister and myself, were born in Africa.  Even though my mother probably never even heard the word "Taekwondo" until her seventies or after, she lived her life by the tenets of Taekwondo, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit.  There are many examples of situations in her life that she embodied these tenets.


My Mother had a strict Grandmother that she lived with during her childhood. I am sure that her training in courtesy began there. Children in those days were trained to respect their elders, say yes ma'am and yes sir, be seen and not heard and not interrupt adult conversation. My mother was also expected to do many chores around the house and to get good grades in school.
In her autobiography, A Clay Pot Named Hazel, my mother describes some of her experiences at the Bible Institute. "To help us learn to work with different types of people, students changed roommates every two months". The only way you can get along with new roommates every two months is to have a fair amount of courtesy in your personality.

Later on in her life our family traveled a lot when we were back in the United States in order to raise financial support for the missionary work. We visited a lot of churches where we children were trained to be polite to the members of the congregation, and the hosts that put us up for the night. We were always to eat what was put in front of us and be grateful. My older sisters remember also being tacitly required to help in any way possible. My Mother led by example. My mother also never wanted to impose or cause extra work for people that hosted us. She would take our own sheets and towels to use so that extra laundry would not have to done by our hostesses.


When my mother decided to become a missionary, she also decided to become a nurse in order to help the people she would minister to, medically. After returning to the United States permanently, she worked in hospitals wherever we lived and was the main breadwinner for the family. We finally settled in Wichita, Kansas in1967 after living in Nebraska and New Mexico after our return from Africa. She worked at St. Francis Hospital in the intensive care unit. Evidently, one day she gave the wrong dose of medication to a patient with no dire consequences. Apparently she didn't tell anyone at that time. When my mother was 98 my sister who she lived with, noticed she was receiving a lot of mail with an R. N. In the return address. R. N. Stands for registered nurse. My sister asked her what was going on but my mother only said, "Maybe I'll tell you some day." After Mom died my sister had to go through her papers and found these letters and read them. That was when my sister was able to determine the whole story. The mistake had been weighing on my Mom's mind so she decided to confess. She wrote a letter to the head of nursing at St. Francis hospital.

Upon receiving the letter, the head of nursing decided to read the letter at the next department meeting. She encouraged the nurses at the meeting to write to my Mom and share the mistakes they had made in their careers. Mom must have cherished these letters because she kept them the rest of her life.


My Mother persevered through so many challenges in her life. In her twenties she set three main goals for her life. She wanted to be a mother of a large family, she wanted to be a nurse and she wanted to be a missionary to Africa. Before my mother and father got married she started nurses training in Colorado Springs. He was living in Denver and they saw each other rarely. But in 1940 they got married and started their family. My oldest sister and only brother were born in quick succession. Mom never complained but she always had difficult pregnancies. Yet she went ahead and experienced five of them (lots of nausea) so that she could have a large family. That's almost four years of complete misery. It takes perseverance to get through that!

Having children interfered with Mom and Dad's planned departure for Africa, but they were finally ready to go when they discovered that children were not being issued passports because of the war. Dad was urgently needed to help with the mission work so the hard decision was made that Dad would go on to the Congo and Mom would stay here in the United States with the children until the war was over. She had one more year of nurses training to complete so she went San Bernardino where she had friends who would care for my brother and sister while she attended school.
Nurses training wasn't easy back then. It was a 24/7 endeavor. They would work an eight hour shift and attend classes and study and try to get a little sleep all in one day. That's not including having to starch and iron uniforms, whiten shoes and don those white stockings (seams perfectly straight). Mom lived at the school and got to see her children on weekends sometimes.

Finally the war was over and Mom and my brother and sister were issued passports to travel to the Congo. Mom had finished her last year of nurses training and had graduated and passed her boards. At last she was a full-fledged registered nurse! After packing, getting immunizations, and some French lessons Mom and my siblings traveled to New York City by train where they were to fly to Africa on Pan Am. Dad had purchased the tickets in the Congo because the price was better, but upon reaching the New York ticket office they were told there were only reservations for one child. After much communication between New York and Congo the matter was apparently resolved. Mom had planned a weekend trip to Philadelphia to visit old friends before leaving for Africa. While there she received word that all planes of the type she was scheduled to fly on were grounded due to a tragic accident in one of them. All that type of airplane were out of service until it could be determined what caused the accident.Pan am had nothing else available because the war had just ended and planes were in short supply. Mom and the kids were stuck in New York for seven weeks until Pan Am could finally put them on a plane bound for Liberia.

After flying by way of Labrador, Ireland, and Portugal they finally landed on the continent of Africa in the city of Casablanca. They still had to fly to Liberia but after stopping there to let off the other passengers the plane flew on to Kinshasa, Congo.

From there they were to fly to Bukavu where Dad was waiting for them. However as soon as they got to Kinshasa they were told that they had just missed the flight and it only went once a week. So they waited a week and went back to the airport to continue their journey. However they weren't allowed to board the plane because supposedly one of the children's fares had not been paid even though my Dad had bought tickets for one adult and two children originally. Evidently this mistake had not been taken care of in New York as had been thought. Unbelievably my Mom and siblings had to wait another week to get to Bukavu and to my Dad. I am still not sure if they ended up paying for an extra child or if it finally got straightened out.

My Mother could easily have given up at any of these setbacks and decided just to stay home in the US. She could have sent word to my Dad that she wasn't coming and that he should make arrangements to come home too. But no she did not. She had her goals and she did not waver. I am sure she felt discouraged and exhausted at times but she kept pressing on until she made it ti the Congo.


One of the areas of my life where I struggle with self control is eating too much. If my mother struggled with this She was able to control it. She was never overweight her whole life. She would eat small portions and often would not eat both pieces of bread when eating a sandwich. She worked very hard cooking on a wood-burning stove, ironing with flat irons, and washing clothes with wringer washer that had a handle agitator. She was always up early to start her day of work. Even in her nineties when she came to visit me she would do cooking and cleaning for me while I was at work. One day when she was not feeling well because of her angina she apologized to me for not doing housework that day. "I'm afraid I didn't get much accomplished today" she said to me when I got home. Of course I told her that she did not have "accomplish" anything at any time during her visit but being idle just wasn't in her makeup. In her 100th year she decided to write a book about her life. She worked diligently almost daily to get it finished "in time" before she passed but made it and saw it published a year before her death. In the week I spent with her before her death she mentioned that she had two other books planned that she had hoped to write.


Indomitable spirit is closely tied to perseverance and my Mom had plenty of both. One of my favorite incidences showing Mom's indomitable spirit involved our German Shepard dog. His name was Nippy and the only thing he loved more than my Mom was chasing goats. The African men owned lots of goats and goats were their bank accounts. The goats were mainly used for trading and were especially useful for buying wives. One unfortunate day Nippy caught a goat and ripped its belly open. Men armed with spears came to our house and demanded that we turn Nippy over to them so they could kill him. The goat wasn't dead yet and my quick thinking Mom made a deal with the men. If she could save the goat then they would not kill Nippy and we would ensure that he would not chase anymore goats. They brought the injured goat to her and she sprinkled some penicillin powder in the wound and stitched the poor creature back together. The goat lived and our dog was saved! He did have to wear a muzzle for awhile after that until he understood that goats were off limits.
My Mother was so determined to help the Africans and to serve her family that she labored day in and day out for years. The list of the things she did just goes on and on.
She did all the things a Mother usually does for her children, cooking, feeding, bathing, cleaning, changing diapers ( cloth ones), laundry, and sewing clothes for all of us on a treadle sewing machine. Then there was her medical clinic where she stitched up wounds, treated diseases, dispensed vitamins and worm medicine, administered vaccinations, and delivered babies. She wrote primers and song books for the Africans in their language, Kilega, and had them printed. She taught school to the children. She translated portions of the Bible into Kilega. She trained young men in the rudiments of first aid to help her in the clinic. Our family would sometimes travel to other villages and I would "help" Mom tell Bible stories to the children with paper figures of Bible characters and a flannel covered board. On Sunday's she would teach Sunday school to the Africa kids and play the piano for the singing during the church service. The indomitable spirit she showed to get out of bed every day and work so hard is just unbelievable.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Anger Management

By Khristin Paisley

In order to manage anger it is important to understand the emotion “anger” before it can be “managed”. Managing anger does not mean to live a life devoid of this emotion, however, a certain amount of serenity comes from understanding it. Anger is often explained away as a “toxic”, “unhealthy” and a “bad” emotion. There truly isn’t a “bad” emotion, what makes something “bad”, “toxic” and “unhealthy” is what we do with it and that is what takes anger out of the realm of emotion and moves it into an action. It can be used as an impetus for self-reflection, acceptance, love and understanding of ourselves, and others; or it can be channeled in a negative way that causes harm. To ask ourselves “why am I angry?” and “where does this come from?” is a necessary first step in being able to manage this emotion that brings about feelings of shame.

Taekwondo black belt girl practicing self-defense techniquesAnger can be described as a “byproduct emotion”. This means that it is the result of a primary emotion. These primary emotions can be: sadness, jealousy, fear, insecurity, and frustration to name a few. Anger is a response emotion, ergo “The dog pooped on the floor again!” or “That person cut me off on the highway!” or even “My teacher gave me an F on the test!” These are just a few examples of how anger can creep into our daily lives and be an insidious entity. In the situation of the dog, it’s frustration, the dog couldn’t get out in time and whether it was our personal responsibility or that of someone else’s we are the ones dealing with the consequence, we are the ones dealing with the consequence and have to spend our time dealing with it. In each of the above examples what we are really feeling is that we are being discounted, disrespected, devalued, that something (physical, emotional) is being taken away from us, and the result is feelings of anger. If we take a moment to assess the “why” of our feelings, this allows us to love ourselves better, and to contribute positivity instead of negativity to the world and to those around us.

Whether someone believes in Karma or not does not change the simple fact that we receive what we put into the world, even if what we receive comes directly from within ourselves. It is analogous to: the dad comes home and beats the child, the child then beats the dog and then the dog turns and bites the child. We are eventually revisited by what we put into the world. Anger can be a blinding emotion or it can be a source of enlightenment. Maybe the person that cut us off on the highway was speeding to the hospital and concerned about a loved one and was understandably distracted. It’s possible that they just received some news of great importance and their life is going to be changing for good or bad and were distracted. Maybe they were just didn’t see us, how many times during the course of a day, week, month or year do we get distracted? If they did it on purpose as an act of road rage, what do we gain by sharing their emotional space? Should we allow ourselves to be infected with their toxicity and then share that same toxicity to others? The answer is no. We always have a choice in the “how” we respond to a situation. The old adage of “Think twice before you act” isn’t as basic as it appears when taken at face value. What it is really saying is to take a breath, take a moment and think of how the action will affect yourself and those around you because there will always be a reaction.

This isn’t to say that anger doesn’t have its place in our emotional tool box. Once we understand the “why” and “how” of our anger, we always have the choice in the way we respond. We can choose to be led to an understanding of ourselves and a path of personal betterment or not. We can choose to use it as a motivator to try harder next time or we can blame our faults and shortcoming on others instead of taking personal responsibility. We can choose to be led to a better understanding and acceptance of others when their actions negatively affect us. We can choose to let the negativity stop with us or we can become infected by it and visit it upon others. If we choose the latter it is our loved ones that are first infected like any true sickness. Our spouse, our children, our friends and family will first receive the brunt of it and gradually it will erode love and affection, trust and compassion until there is nothing left. Then if our loved ones follow our unfortunate example, it will revisited upon us as well as the other people they interact with and so on and so on again and again. We can choose to understand our anger and through understanding it, manage and control it; or we can be controlled by it and in the end lose all that we hold dear. There isn’t one clear cut answer to managing this emotion for everyone, however, the end result never changes. And the constant is that we always have the choice, just remember to always take a breath, take a moment and reflect on the situation. Surprisingly, it only takes a second, to either build happiness or discord and that is a result that no one will be immune to.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

27th Denver Martial Arts Champs

A wonderful day was had by all at the Alameda International Junior/Senior High School on September 9-10!    Parents, family members and friends came to watch the annual MSK martial arts competitions that saw 277 competitors kick their way to success!

The 27th Denver Martial Arts Championships was presented by the Colorado Taekwondo Institute for students and instructors of all ages and belt levels.  There were competitions in poomse, sparring, board breaking and more for the dynamic Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo competitors.

Black belts sparring at the Denver Martial Arts Championships TournamentThe action began on Friday evening with exciting black belt competitions and continued on Saturday morning with a black belt warm-up at 7:00 AM.  Black belt breaking divisions started out the day, followed by the red, brown and purple belts.

During the middle of the day, our United States National Anthem was sung by Michael Sandusky, 3rd dan, and the day was dedicated to our servicemen and women that protect us.   A few demonstrations then took place, followed by the upper belt breaking competition where Master Garner broke 55 boards in the progressive combo breaking division.

There were wonderful competitions in the lower belt Adult and Junior divisions.  The Tiger divisions (our youngest competitiors) were incredible!

Congratulations to the 27th DMAC Black Belt Grandchampions:  Theo Lincke and Natasha McKernan.

Click here for some photos of the weekend!

Here are the Championship Results:


1st place
Peyton Brauch        Ryan Lindner        Kyle Feagans        Michael Sandusky
Keet Holdridge        Dakota Jesse        Natasha McKernan    Theo Lincke
Nico Trilk        Phillip Hoenmans    Abbey Salamera        Meryn Probasco
Trish Nguyen        Nina Madayag        Dante Hulin        Konner Evans
Mitchell Oleszek    Katie Dahle        Ed Stanton        Lydia Willis
Julian Marine        Adrianna Hoy        Chris Cardella        Nethika Suraweera
Devin Martin        Brian Jensen        Hudson Van Voorhees    Dalton Cole
Elliot Logan        Bella Lasater        Brendan Arink        Lars den Hartog
Diego Quezada        Fran Walker        Graham Hainbach        Tyler  Cobb
Mattox Talamantez    Kyle Janowski        Tristan Garcia        Jonah Olson
Caleb Port        Elsie McDonald        Quynn Cotner        Rowan Lasater
Ian Burger        Katelyn  Minden        Theryn Ochsner        Zoey Bryant
Marley Powers

2nd place
Brian Steward        Ethan Price        Collin Kreutz        Eileen  Lindner
Nathaniel McKernan    Merrick Oleszek        Kenny Brancio        Lexi Johannes
T.J. Tibbetts        Jason Stencel, Jr.    Jason Stencel        Deb Denny
Sean Konrad        Jasmine Salamera    Jakob Deverll        Kameron Evans
Evelyn LaMorgese    Jovan Moore        Mya Field        Jeffrey Bowen
Emily Artman        Michael Veith        Angeleena Amaducci    Jackie Uchiyama
Annie Abbink        Craig Cardella        Mateo Piza        Logan Rumph
Jack Henning        Tyler Gibbs        Libby Girard        Adolph Ordaz-Bustos
McKenzie Cress        Anna Grose        Roland Dander        Campbell Copt
Aaron Maloit        Jacob Hoenmans        Dylan Soule        Caiden Murphy
Rachel Bakkum        Jordan Rutz        Alex Schwartz        Matthew Roberts
Grant Gardner        Colin Cook        Kaylyn McEwan        Allan Stanton
Leto Ochsner

3rd place
Jennifer McKernan    Tyler Murphy        Ethan Trapp        Andy McDaniel
Kathleen Sautel        Coghan Spery        Brynn Konrad        Makayla Trapp
Joshua Miller        Brecken Lusk        Sam LaMorgese        Sigourney Zager
Chase  Wyngarden    Elise Smith        Robbie Crandell        Christian Lloyd
Dean Loux        Bill Schwartz        Ashton Price        Alex Price
Will Burczyk        Bowen Meyer        John Cook        Lucas Lane
Helen Grenillo        Sean Huntley        McKenna Erbes        Evan O'Fihelly
Jaden Jesse        Gabe Zinser        Bryce Cole        Sophia Parker
Kirun Agarwal        Eliana Angelino        Jack Weichert        Addison Zink
Ellie Stanton        Isabella Sandoval    Adina Johnson        Anika Olson
Isaac Zink        Elijah Alire        Maillee Wallace        Finnegan Handlin
Sophia Sandoval        Paul Paisley        Anitej Narumanchi    Averie Chavez

4th place
Hope Morgan        Lydia Lincke        Zach Greavers        Shekina DeTienne
Zuzanna Janowska    Justin Lautrup        Allyse Nothstine    Joshua Stencel
Cody Jacobson        Lee Tomjack        Susan Burstiner        Lance Schwartz
Calvin Jensen        Sarah Dahle        Jacobi Field        Donovan Penrod
Nikki Garcia         Elizabeth Hawkins    Cheyenne Selbe        Aidan Hutchison
Amy Krupp        Alex Hancey        Annie Jensen        Miette Jandreau
Shaydon Tuttle        Lucah Meyer        Henry Rumph        Ethan Girard
Alex Bollinger        Naomi Price        Skylar Morris        Aidan Sturm
Marley Griffin        Turner Jensen        Alden Seashore        Autumn Manuelito
Aydin Shaffer        Aydon Lewis        Mason Barton        Andra Vieru
Sydni Wilhelm        Sabrina Jensen        Emma Weichert


1st place
William Krause        Jackie Penrod        Cooper Ivie        Cohen Hanlon
Kaiden Rogers        Zoey Krupp        Aaron Martin        Hudson Burger
Matthew Piedalue    Hudson Handlin        Warren McDonald        Mason Rutz
Sage Shamus        Lincoln Walker        Sammy Powers        Oliver Garner
Aidan Soule        Silas Rees        Trace Jensen        Siri Seashore
Tait Shamus        Lucy Paisley        Sean Revels        Zachary Cotner
Alexis Chavez        Jensen Cook        Grant Maloit        Noah Gomez

BREAKING (Black Belt)

1st place
Clayton Garner        Brian Steward        Brynn Konrad        Kenny Brancio  
Natasha McKernan    Theo Lincke        Ryan Lindner      


BREAKING (Under Black Belt)

1st place
Anna Grose        Juliane Marine        Cody Jacobson        Lee Tomjack
Jason Stencel, Sr    Logan Gill        Arkhip Saratovtec    Konner Evans
Jakob Deverell        Abbey Salamera        Megan Garcia        Brian Jensen
Hudson Van Voorhees    Brendan Arink        Lars den Hartog        Simon Padilla
Jack Weichert        Bella Lasater


1st place
Michael Sandusky    Natasha McKernan    Collin Kreutz        Theo Lincke      
Jennifer McKernan

2nd place
Bridget Sautel        Shekina DeTienne    Peyton Brauch        Nathaniel McKernan
Kenny Brancio

3rd place
Lexi Johannes        Kathleen Sautel        Tyler Murphy        Don Johnson
Andy McDaniel


1st place
Brynn Konrad        Makayla Trapp        Dakota Jesse        Shekina DeTienne
Natasha McKernan    Justin Lautrup        Coghan Spery        Bridget Sautel
Michael Sandusky    Katie Dahle        Sean Konrad        Ashton Price
Trish Nguyen        Sigourney Zager        Jakob  Deverell        Emily Artman
Alex Price        Josh Miller        Brecken Lusk        Jason Stencel, Sr.
T. J. Tibbetts        Chiara Esposito        Jack Henning        Michael Veith
Brendan Arink        Miette Jandreau        Fran Walker        Brian Jensen
Logan Cole        Aidan Sturm        Mateo Piza        Matthew Ordaz-Bustos
McKenzie Cress        Jackie Uchiyama        Jaden Jesse        Kevin Villa
Lucas Lane        Helen Grenillo        Aaron Maloit        Rachel Bakkum
Ellie Stanton        Owen Hughes        Katelyn Minden        Lucy Paisley
Colin  Cook        Sydni Wilhelm        Ian Burger        Averie Chavez
Allan Stanton        Tait Shamus        Gavin DiNunzio

2nd place       
Nick Slinkard        Hope Morgan        Nathaniel McKernan    Peyton Brauch      
Lexi Johannes        Lydia Lincke        Devon Bilyeu        Zuzanna Janowska
Merrick Oleszek        Susan Bergstiner    Robbie Crandell        Jason Stencel, Jr.
Elise Smith        Lydia Willis        Dante Hulin        Nina Madayag
Mitchell Oleszek    Nico  Trilk            Lucas Richardson    Ed Stanton
Jeffrey Bowen        Laura Gardner        Evan O'Fihelly        Graham Hainbach
Chris Cardella        Alice Warnick        Scott Hancey        Cid Bresser
Dalton Rumph        Sean Huntley        Jack Weichert        Adolph Ordaz-Bustos
Jade Teegarden        Amy Krupp            Bella Lasater         Diego Quezada
Alex Bollinger        Kirun Agarwal            Leto Ochsner        Audrey Logan
Marley  Griffin        Kyle Janowski        Isabella Sandoval    Maillee Wallace
Tristan Garcia        Theryn Ochsner        Grant Gardner        Emma Weichert
Jordan Rutz        Aidan Soule            Rowan Lasater

3rd place
Kelsey Smith        Keet Holdridge        Kathleen Sautel        Johnny Williams
Theo Lincke        Kenny Brancio        Jennifer McKernan    Tyler Murphy
Jacobi Field        Juliane Marine        Abbey Salamera        Meryn Probasco
Evelyn LaMorgese    Cody Jacobson        Sam  LaMorgese        Jovan Moore
Dean Loux        Calvin Jensen        Adriana Hoy        Henry Rumph
Will Burczyk        Aidan Hutchison        McKenna Erbes        Patrick Stolle
Craig  Cardella        Bryce Cole        Ethan Girard        Shaydon Tuttle
Tyler Cobb        Sophia Parker        Nethika Suraweera    Emily Chavez
Devin Martin        Alex Hancey        Annie Jensen        Mattox Talamantez
Autumn Manuelito    Jacob Hoenmans        Caiden Murphy        Sophia Sandoval
Zoey  Bryant        Turner Jensen        Adina Johnson        Finnegan Handlin
Elsie McDonald        Trace Jensen        Warren McDonald        Caleb Port

4th place
TJ Gutierrez        Kyle Feagans        Eileen Lindner        Collin Kreutz
Ethan Trapp        Allyse Nothstine    Melodie Page        Chase Wyngarden
Nick Tibbetts        Sarah  Dahle        Anya Trilk        Elizabeth Hawkins
Christian Llyod        Arkhip Saratotcev    Donovan Penrod        Bill Schwartz
Konner  Evans        Eliana Angelino        Lucah Meyer        Tyler Gibbs
Bowen Meyer        Libby Girard        Peter Girard        Robert Haight
Lars den Hartog        Hudson Von Vorhees    Simon Padilla        Campbell Copt
Evan Zoechlik        Vi Vu            Sam Chastain        Anna Grose
Isaac Zink        Anika Olson        Paul Paisley        Elijah Alire
Addison Zink        Anitej Narumanchi    Dylan Soule        Quynn Cotner
Mason Barton        Marley Powers        Aydin Shaffer        Zachary Cotner
Matthew Roberts



1st place
Hope Morgan        Julianne Todd        Peyton Brauch        Theo Lincke
Keet Holdridge        Nick Slinkard        Dakota Jesse        Zuzanna Janowska
Kelsey Smith        Susan Burgstiner    Sean Konrad        Juliane Marine
Payton Reynolds        Sigourney Zager        Jakob  Deverell        Evelyn LaMorgese
Cody Jacobson        Kameron Evans        Brecken Lusk        Jason Stencel, Sr.
T.J. Tibbetts        Cheyenne Selbe        Lucah Meyer        Michael Veith
Chris Cardella        Libby Girard        Paul Tafoya        Brian Jensen
Lars den Hartog        Mateo Piza        Shaydon Tuttle        Aidan Sturm
Jade Teegarden        Amy Krupp        Jaden Jesse        Diego Quezada
Alex Hancey        Annie Jensen        Aaron Maloit        Audrey Logan
Marley Griffin        Will  Kennedy        Katelyn Minden        Maillee Wallace
Colin  Cook        Theryn Ochsner        Ian Burger        Averie Chavez
Allan Stanton        Tait Shamus        Gavin DiNunzio

2nd place          
Merrick Oleszek        Lexi Johannes        Justin  Lautrup        Nathaniel McKernan
Bridget Sautel        Tyler Murphy        Ryan Wyngarden        Makayla Trapp
Lydia Lincke        Katie Dahle        Chase Wyngarden        Jason Stencel, Jr.
Abbey Salamera        Lydia Willis        Dante Hulin        Nina Madayag
Lance Schwartz        Nico Trilk        Donovan Penrod        Bill Schwartz
Jeffrey Bowen        Eliana Angelino        Jack  Henning        Tyler Gibbs
Gabe Zinser        Miette Jandreau        Peter Girard        Cid Bresser
Logan Cole        Hudson Von Vorhees    Jack Weichert        Matthew Ordaz-Bustos  
Evan Zoechlik        Vi Vu            Bella Lasater        Kevin Villa
Alex Bollinger        Kirun Agarwal        Mattox Talamantez    Autumn Manuelito
Jacob Hoenmans        Owen Hughes        Sophia Sandoval        Lucy Paisley
Tristan Garcia        Sydni  Wilhelm        Domanic Greenhaw    Emma Weichert
Jordan Rutz        Zachary Cotner        Rowan Lasater


Theo Lincke        Natasha McKernan