Monday, September 24, 2018

Potential for Greatness

By Sarah Luper, 1st dan

Everyone has potential.  Potential is a hight that every person can strive for.  Potential is being successful in what you want to accomplish for yourself.  Each person has a different potential for greatness, but that does not mean that there are lesser potentials.  Each person must also unlock their own individual potential and overcome their obstacles to reach their potential.  Sometimes a person’s potential can lie hidden and unknown, but everyone’s potential can be realized if they pay attention and give it their all. 

For example, everyone has the potential to become a knowledgeable and well trained black belt. It could be you or me, or the kid sitting across from you at lunch or even someone nice you met at the library last Tuesday.  If anyone worked hard for it and payed attention, they could live up to their potential to be an awesome future black belt.

Realizing our potential for greatness does not always come easy.  One cannot expect to become their bettered selves simply overnight.  Sometimes, improvement can take quite a lot of dedication and hard work.  Just like an Olympic athlete is at the very top of their skill, they did not wake up one morning to find themselves with a gold medal around their neck.  They had to put years of work and effort to realize their potential to become the best. One must have a lot of perseverance and integrity and indomitable spirit to build their potential. 

It also must be understood that having weaknesses does not limit your potential in any way.  Not a single person is without weakness. Even though weakness might be difficult to overcome sometimes, they cannot prevent us from attaining our individual potentials.  We can work on improving our weaknesses so we can successfully work on achieving our potentials. Those who never try in spite of their weaknesses will never move forward to achieve anything.

Personal potential is what everyone should strive for in their lives.  Everyone has different potentials and everyone is special in their goals and abilities.  The difference in everyone’s potential is what makes each of us unique. We should all be on the journey to unlocking our potential for greatness. 

Monday, September 17, 2018

20th Lee H. Park Team Championships

Patch for the participants of the 2018 Hanmadang Colorado Tournament

Our 20th Lee H. Park Team Championships takes place on December 1st at Alameda International Junior/Senior High School!

This is a very special annual event celebrating the memory of Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park, founder of Moo Sul Kwan and the American Martial Arts Sports and Education Association (AMASEA). To make this a special day a CTI Hanmadang - most of the competitions are team events and demonstrations.

Our 10th CTI Hanmadang event includes:  Team Poomse, Team One-Step Sparring / Self Defense, Team Breaking, Team Creative Basics and Quinto Team Kicking.  Individual events include  CTI Basicis Challenge and Staff Sparring.

Usually CTI Championship Tournaments last two days, usually a  Friday and a Saturday.  But this event in on Saturday only.  The action begins at 7:00 AM with black belts.  Check your schedule for times.

Register now if you haven't already!

Monday, September 10, 2018

The 29th Denver Martial Arts Championships was fantastic!

The 29th Denver Martial Arts Championships was fantastic!
Taekwondo black belt breaking board with knifehand strike

Beginning on Friday, September 7, at Alameda International High School, the annual fall event had students, instructors, family members and friends coming from all across the CTI.  Moo Sul Kwan Black Belts began the DMAC with poomse competitions.  There were many divisions of black belts of all ages performing intricate techniques in different patterns for the judging panels.  
After poomse, black belt sparring followed.  Black Belt competitors sparred well under the 1, 2, 3 and 4 point rules.  First Point Wins! was immediately after the regular free sparring.  In this event, whichever black belt scored first won.  
Then came black belt breaking! To accentuate the CTI's current mission of getting ready for the MSK's 50th Anniversary this year, special breaking rules were laid down for the 29th DMAC.  The breaking competitions for the black belt divisions were called, "The Quickest Breaking Combo in the West!"   Competitors had to successfully break all three targets to qualify for the quickest time.   At the end of the day, Eric Evans, 3rd dan from Westminster, broke his three targets in  .59 seconds!  Michael Sandusky, from Golden, was second quickest at 1.12 seconds and Andy McDaniel, from Littleton, was third quickest of the day at 1.31 seconds! Under 2 seconds on the day also were: Tyler Murphy, Natasha McKernan, Zach Greaves, Ethan Trapp, and Hope Morgan!
The DMAC action began the next day, September 8, at 7 AM with black belt Staff Poomse competitions.  After the exciting staff poomses, the purple, brown and red belts competed in poomse, sparring and breaking.  Younger students and older students from white through red belt competed the rest of the day in each of the 206 different divisions.
Congratulations to Kenny Brancio and Ethan Trapp for capturing the 29th DMAC Black Belt Grand Champion Awards.  
Special thanks goes to each of the scorekeepers and time keepers who helped during the day!  
See you at the 20th Lee H. Park Team Championships in December!

Here are the results:
1st placeZach Greaves, Kenny Brancio, Peyton Brauch, Stephen SautelKonner Evans, Ethan Trapp , Eric Evans , Jennifer McKernanEvelyn LaMorgese, Lauren Smith, Ed Stanton , Deb DennyEva Carreon, Alexis Chavez, Mariah Cordova, Coco DaileyKnox Den Hartog, Lars Den Hartog, Zoe Economou, Philip HoenmansCody Jacobson, Logan Kecklyer, Gillian Boswell, Emily GreenHank Haubner, Lily Laird, Nate Larson, Christian LloydLindy Mandelbaum, Julian Marine, Katelyn Minden , Da Minh TranThomas Misiak-Kacsh, Courtney Moen, Tegan Moore, Liam MulliganMicah Nelson, Magdalynn Nelson, Kylee Odom, Caleb PortMarley Powers, Malachai Romero, India Ross, Justin RuizMason Rutz, Isabella Sandoval, Alex Schwartz, Grant ShirleyAlex Tan, Sam Wolfe, Aksel Schow, Paxton BarnettAbby Booten
2nd placeAnnie Abbink, Abby Artman, Lucas Brown, Chris CardellaJonathan Castro, Debra Chandler, Averie Chavez, Katie DahleSarah Dahle, Amy Daly, Roland Dander, Kim FreemanLogan Gill, Finnegan Handlin, Calvin Haubner, Jameson HealyJacob Hoenmans, Isaac Jensen, Nathaniel Keckler, Irene KimBella Lasater, Rowan Lasater, Sabrina Liu, Ryan MarineAdny McDaniel, Nathaniel McKernan, Tyler Murphy, Caiden MurphyTheryn Ochsner, Merrick Oleszek, Mitchell Oleszek, Brian O’ReillyColin Palminteri, Erick Rodriguez, Caleb Romero, Kayla RomeroCarter Schucker, Mark Scott, Gregory Smagala, Aiden SouleAllan Stanton, Jason Stencel, Sr., Lydia Tan, Makayla TrappJuan Verni, Bradley Wangberg, Jude Weaver, Maxwell WeaverAhas Weerapura, Andrew Wilcox, Kaddie Williams, Jackson BabcockColton Shirley, Payton Dahm, Grant Erickson
3rd placeMax Babcock, Avery Barden, Devon Bilyeu, Charlie BootenLindsey Boswell, Mattox Bubenik, Susan Burgstiner, Adrianna CarreonCandice Chandler, Leo Clair, Tyler Cobb, Benjamin CrowleyWillam Crowley, Nate Florence, Liam Gilmore, T.J. GutierrezThomas Hurst, Miette Jandreau, Adina Johnson, Zoey KruppSam LaMorgese, Deb Larson, Eileen Lindner, Brecken LuskNina Madayag, Elsie McDonald, Warren McDonald, Hope MorganLeto Ochsner, Rick Orton, Bennett Parks, Sammy PowersEthan Price, Kylee Ruhser, Henry Rumph, Jordan RutzKathleen Sautel, Dylan Soule, Patrick Stolle, Aidan SturmNethika Suraweera, Taylor Tipton, Lee Tomjack, Judson Ver BeekEvan Weber, Lizzie Wilcox, Lydia Willis, Mia WolfeBrooks Wood, Colston Yoder, Sigourney Zager, Matthew JewettConnor Rhoden
4th placeTaneli Alahuhta, Dalton Cole, Lynne Dean, Evelyn FleetwoodTristan Garcia, David Gilsson, Alex Glisson, Anna GroseGwen Gutierrez, Dante Hulin, Sean Huntley, Sabrina JensenDon Johnson, Zane Kaulbach, Collin Kreutz, Amy KruppEverett Lasater, Kaylyn McEwan, Evan McEwan, Natasha McKernanMary Moen, Toby Palminteri, Jackie Penrod, Mateo PizaMaryn Probasco, Kayla Roberts, Bill Schwartz, Lance SchwartzEleanor Smagala, Ellie Stanton, Joshua Stencel, Atom TaylorDylan Wellensiek, Beth Wolfe, Ali Wolfe, Chase WyngardenBraden Zack, Evan Zdechlik, Liam Jewett, Julia ParrinelloCorrin Egan, Brecken Schubert

1st placeMaryn Rolfing, Alexander Newman, Rue Weerapura, Ava AlvaradoKora Wilcox, Dylan Perozzi, Kellan Barnett, Eddie GarnerJacob Mayberry, Roxy Codalbu, Seth McCallin, Nathaniel PierceGrace Bubenik, Oliver Garner, Rylan Wolfe, Keira HaubnerRay Clair, Chase Gentry, Hadley Wilkins

BREAKING (Black Belt)
1st placeEric Evans, Dante Hulin, Evelyn LaMorgese, Naatasha McKernan
Hope Morgan, Michael Sandusky, Ryan Wyngarden, Ethan Trapp

BREAKING (Under black belt)
1st placeLindsey Boswell, Mariah Cordova, Lars Den Hartog, Knox Den HartogTritan Garcia, Jacob Hoenmans, Cody Jacobson, Zane KaulbachBella Lasater, Brecken Lusk, Erick Rodriguez, Caleb RomeroHenry Rumph, Isabella Sandoval, Lauren Smith, Jason Stencel, Sr.Patrick Stolle, Nethika Suraweera, Layla Tran, Sam WolfeAdriana Carreon

1st placeNina Madayag, Stephen Sautel, Kenny Brancio, Michael SanduskyKatie Dahle, Ryan Wyngarden, Kathleen Sautel
2nd placeEthan Trapp, Merrick Oleszek, Andy McDaniel, Natasha McKernanCollin Kreutz, Devon Bilyeu, Nathanie McKernan
3rd placeDante Hulin, Kyle Feagans, Chase Wyngarden, Peyton BrauchJennifer McKernan, Makayla Trapp

1st placeMichael Sandusky, Bridget Sautel, Josh Miller, Gwen GutierrezChase Wyngarden, Lynne Dean, T. J Gutierrez, Chris CardellaJonathan Castro, Zoe Economou, Sabrina Jensen, Cody JacobsonSam LaMorgese, Lindy Mandelbaum, Tegan Moore, Toby PalminteriCaleb Port, Kayla Roberts, Atom Taylor, Layla TranJude Weaver, Lydia Willis, Susan Burgstiner, Gwen GutierrezFinnegan Handlin, Philip Hoenmans, Adina Johnson, Debra LarsonBrian O’Reilly, Marley Powers, Caleb Romero, Kylee RuhserLauren Smith, Ed Stanton, Darcy Stanton, Shaydon TuttleMaxwell Weaver, Evan Weber, Colston Yoder, Taneli AlahuhtaAbby Artman, Eva Carreon, Sarah Dahle, Isaac JensenLogan Keckler, Julia Parrinello, Sammy Powers, India Ross|Henry Rumph, Brecken Schubert, Dylan Soule, Allan StantonJohua Stencel, Bradley Wangberg, Ahas Weerapura, Weston Wolfe
2nd placeKenny Brancio, Mattox Bubenik, William Crowley, Kyle FeagansNate Florence, Calvin Haubner, Zoey Krupp, Mary MoenHope Morgan, Tyler Murphy, Erick Rodriguez, Colton ShirleyMax Babcock, Paxton Barnett, Charlie Booten, Averie ChavezTyler Cobb, Shekina Detienne, David Glisson, Lily LairNate Larson, Ryan Marine, Bennett Parks, Jackie PenrodMateo Piza, Taylor Tipton, Sam Wolfe, Kirun AgarwaAndrei Amihalachio, Vivi Brown, Amy Daly, Evelyn LaMorgeseKim Freeman, Tristan Garcia, Logan Gill, Liam GilmoreDante Hulin, Irene Kim, Bella Lasater, Rowan LasaterSabrina Liu, Dean Loux, Brecken Lusk, Elsie McDonaldTim McNamara, Courtney Moen,  Theryn Ochsner, Kylee OdomMeryn Probasco, Malachai Romero, Aiden Soule, Jason Stencel, JrDa Minh Tran, Makayla Trapp, Andrew Wilcox, Brooks Wood
3rd placeAnnie Abbink, Dalton Cole, Roland Dander, Deb DennyAlex Glisson, Everett Lasater, Nina Madayag, Liam MulliganMerrick Oleszek, Justin Ruiz, Isabella Sandoval, Carter SchuckerEleanor Smagala, Ellie Statnton, Jason Stencel, Alex TanEthan Trapp, Judson Ver Beek, Lizzie Wilcox, Kaddie WilliamsBeth Wolfe, Debra Chandler, Alexis Chavez, Benjamin CrowleyPayton Dahm, Jacob Hoenmans, Katelyn Minden, Leto OchsnerMitchell Oleszek, Rick Orton, Rylan Wolfe, Ryan WyngardenKeira Haubner, Lindsey Boswell, Gillian Boswell, Peyton BrauchLars Den Hartog, Corrin Egan, Hank Haubner, Sean HuntleyChristian Jezek, Christian Lloyd, Warren McDonald, Jennifer McKernanCaiden Murphy, Micah Nelson, Kathleen Sautel, Aksel SchowAlex Schwartz, Nethika Suraweera, Soren Vanderstek, Dyan WellensiekMia Wolfe
4th placeAvery Barden, Katie Dahle, Amy Krupp, Julian MarineColin Palminteri, Knox Den Hartog, Konner Evans, Nathaniel KecklerGregory Smagala, Devon Bilyeu, Abby Booten, Thomas BurdenAdriana Carreon, Coco Dailey, Eric Evans, Kameron EvansOliver Garner, Zach Greaves, Emily Green, Miette JandreauLiam Jewett, Zane Kaubach, Jennifer Kautz, Evelyn LaMorgeseKaylyn McEwan, Natasha McKernan, Thomas Misiak-Kacsh, Donovan PenrodConnor Rhoden, Kaya Romero, Mason Rutz, Jordan RutzLance Schwartz, Patrick Stolle, Andra Vieru, Rue WeerapuraAli Wolfe, Evan Zdechlik

1st placeKenny Brancio, Ethan Trapp, Nina Madayag, Kyle FeagansHope Morgan, Tyler Murphy, Merrick Oleszek, Katie DahleChris Cardella, Jonathan Castro, Zoe Economou, Cody JacobsonSabrina Jensen, Sam LaMorgese, Lindy Mandelbaum, Tegan MooreToby Palminteri, Caleb Port, Kayla Roberts, Atom TaylorLayla Tran, Jude Weaver, Lydia Willis, Mattox BubenikWilliam Crowley, Nate Florence, Calvin Haubner, Zoey KruppMary Moen, Erick Rodriguez, Colton Shirley, Annie AbbinkDalton Cole, Roland Dander, Deb Denny, Alex GlissonEverett Lasater, Liam Mulligan, Justin Ruiz, Isabella SandovalCarter Schucker, Eleanor Smagala, Ellie Stanton, Jason StencelAlex Tan, Judson Ver Beek, Lizzie Wilcox, Kaddie WilliamsBeth Wolfe, Avery Barden, Katie Dahle, Amy KruppJulian Marine, Colin Palminteri, Lucas Brown, Aidan SturmLydia Tan

2nd placeSusan Burgstiner, Gwen Gutierrez, Finnegan Handlin, Philip HoenmansAdina Johnson, Deb Larson, Brian O’Reilly, Marley PowersCaleb Romero, Kylee Ruhser, Lauren Smith, Ed StantonDarcy Stanton, Shaydon Tuttle, Maxwell Weaver, Evan WeberChase Wyngarden, Colston Yoder, Max Babcock, Paxton BarnettCharlie Booten, Averie Chavez, Tyler Cobb, Shekina DetienneDavid Glisson, Lily Laird, Nate Larson, Ryan MarineBennett Parks, Jackie Penrod, Mateo Piza, Taylor TiptonSam Wolfe, Debra Chandler, Alexis Chavez, Benjamin CrowleyPayton Dahm, Jacob Hoenmans, Katelyn Minden, Leto OchsnerMitchell Oleszek, Rick Orton, Rylan Wolfe, Ryan WyngardenKeria Haubner, Knox Den Hartog, Konner Evans, Nathaniel KecklerGregory Smagala, Candice Chandler, Jameson Healy, Collin KreutzEileen Lindner, Evan McEwan, Tina Vo, Sigourney Zager

Black Belt Grand Champions: Kenny Brancio and Ethan Trapp