Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Poomse; Our Connection

By Sally Morgan, 2nd dan

Poomse means “pattern movement.”  It’s a choreographed set of moves that help students to use their kicking, punching, blocks and stances together.  This is the area in Taekwondo where we combine our basics; almost like a dance routine.  For me, this is my favorite part of class.  I like doing poomse because it not only challenges me physically, but mentally.  In order to perform a poomse correctly, you must memorize the moves and the direction.  You also learn to control your strength, balance, breathing and eye coordination.

Taekwondo black belt adult woman doing a high side kickWith Poomse, we are all connected.  Though we may come from different back-grounds and different schools, we are able to come together and perform a poomse as one group.  We don’t even need to speak the same language.  Poomse in itself, is a language.  Each poomse has its own meaning.  When you perform a poomse, you represent the meaning for that poomse.  Any person from any part of the world who has practiced performing poomse, could watch you and understand what you are expressing.  They could jump right in and perform the poomse right along with you.

Without even speaking to each other, we communicate through poomse.  We connect through the movements, power and speed.  Have you ever performed a poomse with someone you usually don’t do poomse with?  Maybe in the beginning he or she was going slower or faster than you.  Did you find that somehow both of you managed to come together by the end?  This connection happens because you both understand the poomse. I am still amazed when I watch a group of people perform a poomse.  It’s magical and powerful.

Every time I perform poomse with any of the students at C.T.I., I become energized.  We could not have seen each other since a tournament or not even know each other, and in the process of performing poomse, we become connected.  This connection is not like any other I have ever experienced.  It’s a connection of deep respect that flows through the body while the techniques are being performed.

The next time you are in class performing poomse, take a look around at your fellow students.  Notice how different you all are, but at the moment of performing poomse, you become one. I am grateful to be a part of something that the majority of society does not share.  We at C.T.I are part of a very special group.  When you watch people doing a powerful poomse, look for the connection they have.  That connection is what makes poomse so vital to our martial arts training.  

Friday, March 27, 2015

Martial Arts Lessons at the CTI

By Coghan Spery, 1st dan, 15 years old

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute (CTI) has unique martial arts lessons. Not only does it teach its students self-defense, it teaches students many things that might be hard to find in life. Our martial arts classes provide students with safety, a healthy lifestyle, a place to make friends, a place to challenge yourself, and a place to learn leadership.

Taekwondo martial arts black belt sparring with a hook kickCTI martial art classes are a great place to work out because CTI focuses on safety.  As a martial arts program, CTI understands that Taekwondo is a full contact sport and that safety always comes first. CTI never allows students to spar or break boards without an adult instructor supervising at the time. In CTI’s martial arts lessons, they spend many classes teaching their students how to use the proper technique for sparring, falling, and breaking and help protect the students from hurting themselves. CTI also teaches their students self-control, so that they do not hurt others, in or out of class.  For CTI, safety is always first.

In a country where more and more people have dietary and exercise issues, CTI martial arts classes helps students learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle. CTI teaches its students to lead a healthier lifestyle by helping them make healthier choices, giving them a good workout, and encouraging them to workout at home. CTI’s regular martial arts classes meet twice a week, although students can attend other classes with different purposes, such as a Black Belt Club to learn a different set of Poomse and self-defense. CTI also encourages its students to follow a healthy diet.  CTI’s martial arts lessons are a amazing place to learn, because it encourages its students to lead a healthy lifestyle by working out frequently and eating healthily.

Many people take martial arts classes, and it is a great place to meet new people. CTI is a perfect example of this because of its classes.  It puts people of the same relative age together, making it easier to make friends. Classes encourages students to work with other students that they do not know and allowing them to meet new people and make new friendships. CTI also makes it a “safe” place to make friends in its martial arts lessons because we don't not allow bullying. CTI’s martial arts classes are a great place to make friends, because student
s do not have the risk of being teased, and they are encouraged to work with new people.

CTI’s martial arts lessons encourage students to push their limits and challenges its students by having them learn and memorize a variety of different techniques and sequences of techniques for the next rank, such as Poomse, One steps, and Self-Defense.  Also, to move on to the next rank, CTI’s students must memorize all of the techniques and sequences of techniques for the all of the ranks before it.  In CTI’s martial arts lessons, its students are not taught all of the techniques in a single class, instead they space out the learning process, letting the student memorize a few moves at a time, before continuing on.  In order to see that the student has successfully memorized all of their techniques, they are invited to a physical test, where they must demonstrate, with other students, what they have learned in their time at their rank.  CTI’s martial arts classes encourage and challenge its students, by having them learn a variety of different techniques before moving up in rank.

In many martial arts lessons, students follow the instructor, but in CTI’s martial arts classes, students learn how to follow and to be a leader.  Once a student achieves a certain rank, the teacher will have them take a leadership role and work with lower ranking students. Doing this gives the student a skill that is required in life, and helps the student move up in rank, because once you get to a certain level some amount of leadership is required. CTI also teaches its students how to be a good leader, showing them that you have to be a team player to be a leader, and a leader also has to be a follower part of the time. CTI martial arts lessons are a great place to learn martial arts, because you learn how to teach and learn as well as self-defense.

CTI martial arts lessons classes are unique because they teach and give its students things other than self-defense. In CTI’s martial arts classes, students learn things that might be hard to find in everyday life. Because CTI’s martial arts lessons give its students safety, a way to get a healthy lifestyle, a place to make friends, a place to challenge its students, and a place to learn leadership, it is a unique place to learn martial arts.

Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 AMASEA National Convention Bus Trip

Colorado demo team for the AMASEA National Convention in Missouri

The 2015 American Martial Arts Sports and Education Association National Convention was outstanding!

Taking place at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, the three day weekend was well attended and featured Great Grandmaster He-Young Kimm, Great Grandmaster Bong Yul Shin, Grandmaster Charles R. Hildebrand, Grandmaster James M. Sautel, Grandmaster Donald Kimm, Grandmaster Terry MuCullough and Grandmaster Jerry Smith.

Students and instructors from across the AMASEA trained in many different subject matters and had a wonderful time.  To mention everything that was accomplished would be impossible, but here are the highlights.

45 members of our Colorado Taekwondo Institute chartered a bus and traveled to the National Convention from Denver.  Leaving on Thursday evening, the first big stop was at the City Museum of St Louis.  Everyone had a good time exploring everything that the fun and intersting museum had to offer.   Then it was on to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 115 miles south of St. Louis on the Mississippi River.

The action began on Friday evening on the SEMO Campus.  Classes covered many areas of martial arts training including; free sparring, poomse, self-defense, kicking techniques and much more!

The next morning stared off with a demonstration by our group from the CTI.  The demonstration involved one-step sparring, palgwae poomse, chang-hon poomse, taegeuk poomse, advanced kicking, self-defense, staff poomse and more!  Backing the action was live music performed by some members of Moo Sul Rock, our own black belt band.

Following the demonstration, there were many different, inspiring classes taught by the 6th and above dans.  Rotating from instructor to instructor, everyone had fun learning from each of the Masters and Grandmasters in sparring, self-defense, advanced kicking, one-step sparring, poomse, falling and throwing and more.

In the afternoon, more classes were presented for the participants of all ages and belt levels.  The black belts started the afternoon with GGM Sautel in bo-staff, then went on to work with GGM Kimm on belt techniques, GGM Shin on choking and arm-bar techniques and GGM Hildebrand on MSK Hapkido cane techniques.

After Saturday's action, everyone went to the AMASEA Convention get-together in Jackson, Missouri.  AMASEA yearly awards were presented and everyone had a chance to talk about the weekend.  AMASEA Instructor of the Year went to our own Mindy Sautel (Green Mountain School) and John Sautel (Littleton School).

The highlight of the evening were speeches give by Great Grandmaster Shin and Great Grandmaster Kimm on the importance of doing what we do.  Then, Moo Sul Rock played the night away with Walt, from Walts Music helping the cause.  Special guest singers included Master Doug Johnson, Master Mindy Sautel, Master Alan Williams, Jani-Stanton Williams and our bus driver Todd!

On Sunday, students competed in the AMASEA Olympics with contests like; highest kick, balancing kicking, punching accuracy, kicking accuracy and more.

When the National Convention concluded, our group boarded the bus drove into the countryside to historic Bollinger Mill, site of one of only four covered bridges left in the state of Missouri.  Everyone toured the four story stone and brick water-powered mill.  It was begun in 1848, and completed around the Civil War.  The group took some great pictures in front and inside the famous covered bridge.  The bridge, 140 feet long and 14 feet wide, every inch was used to take some excellent photographs.

After some filming in the trees around the mill, it was on to the home of Master Bill Jones, 6th dan and his family.  Food, games, conversation and fun was in store for everyone at the Jones Family Home.  Grandmaster Hildebrand, his wife Linda, and Master Hendrickson joined us and helped finish the weekend in style!

CTI students and instructors who attended were:

GM Sautel, Master M. Sautel, Master J. Sautel, Master Albrechtson, Clayton Garner, Alice Meyung, Bridget Sautel, Abdu Kikhia, Michael Sandusky, Erik Ondrejko, Hope Morgan, Caleb Feagans, Don Johnson, Eileen Lindner, Zach Greaves, Jocelyn Wallen, Ryan Lindner, Kathleen Sautel,Thomas Ma, Coghan Spery, Tyler Murphy, Collin Kreutz, Justin Lautrup, Peyton Brauch, Theo Lincke, Mark Scott, Nathaniel McKernan, Jennifer McKernan, Natasha McKernan, Bruce Dean, Shekina DeTienne, Kenny Brancio, Kelsey Smith, Lydia Lincke, Johnny Williams, Kameron Evans, Konner Evans, Rick Orton, Trish Nguyen, Katie Dahle, Ed Stanton, Steve Daniel, Lara Daniel and Zach Farr.

To see some photographs of this incredible trip, click here!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Meet the CTI: Golden School

The front of the Golden martial arts school

Welcome to the Golden Campus of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute!

The Golden location was founded in 2005 and is on the western edge of the Applewood area of Golden. Located on the corner of 20th Avenue and Youngfield Street, the Golden campus is easily accessed by many neighboring communities.

The Golden taekwondo school is next door to Tafolino's Mexican Restaurant and across the street from Jimmy's Wings. It's a nice little shopping area with a lot for parents to do while their children are in class. Of course, parents are encouraged to do classes right along with their children!

As with all of the Colorado Taekwondo institute locations, the Golden martial art school has a custom built, gymnastic-style, carpeted floor which makes a great environment for working out. The bounciness of the floor makes the workouts low-impact on the feet, knees, hips and back. But our classes are high-impact when it comes to results!

Most people have heard of the benefits of martial arts training. There are the physical benefits: weight loss, strength development, flexibility and coordination; and the mental benefits: confidence, focus, respect and discipline. Here at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, we guarantee that you or your child will see both of the mental and physical benefits within weeks of starting classes. We have countless stories of adults who have lost weight and gotten promotions at work (from their new-found hard work skills and confidence), kids whose grades who have improved and are getting along with their siblings better.

The Golden school has martial arts classes for toddlers (2 and up), kids, teens and adults. With classes five nights a week, there are certain to be the right classes that fit your family's schedule.

So when looking for karate classes or martial arts classes in Golden, CO, look no further than the Golden location of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. Learn more about us at www.ColoradoTaekwondo.com or give us a call at 303-233-0039.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Martial Arts Classes for Adults!

By Sally Morgan, 2nd dan

Adult doing martial arts self defenseWhen I enrolled my daughter in martial arts, I never thought I would be enrolling myself.  After watching her for a couple of weeks, I decided to give it a try.  I have now been with the Colorado Taekwondo Institute for almost 10 years.  What start
ed out as a means to get into better shape has now turned into a great passion passion for me, and it has helped me so much, and in many ways.

If you are an adult looking to become physically fit and don’t want the normal “go to the gym” type of work-out, martial arts might be for you.  When looking for adult martial arts, there are a few things to consider.

As we get older, we tend to lose agility and coordination.  You want a program that provides stretches and exercises that focuses on these areas.  CTI’s program includes stretching in every class and exercises that will provide an increase in balance.  Since I have started adult martial arts I am much more flexible and my balance has improved.

Another thing to consider is strength training.  CTI’s work-out includes maintaining a low stance for a period of time, push-ups, sit-up, kicks and other exercises that work out your major muscle groups.  Because there is a variety of movement strength is always being built up.

Cardio-vascular conditioning is a huge thing for adults to maintain.  Without it, the body loses efficient functioning in all areas of life.  With jumping jacks, training of basic movements and sparring, CTI has broken the barrier for adult martial arts training.  So if you are looking to increase your lung capacity and get a good sweat on, adult martial arts is the way to go!

Many adults have injuries of all levels.  This is a big consideration when choosing any adult fitness program, including an adult martial arts program.  CTI understands these injuries and will work with you to be the best you can be.  I have found when I do become injured or sick; I heal quicker because of my martial arts training.

Also, it it nice to have the peace of mind that I can protect myself and my family. Joining an adult self defense class is really important. We aren't training to go out and start trouble, but learning skills that will defend you if ever necessary give you a whole new level of confidence.

One last thing to consider and probably the most important is “fun.”  Why do something if you are not going to enjoy it?  We all want that place where we can go, leave everything that is going on in our lives at the door, and just have fun.  Though CTI’s workout is challenging, it relieves stress and is fun.  I am never bored.  If I have had a bad day at work, I find after working out at CTI,  my mood is positive and energetic.  My overall outlook is better and I enjoy working out with the other adult students.

If you want a positive change to your life regarding health and physical fitness, an adult martial art class might be the thing for you. Stop in and try a class.  It certainly can’t hurt.  You might find yourself 10 years down the road healthier, happier and physically fit!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Fitness in Training

By Lydia Lincke, red belt

As a Moo Sul Kwan student at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, it can be easy to think that you are healthy enough because you have a couple of workouts every week. However, there is a lot more to being in shape. In order to be healthy, one must learn how to take care of their body, and, almost more importantly, their mind.

One of the most important things is eating healthy. With a healthy diet, a person will have increased energy levels, higher motivation, and better performance levels in anything they do. Eating a large, nutritious breakfast will wake a person up better than any amount of coffee will. If you have a large workout at the end of the day, it becomes even more important to make sure you are getting the right nutrients so you can make the most out of the exercises that are coming. The food we eat becomes energy, and if we want to get better at a workout we must first build up our body so that it can handle improving at something like pushups or situps.

Another very important thing in taking care of your body is keeping your mind healthy. After a large workout, it’s very easy to turn to the tv or computer and just tune out for a while. However, this is not healthy for your mind. After just one tv show it becomes extremely hard to get up to do productive things, and motivation for anything else is lost. Instead of immediately getting out the video games after a tough workout, it would be much better for a your health if you checked out an interesting looking book at the library, or made a healthy snack and sat down to draw a picture. After maybe an hour of this, it becomes much easier to get motivated for things like homework or cleaning your room because your mind is energized rather than lethargic and tired.

Additional exercises would be helpful in increasing your performance in Moo Sul Kwan classes. There are two general types: aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic exercises help build your endurance and the strength of your heart. In MSK classes at the CTI, jumping jacks and extended sparring matches could be aerobic exercises because they increase your heart-rate and help you learn how to breath through long workouts. Aerobic workouts outside of MSK classes at the CTI are running around the block, riding your bike, or going for a swim. Anaerobic exercises build up specific muscle groups. In CTI classes, this includes things like pushups and situps. These types of exercises are very easy to do at home with the correct motivation. Things that would help in everything surrounding MSK martial arts would be planks (regular and side) to strengthen your core, pushups in different ways (knuckles parallel and perpendicular to each other, wider arms, narrower arms, palms, fingerprints, etc.) to strengthen your arms, and squats or running stairs to strengthen your legs.

Keeping your body healthy is not only important for Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts, but it is important for your spirit. Taking care of your body shows that you have a respect for it and that you want to take care of the most important object in your life that is sometimes taken for granted.

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Uniqueness of Classes at the CTI

By Sean Lawlor, 1st dan, 15 years old

One major thing that sets CTI apart from other local martial art schools is the routine that classes go through almost every time.

Everyday classes at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute seem like a well-oiled routine for people that are just starting out. But the routine that is practiced in every class is what builds the foundation for everything else that you will learn later on in your Taekwondo career. This includes warming up, stretching, and basics.

Warming up is the first thing we do in a typical Taekwondo class and for good reason. By warming up you increase the blood flow to the working muscles which results in decreased muscle stiffness. Warming up every class before we get down to learning techniques helps reduce the likely hood of getting injured. Warming up and Stretching are usually done together. Stretching assists you in loosening up your muscles in preparation of all of the different things at are going to happen in class. If you don't stretch in or before class you raise your chances of hurting yourself or limit yourself on certain moves like how high you are kicking. Stretching allows you do everything in class to the best of your abilities as long as you are conscious about your limits and know when to hold back.

Adult and teen martial art students doing TaekwondoThe benefits of this cardiovascular and flexibility training also help students in other aspects of their lives. Students develop healthy habits that will help adults lose weight and our younger students do well in other sports and activities.

The next Taekwondo classes these are helping students master key forms and motions that you will need in order to succeed and rise through the ranks. Spending significant amounts of time practicing  the foundations of techniques allows you to have an easier time learning new things. When learning a new forms for example; having to learn the moves in entirety from start to finish would take forever and be quite confusing. But if you already know how to kick and how to do the techniques that are in the forms all you need to do is learn the pattern of which the moves follow along. Much like with math, a strong foundation to build upon will help mastery of higher levels later on.
part of of typical class at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute consists of practicing our basic techniques. In

CTI belts are earned though trying your best and the work you put into it. This isn't a place where you can “buy your way” through the ranks that you might be able to do at other campuses. But having to work through your experience of Taekwondo classes creates a feeling of satisfaction in what you accomplish here. It's a long journey from white belt to black belt and you have to work hard the entire way. Receiving something you earned is much more fulfilling than just buying it.

It's more than just the name that set CTI apart from other local martial arts schools.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Superbowl Results!

Martial arts students ready to compete at a tournament

The SUPERBOWL was super! Student, instructors, family members and friends converged on Alameda International High School for the 41th CTI Superbowl in Lakewood, Colorado. Hosted by the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, the biggest tournament of the season with 178 divisions, began on Friday evening of black belt competitions and continued on Saturday with action for all belts and ages.

Great job to our teen upper belts on providing the halftime entertainment at our Superbowl!

Congratulations to the Grand Champions - Rob Sarche & Akram Alghanmi (adult) and Arkip Sartovtsev & Trish Nguyen (junior).

Here are the results!


1st place
Rob Sarche                               Abby Salamera             Adam Harkins              Trish Nguyen
Kylie Bickford                          Brynn Konrad               Katie Dahle                  Kameron Evans
Devan  Bagley                          Makayla  Trapp             Derek Simpson             Emily Artman
Elizabeth Hawkins                    Everett Tompkins         Anya Trilk                    Ethan Price
Kyle Janowski                          Gaven Brase                 Benson White               Lauren Smith
Kylee Ruhser                            Nick Tibbetts                Julian Marine               Jack Weichert
Lucah Meyer                            Levi Burkgen                Joy Farr                        Evan Montoya
Akram Alghanmi                      Caiden White               Ed Stanton                   Hudson Van Vorhees
Elle Buenning                          Alden Seashore             Mattnew Nguyen          Cody Jacobson
Jonah Elstad                             Dylan Tracy                  Aodhan Linehan           Delaney Williams
Zayne Lineberger                      Arkip Sartovtsev           Zach Faff                      T. J. Tibbetts
Grady Burkgren``                      Francis Walker              Bowen Meyer               Abdu Kikhia
Tyler Murphy                           Eric Evans                    Peyton Brauch              Emily Brophy
Hope Morgan
2nd place
Payton Reynolds                       Lynne Dean                  Sean Konrad                 Jameson Healy 
Da Minh Tran                           Nina Madayag              Susan Burgstiner          Caela McCartney Charlie Smith                           Zuzanna Janowska        Micco Waisanen           Evelyn LaMorgese
Devon Bilyeu                           Elle Stanton                 Dean Gunther               Lydia Lincke
Donovan Jarrett                        Aiyanna Godwin           Jason Stencel, Jr.          Rayanne Nowak
Sam Benjamin                          Sarah Habetler              Zach Bickford               Eliseo Bandala
Nolan O'Donnell                       Caleb Thompson           Greg Rodriquez             Grady Bahr
Lindsey Boswell                       Brecken Lusk               Braden Zack                 John Tompkins
Elijah Alire                               Alex Schwartz              Adolph Ordaz               Sigourney Zager
Gillian Boswell                         David Malec                 Ben Cotton                   Carson Ayers
David Bogdanoff                       Joanna Nowak              Evan Strickfaden          Sean Huntley
Aidan Hutchison                      Megha Biyina               Byahni Om                   Michael Sandusky
Thomas Ma                              Kyle  Feagans               Collin Kreutz                Kathleen Sautel
Thomas Sautel

3rd place
Dean Loux                               Ben Kirschner              Devon Lewis                Sam LaMorgese
Mathias Bauer                          Chase Wyngarden         Melvin Marine              T.J. Gutierrez
Ian Wilson                                Gwen Gutierrez            Sarah Dahle                  Jonah  Sidwell
Mike Dean                                Joshua Stencel              Campbell Copt              Kelsey Smith
Layla  Tran                               Reed Narva                   Patrick Konrad              Race Sober
William Frey                            Christian Lloyd             Damon Bahr                 Kaileh Rainey
Milo Kubista                            Aidan Strum                 Torin Fischer                Kaddie Williams
Declan Gunther                         Taylor Allen                 Jason Stencel                Amadeo Sandoval
Mason Harrington                     Matthew Ordaz             Mariah Cordova            Aspen Haswkins
Donovan Penrod                       Brynn Stevens              Ethan Kirschner            Angeleena Amaducci
Christina Manna                       Libby Williams             Max Bogdanoff             Megan Hoehler
Robert Haight                           Colton Blake                Andy McDaniel              Zach Greaves
Marcy Feagans                          Kenny Brancio             Julianne Todd               Sierra Field
4th place         
Vinny Constantino                   Jasmine Salamera         Lydia Willis                  Uriah Hernandez
Jacobi Field                              Konner Evans               Zoe Dickerson              Elise Smith
Andrew Myers                          Tyler Gray                    Dante Hulin                 Chloe Churchill
Lauren Dahlberg                       Ridge Blue                   Jesse Rainey                 Logan Shepherd
Ben Techmeyer                        Ashton Price                 James Van Holland       Zach Allen
Owen Robertson                       Ella Sidwell                  Deb Denny                   Mateo Piza
Brandan Arnik                          Adrian Farr                   Evalin Dickerson          Luke Smith
Alex Williams                           Meryn Probasco            Lucas Richardson         Libby Girard
Miette Jandreau                       Jeff Garrett                   Noah Sisk                     Kayla Visnyei
Evan Zdechlik                          Alice Warnick               Gregory Rodriguez        Trish Cooper
Ryan  Lindner                          Don Johnson                Coghan Spery               Casey Feagans
Caleb Feagans


1st place
Marcus Monie                          Henry Kelly                  Patrick O'Donnell         Tyler Brook
Enzo D'Alessandro                   Isabella Rai                   Matthew Hamel           Allan Stanton
Finn Kubista                            Dylan Wellensiek          Autumn Manuelito       Jaxton Van Ocker
Cy Harrington                          Everett Hoedl               Cooper Ivie                   Tait Shamus
Serena Rai                                Oliver Garner                Carson Mack                Lovendy Rai
Cole Leaaton                            Waylon Keane 


1st place
Abbey Salamara                        Zach Bickford               Arkhip Saratovsev         Ridge Blue
Amadeo Sandoal                       Mason Harrington         Logan Brooks               Anya Trilk
Lucah Meyer                            Evan Montoya              Gavin Brase                  Chloe Churchill
Luke Smith                                  Alex Schwartz            Joy Farr                        Nick Tibbetts
Libby Girard                                Mateo Piza                Ysabella Bellotti            Lindsey Boswell
Derek Simpson                            Robert Haight           Lydia Lincke                Rob Sarche
Mike Dean                                   Brynn Konrad           Chase Wyngarden         Emily Artman
Jameson Healy                            Vinny Constantino     Trish Nguyen               Charlie Smith
Mathias Bauer                             Joshua Stencel           Ed Stanton                   Aidan Hutchison
David Malec                                Donovan Penrod        Zayne Lineberger          Braden Zack
Miette Janreau                             Zoe Prevattte             Joanna Nowak              Don Johnson
Erik Ondrejko                              Jocelyn Wallen         Emily Brophy               Thomas Ma
Ethan Trapp

2nd place
Caela McCartney                      Benjamin Kirschner     T.J. Gutierrez               Evelyn LaMorgese
Alex Price                                 Devon Lewis                Ethan Price                   Ryan Wyngarden
Elizabeth Hawkins                    Nina Madayg                Ian Wilson                    Uriah Hernandez
Dante Hulin                             Ashton Price                 Elijah Alire                   Jason Stencel, Jr.
Milo Kubista                            Kyle Janowski              Elli Stanton                  Luke Vanni
R.J. Larson                               Greg Rodriguez             Elle Buenning              Jesse Rainey
Ella Sidwell                              Lance Schwartz            Jovan  Moore                Zach Farr
Declan Gunther                       Meryn Probasco             Taylor Allen                 Kaddie Williams
Fran Walker                              Jacob Hoenmans           Adolph Ordaz               Om Biyani
T. J. Tibbetts                            Max Bogdanoff             Ethan Kirschner            Aodhan Linehan
Libby Williams                         Gillian Boswell             John Tompkins             Angeleena Amaducci
Eric Evans                                Thomas Sautel              Hope Morgan                Julianne Todd
Peyton Brauch                          Kenny Brancio
3rd place
Sarah Dahle                              Sam LaMorgese            Zoe Dickerson              Da Minh Tran
Adam Harkins                          Melvin Marine              Nico Trilk                     Payton Reynnolds
Kyle Bickford                           Robbie Crandell            Lynne Dean                  Johnny Williams
William Maes                           Tyler Brooks                 Benson White               Logan Shepherd
Donovan Jarrett                        Kylee Ruhser                Elisio Bandala               Grady Bahr
Evan O'Fihelly                          Layla  Tran                   Zach Allen                   Mia Rubio
Tyler Gray                                Raymond Bellotti         Race Sober                   Caiden White
Alice Warnick                           Sigourney Zager           Debbie Denny               Marley Griffin
Gregory Rodriguez                    Trevor Rainey               Colton Blake                Dylan Tracy
Peyton Beard                            Cody Jacobson              Benjamin Cotton          Christina Manna
Aspen Hawkins                         Jason Stencel, Sr.          Andy McDaniel           Tyler Murphy
Shekina DeTienne                    Lexi Johannes               Coghan Spery               Caleb Feagans 

4th place                      
Kameron Evans                       Zuzanna Janowska        Devon Bagley               Dean Loux
Konner Evans                           Mya Field                     Lydia Willis                  Lauren Lundeen           
Micco  Waisanen                      Juliane Marine              Alan Stanton                Everett Tompkins
Yosef Rutan                             Lovendy Rai                 Kaileh Rainey               Jack Weichart
Torin Fischer                            Evalin Dickerson          Aydon Lewis                Aiyana Godwin
Ben Techmeyer                        Lucas Richardson         Brecken  Lusk              Mariah Cordova
Megan Hoehler                         Megha Biyani               Matthew Nguyen          Bowen Meyer
Sean Huntley                            Diesel DiPaola              Kayla Visnyei               Hudson Van Vorhees
William Schwartz                     Kyle Feagans                Ryan Lindner               Marcy Feagans
Allyse Nothstine                       Collin Kreutz               


1st place
Trish Ngueyn                           Vinny Constantino       T.J. Gutierrez               Zoe Dickerson
Da Minh  Tran                          Charlie Smith               Melvin Marine              Mike Dean
Elise Smith                               Kylie Bickford              Ian Wilson                    Lynne Dean
Dante Hulin                             Damon Bahr                 Tyler Brooks                 Ridge Blue
Mason Harrington                     Lovendy Rai                 Ellie Stanton                Aidan Sturm
Evan Montoya                          Gavin Brase                  Chloe Churchill            Zach Allen
Aiyana Godwin                         Tyler Gray                    Arkhip Saratovsev         Race Sober
Matteo Piza                              Alice Warnick               Ysabella Bellotti           Lindsey Boswell
Robert Haight                           Joshua Stencel              Matthew Ordaz             Om Biyani
T.J. Tibbetts                             Sean Huntley                David Bogdnoff             Benjamin Cotton
Miette Jandreau                       Christina Manna           Joanna Nowak              Akram Alghanmi
Kyle  Feagans                           Erik Ondrejko               Hope Morgan                Lexi Johannes
Thomas Ma                              Ethan Trapp
2nd place
Hunter Nicholas                       Benjamiin Kirschner     Jameson Healy              Makayla  Trapp
Mathias Bauer                          Devan Bagley               Ethan Price                   Nico Trilk
Payton Reynolds                       Brynn Konrad               Robbie Crandell            Kelsey Smith
Micco Waisanen                       Zach Bickford               Elijah Alire                   Jason Stencel, Jr.
Logan Shepherd                        Kyle Janowski              Kaileh Rainey               Marley Griffin
Luke  Vanni                             Torin Fischer                Evan OFihelly              Elle Buenning
Caleb Thompson                       Joy Farr                        Dean Gunther               Lucas Richardson
Zach Farr                                  Ethan Girard                 Meryn Probasco            Sigourney Zager
Debbie Denny                           Fran Walker                  Marley Griffin              Aidan Hutchison
Dylan Tracy                              Peyton Beard                Noah Sisk                     Braden Zack
Angeleena Amaducci                Libby Williams             Aspen Hawkins             Jason Stencel, Sr
Eric Evans                                Thomas Sautel              Shekina DeTienne        Allyse Nothstine
Jack Eddy                                 Caleb Feagans

BREAKING (Under black belt)

1st place
Lauren Lundeen                       Trish Nguyen               Caela McCartney          Peyton Reynolds
Rob Sarche                               Sean Konrad                 Makayla  Trapp             Chase Wyngarden
Susan Burgstiner                      Devon Lewis                Arkip Saratovtsev         Evan Strickfaden
Max Bogdanoff                         Zayne Lineberger          John Tompkins             Aspen Hawkins
Peyton Beard                            Brecken Lusk               Nancy Fanning             Abdu  Kikhia
Coghan Spery                           Kyle Feagans                Emily Brophy               Erik Ondrejko


1st place
Caleb Feagans                           Kyle Feagans                Tyler Murphy               Hope Morgan
Abdu Kikhia                             Thomas Ma
2nd place
Emily Brophy                           Eileen Lindner              Jocelyn Wallen             Eric Evans
Andy McDaniel                        Collin Kreutz

3rd place
Kathleen Sautel                        Don Johnson                Thomas Sautel              Zach Greaves
Coghan Spery

4th place
Lexi Johannes                           Ryan Lindner               Erik Ondrejko               Peyton Brauch