Friday, May 25, 2012

Elementary School Gets the CTI Treatment

Demo at Green Mountain Elementary School
The room was packed with the First through Sixth Graders at Green Mountain Elementary School on May 11th.  There were not only students, teachers and workers in the crowded gym, but there were countless parents lining the walls!  May 11th was Field Day for Green Mountain Elementary School, and after their field day activities, the Colorado Taekwondo Institute came in to demonstrate and educate the students, teachers and field day helpers on Moo Sul Kwan martial arts.

After warming up in a music temp on the school grounds, our demo group entered the gym to hundreds of faces eager and ready to watch and learn.  It was standing room only and the demo space was tight.   After an introduction by Peyton and Connor Brauch, the demo started.  Exercise, basics, advanced kicks, poomse, one-step sparring, self-defense, breaking and more were explained and shown to the crowd.

Special thanks to Green Mountain Elementary School and to each of our CTI demo participants:  Jonah Sidwell, Connor Brauch, Natasha McKernan, Jennifer McKernan, Nathaniel McKernan, Peyton Brauch, Zach Greaves, Emily Brophy, Eric Evans, Erik Ondrejko, David Wallace, Michael Sandusky, Abdu Kikhia, Freddy Sautel, Master Albrechtson and Grandmaster Sautel.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Way You See It

By Sally Morgan, 1st dan

Much of our happiness is attributed to what we believe.  The way we view ourselves and the world affects our success.  This is true in Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo and in our life outside of Taekwondo.

Have you ever woke up in the morning  telling yourself that the day is not going to be good?  What happened at the end of the day?  I bet your prediction came true.  Not because you could “see into the future;” but, because you made it happen.  You told yourself that morning how the day was going to be, and without even realizing it, you did things to make it happen.  Sure there are things we can’t control, but we can, however, control our reactions and our outlook regarding it.

For instance, what if something prevents you from working out in Taekwondo class?  Do you tell yourself “now I’m going to be behind in my training,” or do your take advantage of the situation, sit in the back of class, and take notes on what you see?  You may not be training with the physical body, but your mind is still working.  Your mind is watching the techniques being performed by your fellow students.  You may see someone execute a side kick really well.  This may give you ideas on how you may improve your own side kick.

When you are training for a tournament, you have to be confident in what you are doing.  This is easier said than done, but when doubt starts to enter into your mind, make a conscious effort to get rid of it.  If you don’t, your training will suffer because of it.  Sure, you’ll push hard, but will you push yourself above and beyond what you believe you can do?   Tell yourself before every class that you are capable and that you will succeed.  The more you tell yourself “I can,” instead of “I can’t,” the greater chance of you succeeding.

So today, when you enter the CTI work out area, tell yourself, “I can do this.  I will train to win.”  And during class and throughout your training,  if you begin to doubt, say it to yourself again.  Before you know it, success will be yours all because you trained to win!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Moving With a Purpose

MSK Summer Expo XXVIII
Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo XXVIII is taking place June 22-24 at Granby Ranch in beautiful Colorado!

The MSK Summer Expo is for students of all ages and and belt levels.  There are also some special classes for the parents, family members and friends of our students and instructors.

MSK Summer Expo XXVIII seminars, classes and events include areas from Poomse Training and Sparring Technique, to Self-Defense for Parents, to the Amazing Moo Sul Race 8 and the Expo Saturday Night Banquet / Party.

Just some of our special Expo XXVIII surprises early morning workouts and special instruction for our black belts, entertainment from each of the CTI Campus locations, an Expo folder, an Expo patch and more!

Special guest Expo instructors include wonderful teachers like Grandmaster Charles F. Hildebrand, President of Moo Sul Kwan and the American Martial Arts Sports and Education Association.

During the Saturday night banquet, the 2010-2012 CTI Competition Awards will be presented.  Two years worth of competition points have been tallied and the winners will be announced at the party.

Be sure and prepare for the finest weekend of the summer, the 28th MSK Summer Expo with the theme, "Moving With a Purpose."

Click here for more information on Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo XXVIII.

Friday, May 4, 2012

2012 All-City Champs

The last tournament of the CTI season was outstanding!  Competitors came from all of the CTI Campuses and School Programs for exciting action in Poomse, Breaking, Sparring, First Point Wins! and more at our annual spring championships.  The level of sportsmanship and expertise were top notch!.

MSK Black Belts kicked off Friday with a warm-up, and by the time the evening was over, black belts of all ages performed breaking techniques, fought in Sparring divisions, drew down in First Point Wins!, moved the Staff in Poomse and Staff Sparring and picked out of a hat their black belt Poomse to perform!

Saturday morning came early with some black belt breaking.  After a division of Combination Breaking by the 2nd dans, the higher black belts competed in CTI Power Breaking.  78 boards were broken before a winner was finally decided.  Red belt competitions followed with brown and purple belts soon after.  At 10:00, juniors arrived to compete up until the noon main Championship line-up.  During the line-up, the 3rd - 5th dans competed in the Black Belt Mystery Division.  This time it was "Half-Board Breaking."

Congratulations to Freddy Sautel and Erik Ondrejko for capturing the Black Belt Grand Champion Awards.



1st place
Freddy Sautel        Brian Steward        Brett Carpenter        Erik Ondrejko
James Pennington    Casey Feagans        Illasi Perez        Thomas Ma  
Brandon Pennington     Emma Hughes        Rayanne Nowak    Grayson Krause  
Peyton Brauch        Tyler Murphy        Gabe Gallegos        Anna Sparlin
Keet Holdridge        Jordan Stiller        Karen Carreon        Ryan Lindner
Don Johnson        Emily Brophy        Devon Bagley        Nico Huggins      
Gabrial Dodge        Phillip Hoenmans     Grant Haverkamp    Ryder Peckham
Santiago Huggins    Merrick Oleszek    Gwen Gutierrez        Ian Wilson
Charlie Smith        Ryan Pennington    Christina Manna    Leah Teglovic
Lydia Lincke        Cody Barnhardt    ``    Kaden O’Brien        Sarah Luper
Shakina DeTienne    Zachary Outcalt        Jake Seele        Dante Hulin
Grace Apodaca        Addie Spery        Connor Brauch

2nd place
Karissa Mowry        Michael Sandusky    Eric Evans        Rosie Sokolove
Caleb Feagans        Tyler Tatman        Caela McCartney    Nathaniel McKernan  
Ethan Trapp         Ryan Booker        Katie Dahle        Ethan Girard
Coghan Spery        Jocelyn Wallen        Emma Hartmann    Ethan Price
Kenny Brancio        Jennifer McKernan    Rob Sarche        Kyle Feagans
Zach Greaves        McKenna Louth    Charlie Greco        Tatum Buenning  
Max Bogdanoff        Logan Gill         Kirk Otteson        Addison Harkins
Jacob Henderson    Jack Ruhl        Adam Harkins        Evelyn LaMorgese
Porter Krause        Lydia Willis        Ben Brewster        Rick Orton
Beatrice Lincke        Vinny Costantino    Zach Boender        Mason Bishop
Mark Scott        Elizabeth Hawkins    Emily Artman        Vivian Nash
Micco Wavanen    Kameron Evans        Liam Dunkin

3rd place
Alice Meyung        Bridget Sautel        Alicia Leone        Abbey Watkins
Kathleen Sautel        Zuzanna Janowska    Natasha McKernan    Kira Malmgren      
T.J. Gutierrez         Mollie McClean         Toby Dury         Gavin Pribil
Collin Kreutz        Damian Rupp        Nathan Rockenfeller    Blenness Quintana
Mason Louth        Eileen Lindner        Carl Gibbons        Dean Loux
Maggie Wingate    Nate Watkins        Zachary Nash        Mathias Bauer      
Evan Montoya        Madeline Rougier     Michael Whipple    Abby Artman
C.J. Benton        Ryan Wyngarden                Chase Wyngarden    Rhys McClean
Sean Huntley        Robbie Crandell               Seth Osborne                 Jhaison Prouty
Sam La Morgese    Dakota Jesse                 Bryce Harriet        Naomi Price
Makayla Trapp        Aiden Greco                    Jakob Deverell        Bailey Bish
Abby Lundeen

4th place    
Clayton Garner        Abdu Kikhia        Sally Morgan        Zac Johannes
Konner Evans        Owen Hartmann    Lauren Lundeen    Lexi Johannes
Nathan Orwick        Kai Wong        Rachel Rockenfeller    Calvin Bishop
Jack Eddy        Mike Dean        Narcy Feagans        Vivi Brown
Tyler Sander        Jovan Moore        Colin Schweich        David Bogdonoff  
Devon Lewis         Brynn Konrad        Alex Price        R.J. Lewis
Allison Ehn        Aspen Hawkins        Nico Trilk        Jackson Hayes
Aaron Nash        Ceadyr Goans        Joey Charbonnea    Caroline Nash
Joanna Nowak        Sarah Dahle        Caleb Johnson        Jeff Womble
Natalie Lundeen    Payton Reynolds    Seth Hughes        Braden Davis


1st place
Marco Vacanti        Natalie Willis        Leo Lukosky        Chloe Churchill
Mitchell Oleszek    Nicholas Marcin    Eli Turnage        Anya Trilk
Sean Haverkamp    Macy Wallen        William Johnson  


1st place
Zac Johannes        Thomas Sautel        Brett Carpenter        David Wallace
Alice Meyung        Erik Albrechtson    Leah Teglovic        Dante Hulin      
Connor Brauch        Jakob Deverell         Kenneth Brancio    Caela McCartney
Grace Apodaca        Sarah Luper        Cody Barnhardt        Dakota Jesse
Rob Sarche        Tyler Murphy        Damian Rupp        Jennifer McKernan
Kai Wong        Kira Malmgren        Gabe Gallegos        Owen Hartmann


1st place
Clayton Garner        Karissa Mowry        Eric Evans        Erik Ondrejko
Delaney Zandin        James Pennington    Gabe Gallegos        Zuzanna Janowska
Nicholas Walker    Mason Louth         Addie Spery        Mark Scott
Eric Bear        Coghan Spery        Anna Sparlin        Emily Brophy
Tyler Murphy        Jordan Stiller        Brandon Pennington    Kyle Feagans
Eileen Lindner        Dakota Jesse        Sarah Luper        Connor Brauch      
Micco Wavanan     Grace Apodaca        Shekina DeTienne    Jhasion Prouty
Alex Price        Aspen Hawkins        Chase Wyngarden    Santiago Huggins
Leo Lukosky        Noah Turnage        Aaron Nash        Ryan Pennington
Devon Lewis        Nico Huggins        Brynn Konrad        Dante Hulin
Emily Artman      
2nd place
Dustin Wheeler        Alice Meyung                      Mark Drummond    Thomas Sautel
Rosie Sokolove        Caleb Feagans                      Nathaniel McKernan    Casey Feagans                               Johnny Williams    Keet Holdridge                  Vivian Nash        Zach Outcalt
Cole Ernst        Peyton Brauch                      Emma Hartmann    Lexi Johannes
Tyler Sander        Karen Carreon              Mike Dean        Rob Sarche
Blenness Quintana    Kaden O’Brien                 Jeff Womble        Richie Haddad
Ryan Booker        Gwen Gutierrez                     Merrick Oleszek    Grayson Krause
Marco Vacanti        Michael Whipple              Porter Kr\ause        Ian Wilson
Ryan Wyngarden    Mathias Bauer                 Abby Artman        Derek Simpson
Payton Reynolds    Madison Harriet             Lydia Lincke        Mason Bishop
Makayla Trapp      

3rd place
Freddy Sautel        Bridget Sautel        Brian Steward        Hope Morgan
Ian Randall        Nathan Rockenfeller    Owen Hartmann    Konner Evans      
Nate Watkins         Rayanne Nowak    Caleb Johnson        Elizabeth Hawkins
Kai Wong        Rachel Rockenfeller    Natasha McKernan    Ryan Lindner
Alicia Leone        Kenneth Brancio    Don Johnson        Marcy Feagans
Cody Barnhardt        Beatrice Lincke        Liam Dunkin        Aiden Greco
Ryder Peckham        Evelyn La Morgese    Sean Konrad        Elliot Anderson
Grant Haverkamp    Zach Nash        Jackson Hayes        Nico Trilk
Evan Montoya        Emma Hughes        Seth Hughes        Gloria Bishop
Bailey Bish        Rick Orton

4th place
Abdu Kikhia        Brett Carpenter        Annie Sautel        Kathleen Sautel
Vinny Constantino    Mitchell Kelley        Tyler Tatman        Justin Lautrup
Collin Kreutz        Jocelyn Wallen        Lauren Lundeen    Ethan Price
Jennifer McKernan    T.J. Gutierrez        Carl Gibbons        Vivi Brown
Sarah Dahl        C.J. Benton        Willaim Johnson     Jack Eddy
Joanna Nowak        Jack Ruhl        Jovan Moore        Kirk Otteson
Devan Bagley        Robbie Crandell    Phillip Hoenmans    Libby Girard
Bryce Harriet        Anna Ehn        Amaya McGill        Leah Teglovic
Ethan Miles        Natalie Lundeen        `  


1st place
FreddySautel        Alice Meyung        Mark Drummond    Erik Ondrejko
Delaney Zandin        Ian Randall        Kaden O’Brien        Vivian Nash      
Zach Outcalt        Aiden Greco         Zuzanna Janowska    Thomas Ma
Ryder Peckham        Gwen Gutierrez        Sean Konrad        Grayson Krause
Leo Lukosky        Grant Haverkamp    Zach Nash        Ian Wilson
Nico Trilk        Evan Montoya        Brynn Konrad        Derek Simpson
Payton Reynolds    Bailey Bish        Shekina DeTienne    Jhaison Prouty
Makayla Trapp        Jeff Womble        Melodie Page        Don Johnson
Ethan Trapp        Jordan Stiller        Tyler Murphy        Emily Brophy
Emma Hartmann    Coghan Spery        Nate Watkins        Mason Louth
Owen Hartmann  

2nd place
Abdu Kikhia        Karissa Mowry        Brian Steward        Thomas Sautel
Rosie Sokolove        Zac Johannes        Cody Barnhardt        Beatrice Lincke      
Connor Brauch        Micco Waisame         Casey Feagans        Nathan Rockenfeller
Torin Fischer        Allison Ehn        Chase Wyngarden    Ethan Girard
Marco Vacanti        Michael Whipple         Erick Rodriguez    Ryan Pennington
Devon Lewis        Nico Huggins        Mollie McClean    Jakob Deverell
Gloria Bishop        Grace Apodaca        Rayanne Nowak    Braden Davis
Elizabeth Hawkins    Mark Scott        Blenness Quintana    Rob Sarche
Mike Dean        Karen Carreon        Zach Greaves        Kira Malmgren
Effie Gibbons        Peyton Brauch        Eric Bear        Keet Holdridge
Mitchell Kelley      


1st place
Karissa Mowry        Clayton Garner

2nd place
Bridget Sautel        Andy McDaniel

3rd place
Alice Meyung         Dustin Wheeler      


1st place
Freddy Sautel        Brian Steward        Erik Ondrejko      

2nd place
Clayton Garner        Abdu Kikhia        Rosie Sokolove

3rd place
Karissa Mowry        Michael Sandusky    Eric Evans

4th place
Dustin Wheeler        Bridget Sautel        Brett Carpenter