Monday, June 17, 2019

MSK Summer Expo XXXV and Camp MSK '19


Students celebrating Moo Sul Kwan's 50th year in the United States

The first two weeks of the summer of 2019, was an incredible  time for everyone in MSK, the AMASEA and the CTI!

First up was our 35th Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo in Keystone.  Six days later followed Camp MSK '19 at Snow Mountain Ranch.

Our Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo XXXV was a tremendous weekend in so many ways.  Mrs Yong J. Park attended this year's Summer Expo at the Keystone Lodge and Spa in Colorado.   Along with Mrs. Park, special guests included Richard Park and family, Great Grandmaster Bong  Yul Shin, Grandmaster Charles HIldebrand, Master Alan Williams, Master Fred Sautel and many others.

There were Expo seminars, classes and events for the participants of all ages and belt levels.  Each class was taught by an excellent MSK Expo Teaching Staff including grandmasters, masters, regional directors and chief instructors of Moo Sul Kwan and the AMASEA

Expo Saturday morning brought the return of the infamous Moo Sul RunThe challenging course tested the teams martial arts skills, reasoning skills and physical fitness.  The MSK Masters Team, featuring Erik Albrechtson, Fred Sautel, Alice Meyung and Clayton Garner set the time for everyone to beat.  (Some almost got close!)

One of the fun events dring the Expo was the Expo Saturday Evening Banquet.  It took place at the Keystone Convention Center and celebrated our Moo Sul Kwan's 50th Anniversary. 

On Sunday, after the several dynamic classes, Richard Park and Mrs. Yong J. Park gave a talk to the Expo attendees - a beautiful end to a perfect weekend.

Camp MSK '19 took place at Snow Mountain Ranch near Granby, Colorado, next.  The six day Moo Sul Kwan camp was an enormous success.  Perfect weather, wonderful food, dynamic classes and top-notch training made this year's Camp MSK one of the finest of all time!

Everyone received training in poomse, sparring, one-step sparring, self-defense, kicking, breaking and the many other areas of Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts.  There were also fun classes in wall climbing, zip lining, bike riding, swimming, archery, tubing, basketball and more!

Black belts began training at 6:00 AM each day, with everyone accomplishing a magnitude of experiences and successes before lunchtime.  After lunch, everyone was back at it until dinnertime.  After dinner, special events took place each evening to round out the day including; Team Night, Minute to Win It, Camp Movie Night, Kamp Karoke and Musical Breaking Night.  During the Camp week, every one made the annual 2.5 mile hike to the waterfall.  Along the way there was a Moo Sul Snowball Fight (girls vs. boys), work on self-defense, jaunts up the testing hill for the testers, and more!

On the last morning, demonstrations with music were given by the each of the Camp MSK Teams.  Before the demos began for the many parents, family members and friends, a special Moo Sul Bike Demo took place to the delight of the crowd. 

Special thanks to Cindy Tusa and Pam Sautel for all of their fantastic help!

See you next year at Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo XXXVI and Camp MSK '20!