Friday, December 18, 2015

The Martial Art Instructors Behind the CTI

By Tyler Murphy, 2nd dan

Taekwondo instructor with his student after winning at a tournamentAll teachers or instructors have to be dedicated no matter what it is that they are teaching. Martial arts is no exception to this rule. Whether it is Taekwondo, karate or any other martial art the dedication of instructors is essential to the students success. Having dedication to the student is the only way to be with any type of education, especial with martial arts like Taekwondo and karate. Dedication is essential because it is the only way for a student to learn effectively while still experiencing enjoyment, and also passing on the art. If skillful teaching is completely absent from a school, it is impossible for anything to be taught through the generations. Taekwondo is an art that has been around for thousands of years; this has only been achieved through effective teaching and dedication, which is why there must continue to be good martial arts instructors. Any art that has already lasted thousands of years should be able to last even longer.

Taekwondo instructors with the Colorado Taekwondo Institute are only able to achieve their positions as teachers through dedication, persistence, and a desire to teach; Their hard work to become teachers guarantees that all CTI instructors are looking out for the student and have the student’s their best interest in mind. As the instructors continue to show their hardworking attitude they will gain more experience which will only improve their teaching ability. Experience is an essential part of learning; it can only be attained with time but with hard work and focus somebody can reach the same result in much less time than somebody who has not worked as hard. The most impressive part with CTI instructors is that they attend their own classes even when they are teaching classes. They never become stagnant with their training because they are always working hard to improve themselves on top of working for their students. it is essential for instructors to continue taking classes so that they can increase their body of knowledge so that it can be passed onto the student. By working hard towards growth instructors will ultimately become better instructors. Since the student can only be as good as their teacher it is important that the instructors continue to grow which is the case with all CTI instructors. A 1st dan black belt has to know, without mistakes, about 30 different forms along with hundreds of self defense techniques, and they must maintain what they know. As they become higher black belts they will learn even more which is plenty to worry about, but on top of that they are also instructors and have to worry about their students and have busy lives on the side. To be a Taekwondo instructor they must be dedication to the art, the school, and their students which is the case with all of them.

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute is definitely on the right track. There are many strong instructors and many of the master martial arts instructors also have degrees in teaching and are Jeffco school teachers. Teaching is the most important part when it comes to something like martial arts. If, as an organization, we continue focus on developing good instructors and skilled teachers we will be able to continue teaching Taekwondo and teaching skills so that CTI and Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo can live on for a very long time to continue helping people.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Team Champs Dedicated to MSK Founder

The 17th Lee H. Park Team Championships was a fantastic day and one to remember!  Taking place at Alameda International High School in Lakewood, Colorado, 339 students and instructors competed in Team Poomse, Team Basics, Team and Individual Breaking, Team One-Step Sparring, Most Kicks and Basics Challenge.  Along with the exciting team and individual competitions, each CTI Campus provided a Staff Demonstration set to music for everyone.

The Team Championsips, dedicated to Moo Sul Kwan founder Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park, became the largest event in MSK history.  Everyone prepared well and competed well in honor of GGM Park and the finest martial arts organizations (MSK and the AMASEA) that he founded.  This was also the Colorado Taekwondo Institute's 7th Hanmadang.  The CTI Hanmadang is a once a year event where there is no sparring and everyone gets together to enjoy the patterns routines and expertise of the many different areas of MSK training.  It's a day of peace and appreciation for Moo Sul Kwan martial arts and a unique opportunity for demonstrating and learning.

Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts has always been a pioneer in the educational side of martial arts.  This year, each team picked a mineral name for their team.  From Borax to Thundereggs to Rhodocrystite, teams were represented by their mineral name and everyone learned a lot about minerals, some of which they've never heard of before!

The day started early for the black belts at 7:00 AM with a light warm-up consisting of poomse and one-step sparring.  This was followed by Black Belt Competitions.  After black belt competitions were done, the under black belts performed their routines.

Their were numerous highlights at this year's Lee H. Park Team Champs.  During Team Bascis competitions, each team had to perform their routine set to the music "Wonderful Christmas Time" by Paul McCartney.  Teams were scored on timing, technique and choreography.

Here are the results of the 17th Lee H Park Team Championships:


1st place
Bloodstones        Kryptonite        Sapphire        Rhodocrystite
Protomango...        Corundum        Adamantium        Obsidian
Diamond        Diamond        Sapphire        Topaz
Diamond        Gypsum        Sapphire        Cromite
Thunder Eggs        Piegonite        Amber

2nd place
Borax            Mica            Sodalite        Uranium
Diamond        Gold            Sapphire        Bronze
Diamond Platimum    Topaz            Gold            Emerald
Diamond        Clorifide        Ruby            Iceland Spar
Uranium        Topaz            Nuggets

3rd place  
Xocolatlite        Zinc            Coloradoite        Pluonium
Ruby            Dolomite        Topaz            Plumog    umite
Diamond        Topaz            Diamond        Crystals
Diamond        Emerald        Diamond        Emerald
Malachite        Gold            Emeralds

4th place  
Copper            Xirgzihite        Coal            Rhodochrosite
Mica            Rhodocrystite        Coloradorites        Gold
Diamond        Diamond        Emeralds        Emerald
Peridot            Sapphire        Einsteinite        Wads


1st place
Trace Jensen        Jensen Cook        Dameon Kielkowski    Silas Reese
Isabella Rai        Tait Shamus        Serena Rai        Alexandra Kennedy
Sage Shamus        Sam Farr        Lydia Farr        Sabrina Jensen
Oliver Smith        Aidan Soule        Trenton Wheat        William Krause
Lillian Eichelberger    Brady Young        Daric Ross        Cole Massa
Milo Aschermann    P.K. Lamb        Julian Strickland    Quentin King
Jackie Penrod


1st place
Uranium        Coloradolite        Corundum        Titanium
Thunder Eggs        Zinc            Bloodstone

2nd place
Garnet            Granite            Dolonite        Obsidian
Gold            Labadorite        Peridot

3rd place
Rhodaceystite        Sodalite        ONK            Bismuth
Malachite        Berryite        Zinc

4th place
Mica            Borax


1st place
Iceland Spar        Salt            Obsidian      


Lynne Dean        Kaddie Williams    Ryan Wyngarden    Jakob Deverell
Derek Simpson        Hudson Van Vorhee    Diesel DiPaola        Ethan Girard
Jason Stencil, Sr.    Deb Denny        Makayla Trapp        Zuzanna Janowska
Jacobi Field        Trish Nguyen        Keet Holdridge        Nikki Garcia
Zach Farr        Arkhip Saratovtsev    Chase Wyngarden    Nina Madayag
Jack Eller        Caiden White        Matthew Ordaz-Busto  


1st place
Diamonds        Coloradolite        Rhodocrystite        Saspphire
Thunder Eggs        Corundrum        Aquamarine        Protomanganoferrophyllite
2nd place
Jasper            Uranium        Adamantite        Stroutium      
Malachite        Topaz            Sodium Chloride    Iceland Spark

3rd place
Salt            Emeralds        Little Leau        Hawkeye
Gold            Dallomite        Obsidian

4th place
Platinum        Gold            Topaz


1st place
J.R. Lanz        Lillian Eichelberger    Collin Tampa        Kylee Ryan-Rusher
Kylie Bickford        Robbie Crandell    Joy Farr        Shaydon Tuttle
Brady Young        Caleb Port        Turner Jensen        Sam Benjamin
Anya Trilk        Aidan Sturm        Alden Seashore        Ellie Stanton
Carson Mack        Luke Vanni        Owen Hughes        Autumn Manuelito
Quentin King        Ryan Hoffman-Boy    Tait Shamus        Kyle Janowski
Enzo D'Alessandro    Julian Marine        Jensen Cook        Isabella Lasater
2nd place  
Colton Hertel        Cole Massa        Isabella Sandoval    Eliseo Bandala
Max Bogdanoff        Keira Jacobo        Brendan Arink        Faith Lanz
Sam Farr        Channing Toal        Will Kennedy        Sebastian Popescu
Mitchell Oleszek    Nick Tibbetts        Colston Yoder        Alex Schwartz
Audrey Logan        Jack Weichert        Lily Strickland        Gaven DiNunzio
Oliver Faler        Kelsey Miller        Dameon Kielkowski    Aydon Lewis
Allan Stanton        Josh Stencel        Serena Rai        Jackson Baker

3rd place
Jillian Peck        Trace Jensen        Sophia Sandova    l    Sophia Laws
Daivd Bogdanoff    Mariah Cordova    Aiyana Godwin        Lasuren Dahlberg
Allison Van Der Heyd    Oliver Smith        Trenton Wheat        Isasbella Rai
Ahas Weerapura    Ryan Cubbage        Henry Kelly        Aidan Dalby
Jonah Olson        Ben Techmeyer        Sean Haverkamp    Isaac Jensen
Lainey Faler        Jaxson Wheat        Chloe Churchill        Amadeo Sandoval
Jacob Hoenamns    Tristan Garcia        Rachel Bakkum        Preston Smith
Henry Rumph        Jackie Penrod        P.K. Lsamb        Siri Seashore
Quynn Cotner        Elijah Alire        Caiden Murphy        Colin Paslminteri
Silas Reees        Ivy Strickland        Zach Bickford        Jason Stencel, Jr.
William Maes        Rusty Martino        Lydia Farr        McKenna Erbes
Simon Padilla        Yosef Rutan

4th place
Julian Strickland    Dylan Soule        Andrew Meyers        Libby Girard
Andrei Amihalachio    Angeleena Amaducci    Aleena Jones        Daric Foss
William Krause        Milo Aschermann    Lenox Jacobo        Kylia Warren
Jasmine Salamera    Dean Gunther        Lance Schwartz        Shaun  Lehr
Everett Tompkins    Owen King        Anika Olson        Elaina Cassidy
Tyler Gibbs        Alexandra Kennedy


Green Mountain


1st place
Logan Rumph        Diego Quez        Mariah Cordova    Kylia Warren
Simon Padilla        Ivy Strickland        Caiden Murphy        Zach Bickford
Will Kennedy        Brady Young        Channing Toal        Kylee Ryan-Rusher
Mitchell Oleszek    Dylan Soule        Lillian Eichelberger    Ella Von Der Heyd
Shaydon Tuttle        Brendon Arink        Patrick Konrad        Lydia Willis
Ellie Stanton        Owen Hughes        Amadio Sandoval    Nick Tibbetts
Gaven DiNunzio    Quentin King        Luke Vanni        Tait Shamus
Jensen Cook        Tyler Gibbs      

2nd place
Kristin Dries        Lars Den Hartog    Sigourney Zager    Jonah Olson
Isabella Lasater        Enzo D'Alessandro    Quynn Cotner        Rusty Martin
Turner Jensen        Sam Farr        Ahas Weerapura    Sophia Laws
Sean Haverkamp    Sophia Sandoval    Cole Massa        Jillian Peck
Faith Lanz        Joy Farr        Colston Yoder        Libby Girard
Lainey Faler        Owen King        Audry Logan        Tyler Cobb
Autumn Manuelito    Oliver Faler        Jack Weichert        P.K. Lamb
Serena Rai        Elaina Cassidy

3rd place
Bryce Cole        Gabe Zinser        Dalton Cole        Evan Zdec
Max Bogdanoff        Robbie Crandell    Sebastian Popescu    Jackson Baker
Allan Stanton        Kyle Janowski        Julian Marine        Oliver Smith
Trenton Wheat        Milo Aschermann    Isabella Rai        Elliot Logan
Dean Gunther        Isabella Sandoval    Jensen Turner        Julian Strickland  
Grant McKissack    Evan O'Fihelly        Alden Seashore        Kylie Bickford
Alex Schwartz        Lily Strickland        Carson Mack        Lance Schwartz
Keenan Dalby        Sabrina Jensen        Jacob Hoenmans    Cooper Ivie
Lydia Farr        Kelsey Miller

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute: Golden School

The best karate classes in Golden, COAre you looking for karate classes in Golden, CO? The Colorado Taekwondo Institute Golden Campus offers dynamic classes for all ages and abilities. Each class provides hands on instruction from our Black Belts. Students learn the Korean Martial art of Taekwondo while developing self control, self esteem, physical endurance and self defense skills. At the Golden location our students are offered goals and challenges to complete throughout their training.

Instructors at the Golden Campus include Mr. Fred M. Sautel is our 4th Degree Black Belt and head instructor, Mr. Michael Sandusky, 3rd Dan; Mr. Brian Steward, 3rd Dan; Mr. Eric Evans, 2nd Dan and Mr. Justin Lautrup, 1st Dan. Each instructor is rooted in our Moo Sul Kwan basics and is dedicated to the safety and success of our students. Each Black belt has trained for multiple years within the Colorado Taekwondo institute and continues to receive Black Belt training on a weekly basis. All instructors focus on the safety and training of our students.

The Golden location opened in September of 2005 and serves students from a wide range of locations such as Lakewood, Evergreen, Golden, Westminster, Arvada, and Denver. The workout area contains a custom built suspension floor, targets, falling mats and Wavemaster bags. Our workout area is cleaned weekly by the Golden location students. Students also enjoy our other activities such as Tournaments, Expos, Symposiums, Camps and Seminars. In addition to the campus events, each year the Golden Campus hosts the annual CTI Picnic in the Park. Student, family and friends are encouraged to attend as we celebrate the accomplishments of the year, eat great food and participate in the many games and activities.

Located near the Applewood Shopping Center, the Colorado Taekwondo Institute Golden location is conveniently located within a short distance of Colorado Mills Shopping Center and various shopping at Applewood and Wheat Ridge shopping. Nearby businesses include Tafolino’s Mexican Restaurant, King Soopers, Walmart, Target, United Artist Theaters and many more. Highway access is only minutes away with access to I-70, and 6th avenue.

Our dynamic martial arts classes provide training for all ages ranging from our Tigers starting at 2 years old, Juniors starting at 5 years old, teen classes and our adult class. Classes are held Monday through Friday with convenient afternoon sessions. All students can attend the Friday specials class to enhance their training.. Students are encouraged to enroll as the class provides additional training outside of the basic routine taught in the Monday/ Wednesday and Tuesday/ Thursday classes. We also host an after school program at Our Lady of Fatima School.

Come stop by for our summer special for new students. We are located on the North West corner of 20th and Youngfield, next to Tafolino’s Mexican Restaurant. We have summer specials as well as new student specials that allow you to experience our program without the stress of a long term commitment. When it comes to karate classes in Golden, CO, we're second to none. Give us a call at 303-233-0039 today!

Monday, December 7, 2015

CTI Christmas Party

Taekwondo family celebrating Christmas with Santa Claus

We packed the gym with family members, friends, students and instructors at this year's annual CTI Christmas Party.  Held on December 4, at Faith Mountain, everyone had a fantastic time.  There was excellent food, lots of fun and other surprises!

During the evening, even Santa Claus made a guest appearance.  Jolly St. Nick joined his "elves" for a dance and then sat for photos with all the good boys and girls.  Look for some photos on our Facebook page.

Moo Sul Rock, our own black belt band, provided music for the Christmas Party.  Early during the party, each band member was presented with special JD Kelly Hats from JD's brother Bob Downey.

This year there was also a special CTI Cake Walk with a huge number of cakes and pies that was the first fundraiser for our CTI Black Belt Team that is travelling to Sweden/Norway in 2017.  Some 70 delicious treats went to many happy person that night!

Thanks to everyone who came to to everyone who helped put on this special evening.  We raised a nice amount of food for the Kings Cupboard Food Bank!  Way to go CTI!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Kids Taekwondo Classes: So Many Benefits!

By Zach Greaves, 2nd dan

Childrens Taekwondo is a great way to get your children into something new and cool. For kids Taekwondo the best school in Denver is the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. We have many classes that have our students strive to become more focused, disciplined and become leaders in our community. With exciting workouts that range from thirty minutes (for our toddler classes) to an hour (for our junior classes), kids get to express themselves and work hard through kicking and punching. The CTI has a great environment for kids to have a safe place to learn to be themselves through martial arts excellence.

Speaking from personal experience, Taekwondo has lead me to be more confident and disciplined. It helped me throughout school and other activities. I can also see now how it teaches students focus and developing motor skills (though when I was a kid and first starting I was just having fun learning). Going through life with something to lean back on physically and emotionally is really important.

Childrens Taekwondo girl doing a side kick breakParents, I know your kids will always have you but having that something else when they get older is great!  Especially when going through school Taekwondo for your kids can really help. The focus and discipline that they get out of our classes will be very valuable. We at Colorado Taekwondo Institute are very serious about the education of our organization. We help kids to go in the right directions to be scholarly and get homework in on time and be early. Each month, students have homework to complete which focuses on some other aspect we instill in our students: self-control, perseverance, positive mental image, etc. And the exercises that we do and we encourage them to lead by example and get to places early and get everything in on time. This provides opportunities for our students later when it's already easy for them.

I really appreciate that I've learned in my time with the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. It has taught me so much, and I continue to learn and grow even now as an adult. I'm thankful my parents put me into classes here when they were looking for kids Taekwondo, and I hope you do the same for your children!

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute: Conifer School

The best karate classes in Conifer, COLooking for karate or taekwondo classes for yourself or your child in the Denver/Foothills area?  The Colorado Taekwondo Institute has 5 campuses located in Westminster, Golden, Lakewood, Littleton, and Conifer.  The Conifer location of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute is located in the Conifer Marketplace, next to Liks Ice Cream.  This location, just off of Highway 285, by the turnoff for Highway 73 toward Evergreen, allows us beautiful views of Conifer, and easy access with plenty of parking.

The Conifer campus of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute opened in 2007, and now has over 80 students.  Students come from Bailey, Evergreen, Morrison, Pine, and Conifer to train with the most experienced and hardest working black belts in the 285 Corridor. Our dynamic classes provide the best in Conifer martial arts lessons for toddlers, kids, teens, and adults.The Conifer Campus of the CTI has 9 fully accredited black belts, who all began at this campus as white belts.  These well trained black belts now assist or instruct classes, as well as continue their own training, at the Conifer location.  The head instructor at Conifer CTI is Grandmaster James M. Sautel, 7th degree black belt in Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo, the highest ranking and most experienced black belt in the area.  With over 30 years’ experience as a martial arts instructor, Grandmaster Sautel could teach at any campus – his choice to teach in Conifer has ensured that this campus in the mountains has the best of everything.

Morning, afternoon and evening taekwondo classes are offered for all ages at this location. Our students range in age from 2 to 57.  We have students who train together as a family in our family classes.  Many of our young students have encouraged their parents and siblings to join classes suited for their ages.Two to three martial arts classes are offered every day, Monday through Friday.  With so many classes offered, you are sure to find a class that fits your schedule.

The adult classes are taught by Grandmaster James Sautel, 7th dan black belt, and President of Colorado Taekwondo Institute.  We offer morning and afternoon sessions for our youngest students, the 2-5 year old tigers, taught by 2nd dan, Mrs. Eileen Lindner.  Our junior classes are offered in the afternoons, for the 5-12 year old students.  Also instructing and training at our Conifer location are 5th dan Miss Alice Meyung, 2nd dan, Mr. Caleb Feagans, and 1st dan, Miss Casey Feagans.

The carpeted custom suspension floors in our workout room provide support and cushion for your joints.  Some of the large windows in the workout room look out into the lobby, with a spacious viewing area where supportive parents watch their children learning new and increasingly difficult moves.  The other full length windows are open to the sidewalk, and seating area for our neighbor, Liks Ice Cream.  Summer evenings find many prospective students enjoying a treat while watching our students work out.

The mission of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute is, "To encourage world-class leadership through educational excellence and Moo Sul Kwan martial arts traditions”.  Our passion has always been to develop black belts with leadership and teaching skills who make meaningful contributions at the family, school, and community levels.  More than ever, after thirty years of excellence, we believe that we can be the best at providing an education-based martial arts program that develops students into champions.

For more information about karate in Conifer at the Conifer Campus of the CTI, go to or give us a call at 303-838-2783.

Monday, November 16, 2015

CTI Turkey Drive!

Kids martial artists doing community serviceFor the holidays, the CTI collected over 70 turkeys to help those in the community who need help!

Colorado Taekwondo Institute students and instructors brought the 70+ tasty turkeys to CTI Headquarters, Green Mountain Campus on Saturday, November 14.

The turkeys were then donated to the Kings Cupboard Food Bank to help them feed the less fortunate in Jefferson County.

One of the Aims and Goals of Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts taught at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, is to support the local communities we live in.  Along with the annual food drives, clothing drives, school and community demonstrations and other events, the CTI tries its best to help make the world a better place.

Special thanks to everyone who helped!

Friday, November 13, 2015

A CTI Testimonial: Part 5

A karate kid doing a punchJennifer P.

WOW. We have been part of the CTI family for 5 1/2 years. We have 2 boys that each started at age 4. First, we have been blown away by the incredible, caring teachers. Each student truly matters as an individual to them. They are invested in the kids' success. Secondly, this has improved our sons' abilities to focus and take direction in other areas like school, music, and different team sports. Taekwondo isn't just about going to classes. It is about teaching individuals to live a positive life of excellence in all areas: school, work, home, and on the mat at class! We would like to give a special shout out to our first instructor, Master Albrechtson, and our current instructors, Mrs. Morgan and Mr. Greaves. They are outstanding role models and we are grateful to be part of this great organization. Thank you to everyone for your dedication to our family.

Andy M.

I enjoy training at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute and believe that it is the best martial arts program in the region. The instructors are constantly training to improve their teaching abilities. The Colorado Taekwondo Institute offers physically demanding classes but also has a strong emphasis on the educational aspects of martial arts. Respect and proper attitude are very important aspects of our students’ training. Not only will the body be trained but the mind and spirit will be trained as well. There is always something fun and exciting going on at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. I get to participate in four tournaments per year that involve the students at all five Denver area martial arts schools plus the Craig, Colorado campus. We have two national events per year including one that happens in Colorado over the summer. I have had the honor of training with world renowned Martial Artists at these national events. We host several seminars during the year that are led by the founder of Colorado Taekwondo Institute, Grandmaster James M. Sautel, 7th degree Black Belt. We also offer two week-long day camps for our younger students. One happens over the summer and one over the Christmas holiday. At the Black Belt level, the Colorado Taekwondo Institute offers opportunities to travel internationally to train and compete as a group. The Colorado Taekwondo Institute has something for anyone who wishes to train their body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend it!

Krysta G.

At the age of eight my daughter started showing an interest in "trying out" martial arts. She was quite shy and afraid of everything so my husband and I agreed that martial arts could be great for her. I researched a lot of local places but was sold with my first impression of the Westminster Colorado Taekwondo Institute. Kelsey, a fellow student, told me about the school with such passion and she was so sweet and genuine. I knew I wanted my daughter to be around such positive role models who felt so passionately for the art. Now eight and a half months later I couldn't be happier with the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. My daughter is so proud of her accomplishments and has really come out of her shell. She looks so forward to class and the tournaments have boosted so much self esteem and confidence in her. I owe a lot of this growth to Mrs Sally Morgan who has been fabulous as a teacher and role model. I can't say enough good about this place! THANK YOU for helping my daughter grow in such a positive way!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Impact of a Dynamic Martial Art

By Shekina DeTienne, 1st dan

While I was in the testing process for black belt, I was talking with my mom about my training, the process and what was to be expected.  As the conversation was coming to a close, my mom said, "I am so glad that you have found the Colorado Taekwondo Institute and you are pushing for your goals."  Training with the students and instructors at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute has been an impactful experience in my life and one that I encourage everyone to try.

Martail arts woman practicing with a staffPeople join different martial arts styles for varied reasons.  Whether karate, judo or taekwondo, everyone has different initial expectations and reasons.  When most people think of training in a martial art, they often think of a Karate Kid or Bruce Lee type of situation.  What they often find is a very different experience.  Each person goes through the same basic education, starting with the foundation and then building and advancing.  However, ensuring the training is custom fit to the student is essential to their success through the belts.

Starting with the basics and moving up, we are able to help students of all ages accomplish their goals.  From the parents who want their child to learn respect and structure to the adult looking for physical fitness and self defense, the instructors at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute help their students train to the best of their abilities.  Using positive structured curriculum, students gain physical fitness, learn effective self defense and respect for themselves and those around them.  While establishing these basics, students learn various self defense techniques for different situations as well as learn how to put their basics into motion with poomse, our prearranged forms.  Using the basic striking, blocking and kicking techniques as a foundation, we build on them to more advanced moves.  Our instructors move at a pace which is best suited for the individual student.  The ultimate goal is to train a well rounded, educated and self controlled black belt.  This is not an easy task, however the prize is well worth the prize.

Training in Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo started out as a fun past time that I intended to help with physical fitness and learn some self defense.  After falling in love with the art and making a commitment to fight for black belt and beyond, I realized that it has become so much more to me. The training involved has taught me self control, the importance of continuing education and having respect for myself and everyone around me.  Lessons of perseverance, integrity and how to be a true leader have not just had an impact on my training but also life outside the school.  Working alongside the students and instructors at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute has been a great journey, and is one that I intend to continue for years to come.

Friday, November 6, 2015

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute: Littleton School

By Andy McDaniel, 4th dan

The best karate classes in Littleton, CO
Are you looking for a locally based Taekwondo, Karate, or general martial arts school in the Denver area?  Look no further than the Colorado Taekwondo Institute!  Based on the traditions and       philosophy of Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo as set forth by our founder Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park in 1969, the Colorado Taekwondo Institute offers a full set of innovative curriculum in Taekwondo.  We have campuses in Lakewood, Littleton, Golden, Westminster, and Conifer.

The Littleton martial art school of CTI is one of the longest continuously operating Martial Arts schools in the front range area.  Conveniently located on Simms Street in the Foothill Green shopping area between Bowles and Belleview, we the offer a complete martial arts and self-defense curriculum. We proudly serve the southwest Denver suburbs.

The Littleton campus was founded in 1994 by Grandmaster James M. Sautel, 7th degree black belt.  The Littleton CTI currently has two master instructors actively teaching classes along with several instructors ranked 1st to 4th degree. Upper belts in every class assist the instructor to give students one-on-one time with an upper belt to focus on new techniques and areas in need of improvement.  Master John Sautel (6th Dan) and Master Clayton Garner (5th Dan) ensure that the school is teaching using the time tested teaching methodology that all of the campuses in the CTI use. Master Sautel is currently a Jefferson County middle school teacher with a master’s degree in education.  He brings that educational training and experience to the Colorado Taekwondo Institute to provide superior classes to all of our students.

The Littleton campus has over 3800 square feet of workout area that is split between two large rooms.  Both have custom built suspension floors that are carpeted and padded.  Students have space for their workout bags on shelves in the workout area.  The workout areas, private dressing areas, and restrooms are kept clean and well lit.  Our pro shop carries all of the equipment needed for our programs including student manuals, uniforms, sparring gear, and belt racks.  We also carry fun items like key rings, t-shirts, and stickers.  Parents and loved ones can watch the classes from the viewing areas we have in both workout areas.  We have a large TV in the main lobby that shows videos of past events like expos, tournaments, and symposiums.

Here at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, we make the educational aspect of martial arts an important part of our program.  We offer three adult manuals ranging from white belt through black beltplus a manual specifically for the junior students.  A written and physical test are required at each belt level.  Above and beyond the regular classes, we offer four interschool tournaments every year as well as our yearly Expo.  The Expo is an entire weekend dedicated to martial arts learning and is open to all students.  Additionally, we offer a Symposium every year for the upper belts to study advanced topics like how to teach and judge as well as advanced physical aspects of our martial art.

The curriculum includes three sets of Poomse (pattered movements) including the Taegeuk, Chang-Hon, and Palgwe sets of poomse.  We also have four sets of self-defense that incorporate Taekwondo, Hapkido and Judo.  We offer classes for studentsaged two years old and up.  We offer classes focused on the youngest (Little Tigers), junior students, and adults.  Classes are scheduled in the evenings every day of the week.  We also offer a Friday morning class for adults and a class on Saturday for all ages.  Please see the calendar for the karate classes in Littleton at:

We at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute strive to produce high quality black belts that can contribute to society on many levels including family, school and community.  We have over thirty years of experience and success in accomplishing that goal.  We believe that we can provide the highest quality education based martial arts in Littleton experience to you and your family.

For more information about the Littleton campus and the Colorado Taekwondo Institute in general, please visit our website at or give us a call at 303-979-2621.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Taekwondo and Kids

By Kelsey Smith, 1st dan

Martial arts are beneficial to people of all ages, but the long-term behavioral benefits are especially prevalent in the children who start Taekwondo at a young age and adopt the concepts of self-discipline, self-control and confidence. Children’s Taekwondo differs not in the way it is taught, or the types of techniques learned, a 3-year old child learning basics will do the same routine as an 14-year old teenager, or a 30-year old adult, but more in how the disciplines are picked up and what is emphasized to the student by their instructor.

In kid's Taekwondo, learning the martial arts techniques as a form of defense is still the main goal, but the focus for the younger children is the body control and mental discipline which is still being developed. Whereas for adults, equal parts technique and and discipline are taught to the lower belts to ensure success as upper belts, the children’s education is centered around mainly the concept of Ho-Shin, as well as the body awareness required in class. Large, overarching techniques such as low stances, objective focus and tight hands remain the same, but  the nuances in certain basics such as foot position in kicking or focusing before striking come later, once the children have hit the intermediate belts and begun to have the self-discipline required for more advanced techniques.  

Martial Arts girl doing kids taekwondo martial artsUntil that point, the emphasis remains on the mental fortitude to become a successful black belt- developing children’s self-confidence, their understanding of their own bodies and how to control themselves. This discipline in class then carries over into other aspects of their lives, encouraging good behavior at school and at home, and making these children of Taekwondo almost like little ambassadors of our school’s tenets and beliefs. And creating the habit of having control over their bodies and minds allows for these kids to grow up and continue to grow and develop their skills as they progress through Taekwondo. In this way they also become leaders among their peers, even the ones outside Taekwondo.

Children’s Taekwondo is so much more than an exercise or a sport- it is a discipline, a life-long learning experience that will develop the child into a successful adult. Children, teenagers and adults can all benefit from martial arts in a myriad of ways; through the development of the body, mind and spirit, individuals can learn vital skills to prove as leaders. However, developing these traits early in children is the most beneficial in the long run, shaping them and their choices as they grow and learn about themselves, and blossom into ideal black belts and leaders of their generation.

Monday, October 26, 2015

CTI Annual CTI Food Drive Does it Again!

Way to go! Our annual CTI Food and Clothing Drive was fantastic!

Surpassing last year's food and clothing totals, 88 helpers were able to be present for the last day of our month-long October annual drive.

Each of our area martial arts schools, Littleton, Westminster, Golden, Conifer and Green Mountain, collected food and clothing for local food and clothing shelters.  All items collected went to support the King's Cupboard and the Action Center food banks.

Families had been bringing in food all month during October to their local CTI Campus, and on the final day, everyone  knocked on doors in their Campus neighborhoods and added to the final totals.

Thanks to our CTI students, instructors, family members and friends!  You made it possible for us to help members in our community who need a helping hand.

Friday, October 23, 2015

9th Annual CTI Food Drive

Benefiting our local food banks!

Our annual CTI Food and Clothing Drive is going strong!  

The final day to bring in donations is October 24th!

Each of our Denver area martial arts schools in, Littleton, Westminster, Golden, Conifer and Green Mountain, are collecting food and clothing for local food and clothing shelters.

The final push goes from 10:00 AM to noon at the Lakewood location and Westminster location, this Saturday!

All items collected will be going to support the King's Cupboard and the Action Center food banks.

Thanks for your support!

A CTI Testimonial: Part 4

Katie D.

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute is the best thing I've ever participated in. It has benefited me not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. The CTI is more than just a martial arts school, it is a community, a family. They are welcoming to everyone, no matter your age, gender, culture or any other label. Every class is different, and I learn something new each time. The instructors are engaging, encouraging and approachable, never giving up on a student and are always supportive. My sister joined first and I watched as she came out of her shell and blossomed into a confident and happy young woman. Seeing that I needed to join. Physically I'm stronger and healthier. I've been challenged to think outside the box and to become a self-motivated learner. I've made wonderful lifelong friends that I know will support me if I ever need them, and whom I will support in return. It has also been a great way for my sister and I to bond, being 13 years apart in age. We have something to share and laugh about and push each other to go all the way to black belt and beyond. It's a great place for family martial arts!

Martial arts classes for families

Susan B.

I was looking for a new way to work out that would challenge my brain as well as my body. I found it at CTI Littleton school! I am not a joiner by nature and find group classes tough to stomach. But I have to admit the school is not at all what I had expected. And after two years, I am still very motivated to attend class every week. What are your goals? Lose weight? Gain strength? Activate your brain in a fun and interesting way? CTI is for you. This is one of the best workouts to be found. Do you have kids and are looking for an activity for them that is mentally and physically safe? Do you want to connect with them by taking class too? Are you looking to help them in school and life by learning self-discipline in a fun environment? CTI is for you. Call and set up a time to meet at the school. Worst case: you will take one class and find out it is not your "thing." Best case: you have a great workout and are excited to return.

Jason S.

Almost a year ago my 6 year old sons and I started Taekwondo at CTI Westminster school. CTI Westminster Campus has provided me with the opportunity to connect with my kids in an activity which is fun for all of us- martial arts classes for families. We enjoy learning the Moo Sul Kwan martial arts traditions which reinforce our family teachings on the values of leadership, responsibility, respect, and self-control. The program strengthens my children's ability to set and achieve goals. The tournaments give us a chance to demonstrate the skills we have learned, while providing an opportunity for the kids to practice being a gracious winner and, at times, a graceful loser. The black belts serve as excellent role models of future success for the boys. Master Erik Albrechtson and his black belt instructors at CTI Westminster Campus are tremendous. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help you learn. Additional benefits of this program are that the class times fit our family's busy schedule, there are extra summer and holiday camps when school is not in session and the program is competitively priced with other opportunities in the area. We are so thankful a friend recommended family martial arts at the CTI Westminster Campus to us.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Why I Keep Coming Back

By Irene Kim, brown belt

The benefits of training at the Littleton location of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute.

Think of the strongest and best characteristics of the person whom you admire most.  He or she radiates strength of mind, body and spirit, is both respectful and respectable, and demonstrates the utmost in integrity, honesty and good will.  He or she is continually working to improve and succeed.  Dependable, trustworthy, awe-inspiring and confident also may come to mind as apt descriptors.

I have learned that this describes all who instruct and practice at the CTI.  Learning the Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo martial arts has strengthened these characteristics in me.  Different culturally and in practice from karate (described to be more aggressive), self-control is prioritized before self-defense in Taekwondo, which requires the utmost discipline.  Each time I enter the school for class and participate in the events offered, I am surrounded by people who demonstrate these qualities and reflect the top echelon of society.

I sought out the Littleton Taekwondo campus five weeks after delivering my second child.  As a working mother of two, I had little time and energy but wanted to build on my kickboxing skills and maximize my workouts.  The CTI has exceeded this.  As for most of us, time continues to become more and more precious and I seek to maximize every minute of my days.

I am a Medical Speech Pathologist/Therapist working with complex patients who are holding onto life.  I have to arrange my entire work week around getting to class; all at my hospital know that Wednesdays I leave early to pick up my kids from school and daycare and spend time with them before running back out the door.  My husband often makes sushi for the kids that night because I don't eat seafood but will be in martial arts
as they eat it.  The kids know to expect me home just in time to read their bedtime stories after class.  It is a sacrifice and a struggle of extreme time management and fatigue.

So what brings me back?  There is not one part of me that does not benefit from the sacrifice.  It is easy to plop down on a couch and zone out at the end of the workday.  I feel immensely proud of myself for choosing to go as hard as I can, both mentally and physically each and every class. The stress of trying to figure out the best way to help my patients, the emotions of supporting families through life and death decisions, the drain of the hundreds of decisions required every day to raise my children: all of this completely leaves me during class to afterwards, when I am left with a renewed sense of being and energy, a mental calmness and extreme physical release.

Everyone at CTI has such strength and drive that I can sense it just walking through the doors.  Not only is it excellent physical training, I am stronger mentally, more confident and more able to persevere through life's challenges.  I enjoy the challenge and look forward to reaching each level.                              

Friday, October 16, 2015

Taekwondo Training at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute

By Jennifer McKernan, 1st dan

Black belt mom does a kick with her two taekwondo kids

When does "workout" become "training"?  Perhaps when one's goal changes from "getting in shape" to excellence in a sport or art like the martial art of Taekwondo!

No doubt about it, a quality martial arts class is a great way to get in shape.  After all, it takes energy and physical fitness in order to kick and punch effectively, practice self-defense, do pattern movements (poomse), and eventually break wooden boards.  The classes that are held at Colorado Taekwondo Institute are carefully designed so that anyone, no matter what age, previous experience, or level of physical fitness, will be able to get "in shape" to do martial arts.

Working out in class is fun!  Meeting others, being challenged at your speed and level, and then, improving your level of fitness so that jumping jacks, sit ups and even push-ups becomes part of your regular routine, has you on your way of mastering skills  in martial arts that you never had before.  As one progresses through the levels of belts, starting with white belt, then yellow belt, then several other colors all the way up to the black belt, workouts start to soar into training.  The reason is because, in addition to advancing in skills and being promoted to the next belt level, there are also the tournaments!

At CTI, 4 tournaments are held every year.  They are the DMAC or Denver Martial Arts Championships, the Lee H. Park Team Championships, the CTI Super Bowl, and the CTI All-City Championships. (More information about our tournaments:   The friendly competition allows everyone to compete at their skill level and age division.  Specific practicing and increased conditioning helps improve the chances of winning and training then becomes more desirable.  Competition is great because it brings out mental challenges and sportsmanship that isn't gained from just attending classes.

There are also other taekwondo and karate training programs beyond the weekly workout classes that are offered at CTI.  They are the Black Belt Club that meets during the week and the Masters Club and LeAD Team which meets on Saturday.  These classes are more detailed where students implement a variety of educational material from additional self-defense techniques to role-playing teaching scenarios and judging techniques.There are other events, too, such as the MSK Summer EXPO, MSK Camp and the Black Belt Symposium  where everyone gathers at a resort or ranch in the mountains and experiences excellent additional training, and also the Master’s Seminars on a specific topic a few times a year.  (More information about our martial arts conventions:   There are a lot of programs to increase one’s training, that’s for sure!   It is a whole lot of fun, too!

Taekwondo training at the CTI goes beyond the physical workouts and weekly classes.  With dedicated instructors and quality programs, there is much emphasis on education, self-directed learning and character growth such as self-discipline, self-control, perseverance and integrity.  No wonder it's called training and not just workouts!

Monday, October 12, 2015

20th MSK Black Belt Symposium

"Back to the Future II"

By Kelsey Smith, 1st dan

Symposium is one of my favorite events of the year- like Expo, it's a weekend dedicated to hard work, sweat and breaking down our advanced techniques.  But unlike Expo, where there's the race and more classes focusing on basics, our black belt martial arts convention is where the upper belts really start to feel the pressure being put upon them to become leaders and hardworking black belts.

"This weekend is about work," Grandmaster Sautel told us on Friday. And he was right.  We started off the classes with all of the upper belts and black belts warming up together, led by Mr. Kikhia.  Once we were loose and ready to go, we jumped right into breaking down poomse, move by move.  Like chipping away at a statue, the instructors chipped away at each detail of the poomse moves, getting everything from finger positioning to precise counts and timing on each move.

The theme of the weekend was "Back to the Future II". And as much fun as the allusions to the classic movie were, the message was clear- everything we were learning, every  move we were tweaking, fixing, adjusting, was to pave the way to create a more unified idea of what each poomse and one step was to look like, and in turn, create a more unified school.  If each instructor taught each poomse exactly the same way (same count,  same moves, etc) our group would become that much stronger.

 It was amazing breaking things down and getting to the bare bones of the poomse and one steps.  But what was even more amazing was the anticipation of seeing how the upper belts, instructors and Master instructors used what they gleaned from class in their daily training, and how they would apply it in their classes, whether they were teaching, assisting or working out.

The second day of classes began with a CTI Power Taekwondo session.  If you're an upper belt and you've not yet had the chance to experience a CTI Power Taekwondo workout, I highly recommend doing it the first chance you get.  Nowhere else will you get as amazing an experience as weaving and dodging past black belts, all the while kihaping with all the spirit and power you can muster.  Kicking and stretching up and down the ballroom with the Master instructors, all the while being urged on harder by your peers; as far as mornings go, I wish all of mine could start with as much energy and dynamic power as that one.

That evening after classes was the banquet, the first chance of the weekend to unwind, relax and have fun.  "Moo Sul Idol" was two parts hilarious and one part pure talent- it really goes to show you what a talented, outgoing group we have at CTI.  Kids and adults alike, of all colored belts went up and sang their hearts out for the judges and the audience.  It was so exciting to see some of the shyer kids come out of their shells and sing in front of everyone.

The final day rose and began with black belts practicing staff poomse and one-steps, followed by a final class before the big promotion test.  As the testers went in to give it their all, the rest of the group came into the ballroom a final time for a huge sparring class.  Everyone had a chance to spar anyone they wanted, and later rings were created to allow the younger kids to try out judging sparring rings.  By the time we had finished, we had all been sparring for nearly two hours!

The test finished up, and we all rejoined together in the ballroom for the closing ceremonies.  Grandmaster Sautel and Master Sautel commended us for our hard work, and reminded us once again why we were all there- to be the very best black belts, instructors and leaders we could possibly be.  To take all that we had learned, and push it towards the future, not just for ourselves, or our individual campuses, but for us as a whole, the CTI family!

Friday, October 2, 2015

A CTI Testimonial: Part 3

Ginger N. 

Our 11 year old son has been attending the Westminster school of Colorado Taekwondo Institute for nearly a year. It really is wonderful to see him actually enjoy exercise and look forward to going to class. Although our son has participated in team sports in the past, he has never received the encouragement to thrive as much as he has from his CTI instructor. Mr. Greaves has demonstrated that he genuinely cares about our son’s accomplishments. He has taught him not only the importance of respect and self-defense but also the meaning of what a mentor should be. Thank you Mr. Greaves and Master Albrechtson for helping our son’s self-esteem sore, enrolling him in Taekwondo was the best decision we ever made. We are proud to be members of the Westminster CTI campus and look forward to many years to come.
Mother and her daughter doing family martial arts together

Taryn D.

My children and I have been taking classes at Colorado Taekwondo Institute since 2008 and I can't recommend them enough. The instructors are top notch and genuinely care about seeing each student succeed and reach their full potential. This is not a chain establishment whose main focus is the bottom line. It is a family owned and operated endeavor where students fell valued and respected. The self respect and discipline that I have seen my children develop over the years is something that cannot be bought. When it comes to kids martial arts instruction there is no equivalent.

Michelle K.

Wonderful program! Both of my boys have been involved in taekwondo at CTI for over 3 years. Everyone - students and instructors - are very supportive, respectful, and friendly. We love it there! It is incredible having such a positive program like this. Wherever we go, we constantly get compliments on the behavior of our boys. Taekwondo has been a commitment, but a commitment that has brought numerous gains to our life! It has helped my youngest son come out of his shell and gain confidence. It has helped my oldest son learn how to be respectful and tone down his silliness. Being a physical therapist and knowing the importance of exercise, the structured exercise that is offered year round has helped my boys thrive at all of their sports/activities. I feel that they are learning the importance of exercise which will be with them throughout their lives. Overall, the children's martial arts that CTI offers has been a fantastic experience for out entire family!

Michelle F. 

The teachers and staff here at the Conifer school of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute are very knowledgeable of Taekwondo instruction and education. Even at the Tiger level (youngest kids martial arts class), the teachers are highly ranked. I appreciate their attention to discipline at an age appropriate level. Another thing that impressed me with this school is the use of older students to help in the classroom. This is a great opportunity for those students, and it gives something for the younger students to which they can aspire if they work hard and are dedicated.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Taekwondo Instruction & Learning Theory

By Eileen Lindner, 2nd dan

Learning theories are many and varied, as are the ways that individuals learn best. There are several paradigms which encompass most of the theories.  Behaviorism, constructivism, cognitivism, and humanism are the main paradigms of learning theory.  Using learning theories to facilitate the learning of a physical curriculum, like taekwondo, may best be done using aspects from different paradigms.  There is not one exclusive best paradigm to enhance martial arts training and instruction; rather it is best done incorporating many facets of differing paradigms and theories.

Taekwondo instruction is physical, and differs in many ways from the classroom model that learning theories most often refer to in evaluation.  The instruction in Colorado Taekwondo Institute martial arts school follows a basic pattern for every class.  Following this standardized curriculum allows aspects of differing theories to relate easily.

Since every learner could have a differing learning style, the instructor must be able to adapt a theory to fit an individual – many individuals at once – during instruction. The seven learning styles are: “visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social, and solitary.”  Learning styles can change within an individual, often dependent on the curriculum, or the student’s age.

Taekwondo instruction requires not only the physical knowledge; but the ability to adapt a teaching method to particular students.  Knowledge of these learning theories and their students will help the instructor improve both instruction and their students’ performance.

Martial arts red belts crossing roundhouse kicksThe behaviorism theory, used with knowledge of constructivism, only enhances learning for the student.  The specific stimulus-response based instruction used with accommodation, assimilation, and equilibrium in the student, is a perfect example:  The basic mid-section punch is taught the same way, every class, until the student seems to understand it and perform it the same way over a period of time.  At that point, the details of chamber hand, focus, two knuckles for impact, etc. are reinforced.  Then the instructor can draw the connection of that same punch used in motion, during poomse, to improve both the basic punch and the technique in poomse.  The stimulus-response has created a connection for the student, and then the accommodation and equilibrium are put into play for the student to evolve and improve.

Combining stimulus-response with the other theories of cognitivism and humanism sounds disconnected; but they can be put to work together to enhance learning and performance.  The experienced Colorado Taekwondo Institute instructor can do this intuitively; and all instructors can benefit from studying these theories. The instructor presents all necessary information to follow Component Display Theory; is aware of the basic needs of their student as in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; and maintains consistent stimulus-response in the instruction situation, as in behaviorism.

The instructor, to use these theories properly, should also be capable of identifying the learning style that their student best responds to.  Many younger children need a visual, aural, and physical presentation of instruction.  Often, older students vary between logical and physical with visual aspects.  Teaching different students at once means the instructor has to incorporate this knowledge during class, adapting methods as students appear to follow, or be confused by a given instruction.  Most experienced instructors say what they are doing, then show what they are doing, then say it again, before asking the student to perform the technique – allowing at least three learning styles to be addressed at once.  The martial arts instructor also can face a certain student, or position themselves to best see the process and progress of their students.

Being familiar with different learning theories and learning styles allows the taekwondo instructor to best reach and instruct each student in an individual manner – even in a large class setting.  The more knowledge the martial arts school instructor has of their students, the better the instruction.
Using aspects of all the listed learning theories happens regularly in Colorado Taekwondo Institute classes, as the instructors put the students first and adapt to best teach each person.  Contact us at to see how our instruction can best help you and your child achieve your goals!


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Monday, September 14, 2015

26th DMAC Kicks It!

The 26th Denver Martial Arts Championships was excellent!  The two day event took place at Alameda International High School in Lakewood, Colorado on September 11-12.  Students and instructors came from many campuses and clubs for the annual event sponsored by the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, the American Martial Arts Sports and Education Association and Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts Institute.

The championships began on Friday evening with black belt competitions including Free Sparring, First Point Wins!, Staff Poomse and Poomse-Breaking.

26th DMAC Black Belt Grand Champions: Bridget Sautel, Tyler Murphy, and Natasha McKernan

Here are the results!


1st place
Julian Marine, Jacob Hoenmans, Kyle Janowski, Katelyn Minden, Jonah Elstad, Gwen Gutierrez, Devan Bagley, Katie Dahl, Merrick Oleszek,  Abbey Salamera, Caela McCartney, Brynn Konrad, Ryan Wyngarden, Rick Orton, Derek Simpson, Phillip Hoenmans, Trish Nguyen, Tyler Brooks, Elijah Blue, Owen Hughes, Taylor Allen, James Black, Ed Stanton, Evan Strickfaden, Greg Rodriguez, Zach Farr, Bryce Riffle, Arkhip Saratovtsev, Sean Huntley, Meryn Probasco, Gillian Boswell, Keira Jacobo, Mateo Piza, Kylee Ruhser, Aiden Sturm, Yosef Rutan, Jason Stencel, Jr., Isabella Lasater, Emily Chavez, Lance Schwartz, Ellie Stanton, Megan Garcia, Dylan Soule, Zach Bickford

2nd place
Jack Henning, William Maes, Luke Walker, Kylie Bickford, Calvin Jensen, Evelyn LaMorgese, Nina Madayag, Lindsey Boswell, Chase Wyngarden, Elizabeth Hawkins, Jakob Deverell, Cody Jacobson, Makayla Trapp, Taryn Dwyer, Uriah Hernandez, Payton Reynolds,Dakota Jesse, Marley Griffin, Anya Trilk, Gaven Brave,
Elliot Logan, David Malec, T. J. Tibbetts, Isaac Downs, Angelenna Amaducci, Peyton Beard, Caidan White, Hudson Van Voorhees, Diego Quezada, Braden Schmidt, Kevin Villa, Robert Haight, Jason Stencel, Sr., Adolph Ordaz, Aiyana Godwin, Walyon Keane, Audrey Logan, Caidan Murphy, Alex Schwartz, Theryn Ochsner, Rusty Martino, Tyler Cobb, Josh Stencel, Will Kennedy

3rd place
Quynn Cotner, Oliver Faler, Mitchell Oleszek, Braden Zach, Grant Haverkamp, Konner Evans, Charlie Smith, Lauren Smith, Robbie Crandell, Mya Field, Dante Hulin, Joshua Miller, Dean Loux, Irene Kim, Devon Lewis, Elise Smith, Matt Nguyen, Lee Tomjack, Kirun Agarwal, Colton Blake, Bradan Zandin, Krustal Shockley, Brecken Lusk, Donovan Penrod, Sigourney Zager, Christopher Cardella, Gabe Zinser, Jovan Moore, Lucah Meyer, Isaac Jensen, Jeremiah Block,   Tyler Gray, Alexis Block, Jack Weichert, Nick Tibbetts, Tatum Fahey, Kaylyn McEwan, Adina Johnson, Amadeo Sandoval, Carson Mack, Ashton Price, Colton Walker

4th place
Jasmine Salamera, Chad Bickford, Nico Trilk, T.J. Gutierrez, Kaddie Williams, Aspen Hawkins, Logan Gill, Sean Konrad, Sam La Morgese, Johnny Williams, Devon Bilyeu, Melodie Page, Bowen Meyer, Libby Girard, Campbell  Copt, Isaac Jensen, Ethan Girard, Evan Zdechlik, Katelynn Ward, Paul Tafoya, Melissa Black, Adrian Farr, Hunter Nicholas, Autumn Manuelito, Aydon Lewis, Colin Palminteri, Logan Brooks, Donovan Jarrett, Alaina Faler      


1st place
Marcus Monie, Aidan Soule, Andrew Roy Wolfe, Leto Ochsner, Enzo DiAlessandro, Allan Stanton, Dylan Wellensiek, Brady Teagan, Channing Toal, Cole Massa, Tait Shamus, Cooper Ivie, Lucy Walker, Alexandra Kennedy, Aspen Block


1st place
Bridget Sautel, Tyler Murphy, Shekina DeTienne, Jennifer McKernan, Ethan Trapp, Theo Lincke

2nd place
Erik Ondrejko, Coghan Spery, Lydia Lincke, Kyle Feagans, Natasha McKennan, Nathaniel McKernan

3rd place
Andy McDaniel, Hope Morgan, Kathleen Sautel, Eric Evans, Kenny Brancio, Justin Lautrup

4th place
Nick Slinkard, Collin Kreutz, Emily Brophy, Eileen Lindner, Casey Feagans, Ethan Price  

BREAKING (Under Black Belt)

1st place
Ed Stanton, Jovan Moore, Arkhip Saratovtcev, Zach Farr, Christopher Cardella, Derek Simpson, Devan Bagley, Aspen Hawkins, Dakota Jesse, Calvin Jensen, T.J. Gutierrez, Brecken Lusk, Taylor Allen,  Mariah Cordova, Payton Reynolds, Phillip Hoenmans, Kaddie Williams, Chad Bickford, R. J. Larson, Kylie Bickford, Nico Trilk, Chase Wyngarden


1st place
Bridget Sautel, Collin Kreutz, Caleb Feagans, Jennifer McKernan,  
Brian Steward

2nd place
Hope Morgan, Tyler Murphy, Emily Brophy, Theo Lincke, Eric Evans

3rd place
Andy McDaniel, Peyton Brauch, Natasha McKernan, Eileen Lindner,
Zack Greaves

4th place
Erik Ondrejko, Don  Johnson, Kathleen Sautel, Lexi Johannes, Nick Slinkard


1st place
Andy McDaniel, Erik Ondrejko, Hope Morgan, Ethan Trapp, Nick Slinkard, Natasha McKernan, Trish Nguyen, Dante Hulin, Konnor Evans, Casey Feagans, Katie Dahl, Ryan Wyngarden, Dakota Jesse, Waylon Keane, Marley Griffin, Chad Bickford, Peyton Reynolds, Megan Garcia, Ben Techmeyer, Sean Haverkamp, Emily Chavez, Brynn Konrad, Alex Price, Devan Bagley, Susan Burgstiner, Issac Downs, T.J. Tibbetts, Sigourney Zager, R. J. Reynolds, Chase Wyngarden, Kyle Janowski, Ellie Stanton, Amadeo Sandoval, Will Kennedy, Zach Bickford, Tyler Brooks, Gavon Brase, Adina Johnson, Aidan Sturm, Nick Tibbetts, Quynn Cotner, Braden Zack, Evan Strickfaden, Robert Haight, Ed Stanton, Kirun Agarwal, Zach Farr, Arkhip Saratovtsev, Mateo Piza      

2nd place
Brian Steward, Don Johnson, Collin Kretuz, Bridget Sautel, Peyton Brauch, Lexi Johannes, Rusty Martino, Carson Mack, Lauren Dahlberg, William Maes, Derek Simpson, Caela McCartney, Lucah Meyer, Gillian Boswell, Taylor Allen, Donovan Penrod, Kevin Villa, Chris Cardella, Ethan Girard, Braden Schmidt, Darcy Stanton, Jason Stencel, Sr., Paul Tafoya, Adolph Ortiz, Greg Rodriguez, Alex Schwartz, Evan O'Finelly, Lance Schwartz, Katelyn Minden, Issac Jensen, Oliver Faler, Tyler Gray, Caiden Murphy, Yosef Rutan, Theryn Ochsner, Elijah Alire, Merrick Oleszek, Mitchell Oleszek, Irene Kim, Charlie Smith, Zayne Lineberger, Kylie Bickford, Josh Miller, Lindsey Boswell, Gwen Gutierrez, Abbey Salamera, Sam LaMorgese, Rick Orton, Logan Gill                      

3rd place
Emily Brophy, Caleb Feagans, Lydia Lincke, Coghan Spery, Zach Greaves, Kyle Feagans, Sarah Dahle, Jakob Deverell, Calvin Jensen, Melvin Marine, Logan Brooks, Jacob Hoenmans, Jameson Healy, Mya Field, Makayla Trapp, Kaddie Williams, Nico Trilk, Aspen Hawkins, Cody Jacobson, Jonah Elstad, Nancy Fanning, Julian Marine, Sean Konrad, Aydon Lewis, Kaylyn McEwan, Dylan Soule, Colin Palminteri, Joshua Stencel, Owen Hughes, Benson White, Kylee Rusher, Jack Henning, Audrey Logan, Peyton Beard, Matthew Ordaz, Bruce Riffle, Adrian Farr, Krystal Shockley, Diego Quezada, Caiden White, Aidan Hutchison, Colton Blake, Sean Huntley, Mariah Cordova, Katelyn Ward, Elliott Logan, Ashton Price, Anya Trilk

4th place
Ethan Price, Eric Evans, Jack Eddy, Jennifer McKernan, Kenny Brancio, Kathleen Sautel, Jason Stencel, Jr., Tyler Cobb, Angeleena Amaducci, Meryn Probasco, Johnny Williams, Lauren Lundeen, Jovan Moore, Gabe Zinser, Bown Meyer, Ethan Dwyer, Brendan Zandin,       Evan Zdechlik, Bill Schwartz, Hunther Nicholas, Autumn Manuelito,   Isabella Lasater, Jack Weichert, Allan Stanton, Lenox Jacobo, Tatum Fahey, Donovan Jarrett, Robbie Crandell, Grant Haverkamp, Lydia Willis, Devon Lewis, Uriah Hernandez, Evelyn LaMorgese, Nikki Garcia, T.J. Gutierrez, Dean Loux


1st place
Trish Nguyen, Konnor Evans, Chad Bickford, Jacob Deverell, Dakota Jesse, Peyton Reynolds, Makayla Trapp, Brynn Konrad, Zayne Lineberger, Kaddie Williams, Jonah Elstad, Irene Kim, R.J. Larson,   Sean Konrad, Elijah Alire, Tatum Fahey, Amadeo Sandoval, Will Kennedy, Joshua Stencel, Owen Hughes, Gavin Brase, Adina Johnson, Nick Tibbetts, Aidan Sturm, Alex Schwartz, Peyton Beard, Adolf Ordaz, Robert Haight, Jason Stencel, Sr., Kirun Agarwal, Zach Farr, Arkhip Saratovtsev, Bowen Meyer, Isaac Downs, T.J. Tibbetts, Libby Girard, Gillian Boswell, Elliot Logan, William Maes, Emily Chavez, Carson Mack, Rusty Martino, Ryan Wyngarden

2nd place          
Elise Smith, Logan Gill, Melvin Marine, Dante Hulin, Kameron Evans, Elizabeth Hawkins, Casey Feagans, Jasmine Salamera, Alex Price, Katie Dahl, Charlie Smith, Susan Burstiner, Julian Marine, Robbie Crandell, Aydon Lewis, Ellie Stanton, Dylan Soule, Colin Palmenteri,   Tyler Gray, Oliver Faler, Jack Weichert, Isabella Lasater, Lance Schwartz, Evan O'Finelly, Audrey Logan, Branden Zack, Matthew Ordaz, Bryce Riffle, Ed Stanton, Krystal Shockley, Diego Quezada,     Caidan White, Mateo Piza, Kevin Villa, Jovan Moore, Taylor Allen, Keira Jacobo, Ben Techmeyer, Ashton Price, Lauren Dahlberg, Waylon Keane, Jacob Hoenmans, Josh Miller

Friday, September 4, 2015

A CTI Testimonial: Part 2

Hannah E.

Martial arts kid breaking board with side kickMy son began taking Taekwondo at Colorado Taekwondo Institute 18 months ago and has loved every minute of it! In fact, he can't get enough of the martial arts for kids, of the personal and physical challenges and of the caring staff. While attending CTI, my son (and entire family) has benefited from: 1. the incredible staff, 2. top quality skills training, 3. education and support in maintaining high values and morals, 4. awareness of caring for the community we live in, 5. being challenged mentally and physically

  1. The staff at CTI has been nothing less than amazing! the skill and the experience of the instructions has provided top-notch instruction for my son. I love how the teachers take the time to point out the finest of detail to help my son be the best he can be. They pay careful attention to all the students so they can all see improvement and growth. It is also obvious that they care for their students as individuals and take the time to learn more about their life outside of Taekwondo. 
  2. My son is very competitive and enjoys the competition at tournaments. He has never placed less then 2nd and has mostly received 1st place trophies and metals. It is important to him that his skill training be the best in the area to ensure the continues success at tournaments. We are very impressed with the top quality skills training. 
  3. Colorado Taekwondo institute is intentional on teaching high morals and values to all their students. My son has benefited in all areas of his life from this. Specifically, the five tenets of Taekwondo are behaviors that are developed and expected from their students. Those tenants are Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and indomitable Spirit. 
  4. We are very impressed with the involvement CTI has in the community! They do can food and clothes drives, they collect and donate turkeys, they rally for those in special and specific needs and teach the students to be a part of caring for others. 
  5. It is very important that my son is challenged both mentally and physically. I love how CTI continuously provides him with new challenges every month. Whether it is learning a new form or a new character trait, my son is always challenged to do more, get better and have fun! I highly recommend Colorado Taekwondo Institute to my family, friends and all people who are looking for Martial Arts training.

Tammy V.

We couldn’t be happier with CTI and specifically the Westminster school and their martial arts for kids. We enrolled our daughter about a year and a half ago for many reasons, among which was a slight bullying problem, and she has learned so much during this time. Her self-confidence has increased tremendously. In today’s crazy world it’s unfortunate that, as parents, you look to find tools to give your children that will help protect them now, in middle and high school, and beyond. What we love so much about CTI is the fact that even though they are teaching self-defense, they do not teach the kids to fight/stay and fight, but give them the confidence to walk away from a troubled situation or the skills needed to provide themselves with an opportunity to get away. An example of the confidence it has given her is that when her school went into lock-down last year, while many of the children were frightened and emotional, our daughter said she wasn’t that scared because she knew she and some other classmates knew Taekwondo. How amazing is that, that at 9 years old she was able to feel secure in an unnerving situation!

The instructors are amazing and really care about each child and their individual training. The leadership skills that our daughter is learning are invaluable. The instructors give opportunities right off the bat for the children to help lower belts in their training, whether they are one belt above or several, fostering bonds and teaching skills and the attitude of helping others. They do a great job at motivating the kiddos to keep them engaged and excited about the program. The instructors are able to balance a form of teaching that allows them to instruct and correct the children with discipline while doing it in a fun and non-threatening manner. The tournaments, the encouraging words in class, the extra-curricular activities which allow the children to have fun with each other and their instructors outside of working hard in the class room, the summer camp opportunities, are just a few of the things CTI does to keep the children enthusiastic and motivated and wanting more. Thank you CTI for the skills you have given our daughter and we look forward to many more years at CTI and happily recommend them every chance we get.