Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Break Day Camp at the Green Mountain Campus


Students from a martial arts spring break day camp in Lakewood CODon't forget Spring Break Day Camp starts tomorrow, Tuesday, March 28th. It goes through Thursday, March 30th. Spring Break Day Camp is open to all students ages 5 to adult. (Adults, if you can only come one day, Thursday is a good option, but you are welcome anytime though.)

You can register online at: Day Camp Registration

Or you can just drop in and pay at the door.

The morning sessions are from 8:30am - 11am and the afternoon sessions are from noon - 2:30pm. Please bring or send a lunch if staying for both sessions.

Talk to your instructor for more information!

Monday, March 20, 2017


By Khristin Paisley, Conifer Campus

The concept of “modesty” is diverse.  We can look it up in a dictionary, we can search on Pinterest. We see examples of it, or the lack thereof, in our daily life and can draw our own conclusions about what it means to us as individuals, parents, students, teachers, mentors, and children.  Our personal use and definition of “modesty” and behaving modestly are dependent upon many things as well.
How we were raised, our cultural identity and norms, and social settings, are just a few of the factors that help us to understand and internalize the meaning of “modesty.”

The most basic and uncomplicated definition of “modesty” is to dress, act, speak and behave in a manner that doesn’t draw excessive attention to ourselves thus allowing others to have equal opportunity to “shine.”  The essence of the “concept” is to respect others and respect yourself.   It takes an emotionally secure person to know they do not need to boast to the world how wonderful, attractive, smart, successful and accomplished he/she is.  When a person has this level of self-respect, respect for others and self-confidence it is apparent in daily life.

Martial arts woman working hard carrying a log on a taekwondo race“Being humble means recognizing that we are not on Earth to see how important we can become, but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others.” –Gordon B. Hinckley

“Be humble. Be hungry. And always be the hardest worker in the room.” –Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The above quotes are from two different individuals, one is a religious leader, and the other is a pop culture icon.  Two very different individuals, however; they speak of the same concept.  It is important to be a contributor, and to allow your success to speak for itself.

Modesty allows for success to speak for itself. It doesn’t mean a person can’t have pride, but the kind of pride they do have is quiet and self-assured.  They are content to allow others their own time in the spotlight.  They know their personal value and this helps create positivity, and harmony especially in interactions with others.

None of this means a modest person never has moments of arrogance, nor does it mean an arrogant person is always arrogant and incapable of modesty.  To be a certain way one hundred percent of the time isn’t possible nor realistic.  The way we conduct ourselves the majority of the time denotes our character, and modesty or arrogance are simply facets thereof.  It is what we put out into the world and is inevitably what we reap that effects our daily lives.  It is the lens with which we view the world and through which the world views us.  A modest person understands one of the ultimate truths which is: “When we allow another’s light to shine it doesn’t diminish our own.  It simply creates a brighter world for all.”  Isn’t that the kind of world we all want to live in?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

43rd CTI Super Bowl was Super!

Martial arts black belts doing a high Taekwondo roundhouse kick

An all-time CTI Superbowl record was reached when 334 Moo Sul Kwan students and instructors converged on Alameda International Jr/Sr High School during the last weekend of February.

Competitons began on Friday evening with black belt sparring and breaking divisions.  Saturday had divisions of all ages and belt levels competiting in poomse, sparring and breaking,

Twice during the day, Moo Sul Kwan black belt demos were performed for the crowd of family members and friends.  Each CTI Campus presented a short demo to original music.

The CTI Superbowl is the only championships of the year when competitors under black belt vie for the Grand Champion awards. Decided the by the cumulative results of the day for each competitor, this year, congratulations go to - Joshua Miller, Ed Stanton, Sean Huntley, and Da Minh Tran!

Here are the results:


1st place
Kai Schelhaas, Ashlee Grose, Diego Quezada, Lars Den Hartog
Asher Sanders, Brian Mapes, Caitlin Sosta, Evan O'Fihelly
India Ross, Logan Rumph, Jacob Hoenmans, Helen Grenillo
John Cook , Chris Cardella, Emerald Shankin, Jade Teegarden
Brendan Arink, Jaden Jesse, Grahm Hainbach, Luke Dignan,
Jackson Feik, Isabella Sandoval, Ruby Dignan, Jensen Cook
Logan Brooks, Alex Schwatz, Tyler Brooks, Addison Zink
Ahas Weerapura, Dylan Wellensiek, Oliver Gomez, Thoams Sleight
Kylan Alfaro, Tristan Garcia, Layla Tran, Ian Burger
Alexander Balea, Jordan Rutz, Mitchell Oleszek, Juliane Marine
T.J. Tibbetts, Lee Tomjack, Katie Dahle, Sigourney Zager
Dante Hulin, Arkhip Saratovtsev, Emily Artman, Jonah Elstad
Evelyne LaMorgese, Lance Schwartz, Da Minh Tran, Nina Madayag

2nd place
Adriana Hoy, Patrick Konrad, Sean Huntley, Hailey Hiller
Lucas Kaster, Angeleena Amaducci, Scott Hancey, Fran Walker
Kylee Ruhser, Bowen Meyer, Alex Hancey, Mariah Cordova
Vi Vu, Susannah Nylund, Ben Barron, Adolph Ordaz-Bustos
McKenzie Cress, Alice Warnick, Elseo Bandala, Quinn Mahoney
Andrew Votaw, Kylee Odom , Soren Vanderstek, Curtis Kuberry
McKenna Comstock, Leto Ochsner, Anika Olson, Allan Stanton
Meilani Wilcox, Caleb Port, Rylee Ross, Knox Den Hartog
Colin Cook, Hunter Hughes, Sidney Bratten, Jonah Olson
Audrey Logan, Caiden Murphy, Chase Wyngarden, Ella Sidwell
Jason Stencel, Jr., Jacobi Field, Brecken Lusk, Devon Lewis
Mya Field, Sarah Luper, Meryn Probasco, Kaddie Williams
Ed Stanton, David Malec, Kyle Janowski, Alex Price

3rd place
Grant McKissack, Caidan White, Courtney Moen, Brandon Dills
Roland Dander, Dalia Dennis, Jennifer Hancey, Lauren Dahlberg
Annie Abbink, Dalton Cole, Adina Johnson, Craig Cardella
Pierumberto Sosta, Kevin Villa, Mary Moen, Megan Garcia
Katelyn Minden, Skylar Morris, Jordan Wright, Rachel Wilcox
Yosef Rutan, Zoe Economou, Preston Malik, Jackie Penrod
Lucas Kaster, Lucas Quintana, Caleb Thompson, Issac Zink
Finnegan Handlin, Averie Chavez, Rachel Bakkum, Coco Dailey
Lily Strickland, Amadeo Sandoval, Zane Kaulbach, Grant Maloit
Maillee Wallace, Anya Trilk, Quynn Cotner, Mathias Bauer
Bill Schwartz, Irene Kim, Sarah Dahle, Hudson van Voorhees
Jameson Healy , Joshua Miller, Gillian Boswell, Sean Konrad
Tyler Cobb, Nick Tibbetts, Lydia Willis

4th place
Henry Rumph, Bella Lasater, Taylor Allen, Michael Martin
Christian Beaman, Peter Girard, Jackie Uchiyama, Owen Robertson
Katelynn Ward, Joe Beaman, Miah Daley, Nethika Suraweera
Tom Lobben, William Hobley-Bess, Alex Bollinger, Matthew Ordaz Bustos
Ethan Girard, Charlotte Lafler, Rhian Shulda, Jonah Wright,
Rowan Lasater , Maslynn Hobley-Bess, Alexis Chavez, Sam Benjamin
Holly Fergason, Gavin DiNunzio, Sabrina Jensen, Julia Morrison
Cole Penney, Theryn Ochsner, Aaron Maloit, Aydin Shaffer
Silas Rees, Sophia Sandoval, Will Kennedy, Cody Jacobson
Joshua Stencel, Adian Sturm, Devan Bagley, Mohale Mitchell
Jonah Sidwell, Christina Manna, Luke Smith, Braden Zack
Susan Burgstiner, Jason Stencel, Sr., Donovan Penrod, Colston Yoder


1st place
Kyle James, Maxwell Schultz, Kaeden Alfaro, Amalina Tarr
Lincoln Walker, Sammy Powers, Zachary Cotner, Hudson Handlin
Kaiden Rogers, Mason Rutz, Oliver Garner, Tobin Peck
Andrew Wilcox, Zoey Krupp, Aaron Martin, Sean Revels
Aiden Gomez, Noah Gomez, Travis Martinez, Matthew Piedalue
Kaiden Kuberry, Harper Keithline, Ryan Kelly, Benjamin Bjelica


1st place
Logan Rumph, Ethan Girard, Ben Barron, Mariah Cordova
Fran Walker, Diego Quezada, Amy Krupp, Courtney Moen
Caitlin Sosta, Jaden Jesse, Tom Lobben, Jack Weichert
Matthew Ordaz-Bustos, Mary Moen, Adina Johnson, Annie Abbink
Kai Schelhaas, Hunter Hughes, Tyler Brooks, Colin Cook
Ella Barron, Zane Kaulbach, Gaven DiNunzio, Rowan Lasater
Maillee Wallace, Theryn Ochsner, Luke Dignan, Preston Malik
Quinn Mahoney, Elijah Alire, Layla Tran, Da Minh Tran
T.J. Tibbetts, David Malec, Devon Lewis, Juliane Marine
R. J. Larson, Katie Dahle, Gillian Boswell, Sarah Luper
Arkhip Saratovtsev, Ed Stanton, Alex Price, Ellie Stanton
Andy McDaniel, Brynn Konrad, Gwen Gutierrez, Dakota Jesse
Trish Nguyen, Bridget Sautel, Michael Sandusky

2nd place
Henry Rumph, Taylor Tipton, Lauren Dahlberg, Skylar Morris
Lucah Meyer, Asher Sanders, Peter Girard, Isabella Peterson
Darcy Stanton, Hailey Hillier, Jennifer Hancey, Alex Bollinger
Craig Cardella, Libby Girard, Caiden White, Chris Cardella
Meilani Wilcox, Rachel Bakkum, Caiden Murphy, Grant Maloit
Andrew Votaw, Soren Vanderstek, Michael Martin, Alexis Chavez
Kylan Alfaro, Allan Stanton, Mattox Talamantez, Marley Powers
Sam Benjamin, Aaron Maloit, Makenna Comstock, Ella Sidwell
Mathias Bauer, Luke Smith, Jameson Healy, Elizabeth Hawkins
Siggy Zager, Lindsey Boswell, Nick Tibbetts, Kyle Janowski,
Devan Bagley, Brecken Lusk, Chase Wyngarden, Aidan Sturm
Brian Steward, Kelsey Smith, Caela McCartney, Johnny Williams
Elise Smith, Keet Holdridge, Rick Orton

3rd place
Dalton Cole, Sean Huntley, Roland Dander, Miah Daley
Pier Sosta, Alex Hancey, Nethika Suraweera, Jade Teegarden
Jackie Uchiyama, Katelyn Minden, Brian Mapes, Owen Robertson
Kevin Villa, Adrianna Hoy, Kylee Ruhser, Ashlee Grose
Evan O'Fihelly , Silas Rees, Logan Brooks, Rylee Ross
Maslynn Hobley-Bess, Yosef Rutan, Wyatt Roarty, Oliver Garner
Jackie Penrod, Isabella Sandoval, Curtis Kuberry, Jonah Wright
Zachary Cotner, Will Kennedy, Audry Logan, Jason Stencel, Jr.
Jonah Elstad, Jovan Moore, Sean Konrad, Colston Yoder
Joshua Stencel, Kaddie Williams, Lydia Willis, Nikki Garcia
Jonah Sidwell, Jason Stencel, Sr., Mitchell Oleszek, Anya Trilk
Mark Scott, Nina Madayag, Makayla Trapp, Kenny Brancio
Lexi Johannes, Hope Morgan, Coghan Spery

4th place
Eliseo Bandala, Katelynn Ward, Elliot Logan, Cheyenne Selbe
Kaylyn McEwan, Bryce Cole, Helen Grenillo, McKenzie Cress
Jake Lobben, John Cook, Megan Garcia, William Hobley-Bess
Brandon Arink, Anika Olson, Amadeo Sandoval, Aiden Gomez
Grayson Howard, Julia Morrison, Jordan Rutz, Leto Ochsner
Dylan Wellensiek, Jonah Olson, Ruby Dignan, Caleb Thompson
Isaac Zink, Alex Balea, Bill Schwartz, Jeffery Bowen
Sarah Dahle, Miette Jandreau, Anna Grose, Marley Griffin
Quynn Cotner, Jacobi Field, Bradon Zack, Cody Jacobson
Tyler Murphy, Eileen Lindner, Kathleen Sautel, T.J. Gutierrez
Zuzanna Janowska, Mitchell Oleszek, Don Johnson


1st place
Logan Rumph, Sean Huntley, Asher Sanders, Libby Girard
Pier Sosta, Alex Bollinger, Nethika Suraweera, Jade Teegarden
Vi Vu, Jaden Jesse, Tom Lobben, Lucah Meyer
Adolph Ordaz-Bustos, Mary Moen, Lauren Dahlberg, Taylor Tipton
Henry Rumph, Hunter Hughes, Aaron Maloit, Colin Cook
Averie Chavez, Zane Kaulbach, Gaven Di Nunzio, Leto Ochsner
Alexis Chavez, Isabella Sandoval, Luke Dignan, Preston Malik
Grant Maloit, Will Kennedy, Sabrina Jensen, Ellie Stanton
Mitchell Oleszek, Jason Stencel, Sr., Josh Miller, Mya Field
Meryn Probasco, Kaddie Williams, Joshua Stencel, Julian Marine
Devon Lewis, Donovan Penrod, T.J. Tibbetts, Da Minh Tran

2nd place
Lucas Kaster, Bowen Meyer, Ben Barron, Miah Dailey
Craig Cardella, Alex Hancey, Amy Krupp, India Ross
Kirun Agarwal, Katelyn Minden, Brian Mapes, Jacob Hoenmans
Caiden White, Skylar Morris, Kaylyn McEwan, Annie Abbink
Graham Hainbach, McKenna Comstock, Caleb Port, Sam Benjamin
Marley Powers, Ian Burger, Wyatt Roarty, Oliver Garner
Jackie Penrod, Theryn Ochsner, Curtis Kuberry, Jonah Wright
Zachary Cotner, Caiden Murphy, Audrey Logan, Anya Trilk
Mathias Bauer, Luke Smith, Nico Trilk, Elizabeth Hawkins
Zigourney Zager, Susan Burgstiner, Tyler Cobb, Kyle Janowski
Sean Konrad, David Malec, Jonah Elstad, Lance Schwartz


1st place
John Cook, Lars Den Hartog, Craig Cardella, Annie Abbink
Skylar Morris, Bella Lasater, Caiden White, Sean Huntley
Jack Weichert, Susan Burgstiner, Brecken Lusk, Joshua Stencel
Da Minh Tran, Kyla Janowski, Sigourney Zager, Chase Wyngarden
Ed Stanton, Joshua Miller, Jameson Healy, Devon Bilyeu
Dakota Jesse, Nathaniel McKernan, Natasha McKernan, Michael Sandusky
Brynn Konrad, Bridget Sautel