Friday, April 27, 2012


Kids Bowing for Respect
By Eileen Lindner, red belt

Respect is one of the tenets of Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo.  Respect is also an important quality or character aspect in all areas of life.  Miriam-Webster online defines respect as a noun as: an act of giving particular attention; high or special regard; the quality or state of being esteemed.

Personally, I see respect as a measure of courtesy, an everyday behavior that is hard to quantify because it is in everything one should do.  We respect teachers and parents, we respect the laws: both civil and natural.  Respect for speed limits – or paying close attention to them - illustrates both: I respect the speed limit for both personal safety – an accident can be a natural result of reckless driving – and for the example it sets with other drivers around – civil responsibility.  I also respect speed limits to avoid paying a ticket – which embodies both personal and civic consequences.

I respect those older than I because they have more experience and maybe more knowledge; I respect those younger because of their excitement and hunger for knowledge and experience.  I show that respect in my work, since my supervisor is a little older than I am; but those I serve are much younger. I hold them both in high regard and admire them. I am respectful of their opinions, their ideas and suggestions; but am responsible for what is ultimately decided.

I want to be respected for what I know, what I do, and who I am.  Some believe that respect must be earned to be valid.  I understand that it is easier to respect someone who behaves in such a way to deserve it; but I also believe that it is necessary to respect even those who don't act in a respectful manner.  Perhaps it is even more important to act respectfully toward those who may not “deserve” it.  To lead by example often promotes the most growth.  I often struggle to show respect, instead of sarcasm, to those individuals; but when I am able to pay attention to them, to hold them and their ideas in a careful manner, they respond with surprise, as if waiting for the sarcasm; but then with mutual respect, courtesy and sometimes change their behavior to be an example to others regarding kindness and respect.  Often adults think they need to earn the respect of teens; but what is really needed is to accept everyone for who they are and spend time learning from them as much as teaching them.  Respect means no personal agenda – just act in the best interests of all.

The poem, “Respect – The Key to Life,” by Dave Chief, is a beautiful representation of a world where respect is constantly considered; where self-control and understanding can lead to “balance & harmony.”

Friday, April 20, 2012

Demo at Carmody Middle School

Around 750 students, teachers and school staff packed the Carmody Middle School gym for a demonstration by some members of our CTI Demonstration Team on April 21st.

Carmody Middle School is located in Lakewood, Colorado, and is led by Principal Scott Allensworth.  Last year, Principal Allensworth directed John Sautel to begin the Carmody Taekwondo Club for interested students and teachers at Carmody Middle School.

Master John Sautel, who teaches Math at Carmody, leads the Carmody Taekwondo Club and holds classes each week throughout the school year for the 7th and 8th graders.  Just in its second year, the Carmody Taekwondo Club has many fine, hard working students, including Mr. Lee Tomjack who is one of the teachers at Carmody Middle School.

When the demo group ran out into the gymnasium, everyone at the school was there, filling all of the seats and then some!  The CTI Demonstration Team took the crowd on a journey through some of the exercise, basics, poomse, one-step sparring, breaking and more of Moo Sul Kwan martial arts.  Among the many fine displays of MSK techniques by the demonstr
ators of all belt levels, Master John Sautel delighted the crowd with a self-defense demo with daughter Bridget Sautel, 3rd dan.  Freddy Sautel, 4th dan, finished the demo with a flying side kick break over several teachers including Principal Allensworth!

Demonstration participants included:  Kyle Soer, Lee Tomjack, Braden Davis, Lydia Lincke, Austin Carlton, Derek Simpson, Jennifer McKernan, Karen Carreon, Ethan Price, Owen Hartmann, Peyton Brauch, Nate Watkins, Tanner Copper, Alyssa Copper, Nathan Rockenfeller, Emma Hartmann, Kai Wong, Eileen Lindner, Ryan Lindner, Eric Evans, Delaney Zandin, Abbey Watkins, David Wallace, Michael Sandusky, Abdu Kikhia, Bridget Sautel, Clayton Garner, Alice Meyung, Freddy Sautel, Master Albrechtson, Master John Sautel, Grandmaster Sautel

Friday, April 13, 2012

Pointing the Way at Compass

Two demonstrations were presented at Compass Montessori School in Golden during the first week of April.  Students and instructors demonstrating came from five different CTI Campuses - Golden, Westminster, Green Mountain, Littleton and Conifer.  The first demonstration was for the younger student grades.  The second demo was for the older half of Compass Montessori.

During this second visit to Compass Montessori, a brief history of Taekwondo and the Moo Sul Kwan martial arts were given along with an idea of what CTI students do in regular classes each week.  Poomse, breaking, one-step sparring, self-defense, sparring, basics and exercise were all performed for the students and teachers.

Participating in the demonstration:  Lydia Lincke, Sarah Luper, Thomas Ma, Taryn Dwyer, Addie Spery, Ethan Price, Nathaniel McKernan, Natasha McKernan, Jennifer McKernan, Kira Malmgren, Theo Lincke, Justin Lautrup, Kai Wong, Coghan Spery, Nathan Rockenfeller, Rachel Rockenfeller, Delaney Zandin, Eric Evans, David Wallace, Michael Sandusky, Erik Albrechtson and Jim Sautel.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break Seminars

Students and instructors came to the Green Mountain Campus for two exciting CTI Masters Seminars, in March on the last Saturday of spring break, and had a fantastic time!

The first seminar was for upper belts and involved working with the Staff.  The second seminar was an Anti-Bullying seminar and was for students of all ages.  Both CTI Masters Seminars were led by Grandmaster Sautel and master instructors John Sautel and Erik Albrechtson.  Assisting were 4th dans Karen McHugh, Fred Sautel, Alice Meyung and Clayton Garner.

The CTI Staff Seminar began at 9:00 AM.  The seminar was held next door at Faith Mountain Church.  As a part of the event, everyone brought some non-perishable food for their Community Food Bank.  The huge facility provided us with plenty of head room for our staffs, but with the great turnout, side by side, we were packed as usual!  For a seemingly short two hours, the seminar participants swung, poked, blocked, planted and hit their wooden staffs with passion!  In addition to work on staff basics and hitting drills, 2nd dans and above had the chance trained in special staff sparring.

The CTI Anti-Bullying Seminar commenced immediately after the first seminar and was held next door, back at the Green Mountain Campus.  Facts and information about bullies, the nature of bullying and what to do about bullying were discussed in one large group.  Following this opening talk, the students split into age appropriate teams and worked on drills on how to handle these difficult situations.   The leaders took their teams through different anti-bullying drills and discussed the many variables in anti-bullying.  Towards the end of the day, our own unique street thugs / bullies tried to come in and harass some of our participants in front of the entire group - to no avail!  What a wonderful day!

Black Belts Participating at the Staff Seminar


Coghan Spery     Michael Madayag     Drew Madayag     Erik Ondrejko     Theo Lincke     Leam Dunkin     Emily Brophy     Brendan Zandin     Maggie Wingate     Emma Hartmann     Shekina DeTienne     Porter Krause     Grayson Krause     Phillip Hoenmans     Kameron Evans    Konner Evans     Sarah Dahle     Nathaniel McKernan     Natasha McKernan     Zane Peirson     Sam La Morgese     Evelyn LaMorgese     Mason Ford     Jennifer McKernan     Nico Huggins     Santi Huggins     Kenny Brancio      Sean Konrad     Brynn Konrad     Tyler Tatman      Adam Harkins     Nataniel Parkins      Owen Parkins     Damean Rupp     Kathleen Sautel     Annie Sautel     David Wallace     Chris Wallace     Delaney Zandin   Don Johnson                Lisa Dunkin     Michael Hebb     Alicia Leone     Eric Evans     Bridget Sautel     Abdu Kikhia     Brian Steward     Michael Sandusky     Karen McHugh     Alice Meyung
   John Sautel     Jim Sautel     Erik Albrechtson     Mindy Sautel         Dean Loux     Rex Splitt     Delores Herman     Sally Morgan     Eileen Lindner            Gabe Gallegos     Rachel Rockenfeller     Nathan Rockenfeller     Damian Rupp     Owen Hartmann     Melodie Page     McKenna Louth     Ian Randall    Ryan Lindner     Jordan Stiller     Zach Greaves     Clayton Garner     Freddy Sautel