Friday, March 25, 2016

Why you should consider the Colorado Taekwondo Institute

By Devon Bilyeu, Red Belt

The best martial arts school for martial arts training

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute, or CTI, is an amazing martial arts school. Our mission is to encourage world-class leadership through educational excellence and Moo Sul Kwan martial arts traditions. Moo Sul Kwan is the style of taekwondo training we practice here at this school. The CTI has been teaching Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo for over thirty years. Our schools are certified by the AMASEA, or American Martial Arts Sports and Education Association, making sure that we provide our students with only the finest martial arts training.

Taekwondo is a martial art, very similar to another martial art form, karate. In taekwondo, we learn many things that are similar to other martial art forms. In CTI Taekwondo schools, we teach basic punches, kicks, self-defense routines and many other things.

Here at these CTI schools, we offer many class options for all different ages, starting at two years old. Two through five-year-olds are considered “tiger” belts, five through ten year olds are considered “juniors”, and ten and up are considered “solid” belts. There is a different belt format for each age group. The belt levels start at white belt and then move up from there, from yellow, to orange, green, blue, purple, brown, red, and finally, black. We teach classes six days a week at most campuses. There are five campuses in the Denver area; Green Mountain, Littleton, Golden, Westminster, Conifer and Craig. Days of certain classes may differ depending on your campus. Some classes include the daily classes, and other advanced classes like Black Belt Club, which teaches you many things different from regular class, including advanced self-defense and whole other sets of poomse (patterned movements/forms). There is also LeAD team, which stands for Leadership through Academic Development. This special class teaches students many things, from tournament judging to how to answer the phone. This class is held on Saturday mornings, and to attend you must be a Black Belt Club member. There are also many other class options for black belts, including Master’s Club and Power Taekwondo.

We have many events, here at the CTI. These events include tournaments, camps, expos, demonstrations, and many others. In a normal class, we start with jumping jacks, then move on to stretches. Then we do basics, which includes the basic strikes, blocks and kicks. Then comes poomse, which are a series of patterned movements. There are many other things taught in class, but classes generally follow this basic format. In tournaments, there are normally three main events, which will vary depending on belt level. These three events are poomse, where students compete with their highest or most practiced poomse. There is also sparring, where students strike and kick legal areas (with pads on of course!). Students don’t start sparring until they are “junior” belts or higher. The final event is board breaking. This event will depend on your age and belt level. Usually you have to be a “solid” belt (at least ten years old) and at the orange belt level and up. Many of the other events are a lot of fun and they teach you a lot.

This martial art is very similar to karate, as I said earlier. In karate you may learn many of the same things. Punches, kicks, blocks, and many other techniques are very similar to other martial arts, including kids karate. Taekwondo, or the CTI more specifically, is an educational martial arts program, making sure that students get leadership, self control and goal setting skills along with their training. Enforcing self-control, at the end of class we bow out while saying “Ho-Shin” which is a Korean saying meaning self-control before self-defense.

If you are considering starting martial arts, I highly recommend the CTI schools. This martial arts program provides many life skills along with martial arts training. We start classes at age two, so almost no age is too early to start. This program is a ton of fun and gets you in shape very quickly. The CTI is an amazing martial art school that teaches taekwondo, and we always have room for new members, so come give it a try!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Martial Arts Lessons for You: Conifer Edition

Martial arts classes in conifer, the best taekwondo lessons available

Mountains have become synonymous with health and fitness. From mountain biking, climbing, and hiking in the summer to skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing in the winter, the mountain are filled with calorie burning activities.  But, maybe you're looking for something new. Taekwondo is one calorie burning activity that you might not think of in the mountains.

Taekwondo classes in Conifer is rapidly growing activity at the campus of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. The classes are led by highly qualified instructors and provide high intensity, calorie burning fun. The classes contain students of all different experience levels. The levels are distinguished by belts from white all the way up to degrees of black belts. The classes are tailored to be challenging for the beginners and advanced at the same time.  Almost all of the exercises are done just by stretching and moving your own body without any extra equipment or weights. Imagine getting a tremendous workout that builds muscle, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and agility using nothing but your own body.  The workout can be experienced and shared by all the members of your family.

The workouts in the Conifer Taekwondo location are performed in a clean and spacious workout room. The carpeted custom suspension floors provide a support and cushion for joints while working out. It's hard to explain how much fun jumping and exercising can be with that little extra bounce in your step. That little extra cushion gives the younger students more confidence and gives the older adult student a little bit of a fountain of youth.

Even if you aren't in the class, there are many large windows that allow parents or children to view from the lobby. The lobby area provides a comfortable area to watch all the fun happening behind the glass. The school is also located next the Liks Ice Cream shop so you can enjoy some ice cream before or after class. The Conifer school is also below 3 Margaritas Mexican restaurant for some good food after a great workout.

The Conifer campus of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute is lead by Grandmaster James M. Sautel, a 7th degree black belt in Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo. Grandmaster Sautel has help from several other “home grown” assistant instructors. All instructors of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute started out as white belt students in the school. Each instructor has been developed and educated in the best methods of instruction in martial arts classes in Conifer. Quality instruction provides the basis for getting the most out each class.

The experiences at Conifer school aren't limited to classes. The Colorado Taekwondo Institute provides events year round to meet with the other 5 campuses around Colorado and the Denver metro area.  The events include tournaments where we compete with other equally aged and experienced students.  Other events include weekend getaways in the mountains where students can focus on having fun and learning while enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery.

So, when your looking to try something out of the normal mountain routine, the martial arts classes in Conifer can provide a great way to cross-train for any of the other normal activities.  The increase in core strength, flexibility, and endurance can be a benefit for mountain biking, rock climbing and skiing. Try it out!

The Conifer school of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute is located in the 285 corridor in the Conifer Marketplace shopping center, easily accessible for everyone in Conifer, Bailey and Evergreen.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Kid's Martial Arts: A Parent's Perspective

By Eric Evans, 2nd dan

As a parent it can be difficult to find good activities for your children.  There are either too many choices or your children have interest in activities that may not be the most beneficial to their development. Part of this development should be a focus on discipline, respect and self control. One program that provides all of these and more is a Children’s Taekwondo program.

I have two boys who are now 12 and 14 years old. Both have been in a kids taekwondo program for over 9 years. I love the benefits we see as parents and the benefits the boys see for themselves. When I asked my 14 year old what he saw as the biggest benefit from the taekwondo program, he stated Self-Control. Approaching his teenage years is difficult enough. The experience gained in the children’s taekwondo program at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute has taught him how to have:

  • Self-control with others and in difficult situations
  • How to maintain focus inside and outside classroom
  • A desire for educational excellence
  • Identifying and achieving appropriate goals
  • An increase in self-esteem and confidence
  • Learning to respect others as you respect yourself

Kids doing taekwondo in a kids karate classThe culture and curriculum should be the primary factors in choosing the right school for your family. Price and location are factors, but they cannot make up for good instruction and the long term benefits of a successful martial arts program.

Some of the qualities to look for are:

  • The type of classroom instruction
  • Events that are provided such as tournaments, seminars and conventions
  • Are the students encouraged to attend extracurricular activities
  • Educational aspects, like monthly homework
  • A genuine focus on safety and what is best for the students
To learn more about the program offered at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute and to see if it's the program for your children, give us a call at 303-428-5377 or you can request more information right here on our website.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Our Mission Statement

Colorado martial arts school teaching leadership to studentsBy Hope Morgan, 2nd dan

What is a mission statement?

Well, a mission statement is essentially an organization’s motto, the core purpose and focus everyone strives to live by. It communicates a sense of intended direction for the entirety of the organization and serves as a sort of backbone.

“To encourage and develop world-class leaders…”

In MSK Taekwondo, we want everyone to become superb leaders. We want our students to embody characteristics such as perseverance, integrity, and courtesy in developing themselves and in turn, use those traits to lead others to greatness. Each and every one of our students has the capability of positively influencing others and we have made it our mission to aid them in uncovering and growing their fantastic leadership skills.

“...through educational excellence…”

We believe that the best leaders are intelligent which is why we so greatly stress the importance of education, both in and out of our training. We require monthly homeworks, written tests, and good grades in school, all to better the student academically. It is crucial for students to develop their minds as a tool in developing their leadership skills.

...and Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts traditions.”

Leaders are also developed through a strong foundation. At the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, we pride ourselves on the strength of our infrastructure. We do the same routine every class - warm-ups, basics, poomse. With the continued practice of our base, our students are able to more effectively teach others the same skills.

Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo is the best in that it goes beyond just learning self-defense techniques. Our students recognize the importance of developing our character along with our martial arts. Through our focus on education and tradition, our students undoubtedly become the best leaders around.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Getting Fit: Taekwondo Classes Are For You!

By Theo Lincke, 2nd dan

Adult doing fitness in a martial arts classesKeeping physical shape as an adult is difficult. Long work hours and sparse time are both inevitable for a busy adult who who works full time. These often get in the way of a healthy and physical lifestyle. Colorado Taekwondo Institute provides adults with hour to hour and a half long classes two or more days a week that can fit your busy work schedules. Classes are flexible to meet with your needs. If you’re looking for some way to work out and keep active that involves flexible hours, Taekwondo is a perfect opportunity for adults who just don’t have the time. Have kids to look after? No worries. Colorado Taekwondo Institute provides classes for all ages and all body types (read our article about kid’s martial arts here). While you’re busy breaking a sweat, your children can come along and work out beside you. The various health benefits of taekwondo and adult martial arts are vast. Taekwondo provides well crafted exercise, stress relief, and a mentally healthy lifestyle.

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute offers classes that are filled with physically challenging but reachable goals. Taekwondo teaches adults how to properly and healthily workout. The majority of adults in CTI have participated in taekwondo most of their lives without any major injuries. Instructors are constantly supervising their students, making sure what they are doing is safe. Every class is challenge, and a place where you build new workout habits. (read our article about martial arts exercise here) Martial Arts also teach students how to be self directed learners, letting students of all ages be motivated to workout at home and their free time.

Martial arts provide excellent stress relievers as well. Traditional adult self-defense classes let students communicate with their peers while also learn how to remain calm under stressful environments. In the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, instructors are well educated leaders. Each instructor has been training for the majority of their lives, as well as being very well educated in school, martial arts and teaching all ages. In a typical class, a student will exercise and relieve their built up stress. Various studies have shown a correlation between exercise and stress relief. Martial arts purely motivates students to conquer their stress and create a lifestyle of happiness and inspiration.

Martial arts for adults also help you improve in your daily and working lives through educational excellence and martial arts discipline. The goal of Colorado Taekwondo is, "To encourage world-class leadership through educational excellence and Moo Sul Kwan martial arts traditions”. Martial arts not only teach you how to be proficient in combative techniques, but also how to be a leader in your working environment. The first lesson in the Colorado Taekwondo Institute teaches its students courtesy, integrity, self control, perseverance and how to have an indomitable spirit. Each one of these tenets helps you succeed in your job and social life.

If you’re a busy adult looking for the most efficient source of exercise, taekwondo is a great option. Colorado Taekwondo Institute has locations in Lakewood, Littleton, Westminster, Golden, Conifer, and Craig; as well as various after school programs and community outreach events.