Friday, November 6, 2015

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute: Littleton School

By Andy McDaniel, 4th dan

The best karate classes in Littleton, CO
Are you looking for a locally based Taekwondo, Karate, or general martial arts school in the Denver area?  Look no further than the Colorado Taekwondo Institute!  Based on the traditions and       philosophy of Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo as set forth by our founder Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park in 1969, the Colorado Taekwondo Institute offers a full set of innovative curriculum in Taekwondo.  We have campuses in Lakewood, Littleton, Golden, Westminster, and Conifer.

The Littleton martial art school of CTI is one of the longest continuously operating Martial Arts schools in the front range area.  Conveniently located on Simms Street in the Foothill Green shopping area between Bowles and Belleview, we the offer a complete martial arts and self-defense curriculum. We proudly serve the southwest Denver suburbs.

The Littleton campus was founded in 1994 by Grandmaster James M. Sautel, 7th degree black belt.  The Littleton CTI currently has two master instructors actively teaching classes along with several instructors ranked 1st to 4th degree. Upper belts in every class assist the instructor to give students one-on-one time with an upper belt to focus on new techniques and areas in need of improvement.  Master John Sautel (6th Dan) and Master Clayton Garner (5th Dan) ensure that the school is teaching using the time tested teaching methodology that all of the campuses in the CTI use. Master Sautel is currently a Jefferson County middle school teacher with a master’s degree in education.  He brings that educational training and experience to the Colorado Taekwondo Institute to provide superior classes to all of our students.

The Littleton campus has over 3800 square feet of workout area that is split between two large rooms.  Both have custom built suspension floors that are carpeted and padded.  Students have space for their workout bags on shelves in the workout area.  The workout areas, private dressing areas, and restrooms are kept clean and well lit.  Our pro shop carries all of the equipment needed for our programs including student manuals, uniforms, sparring gear, and belt racks.  We also carry fun items like key rings, t-shirts, and stickers.  Parents and loved ones can watch the classes from the viewing areas we have in both workout areas.  We have a large TV in the main lobby that shows videos of past events like expos, tournaments, and symposiums.

Here at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, we make the educational aspect of martial arts an important part of our program.  We offer three adult manuals ranging from white belt through black beltplus a manual specifically for the junior students.  A written and physical test are required at each belt level.  Above and beyond the regular classes, we offer four interschool tournaments every year as well as our yearly Expo.  The Expo is an entire weekend dedicated to martial arts learning and is open to all students.  Additionally, we offer a Symposium every year for the upper belts to study advanced topics like how to teach and judge as well as advanced physical aspects of our martial art.

The curriculum includes three sets of Poomse (pattered movements) including the Taegeuk, Chang-Hon, and Palgwe sets of poomse.  We also have four sets of self-defense that incorporate Taekwondo, Hapkido and Judo.  We offer classes for studentsaged two years old and up.  We offer classes focused on the youngest (Little Tigers), junior students, and adults.  Classes are scheduled in the evenings every day of the week.  We also offer a Friday morning class for adults and a class on Saturday for all ages.  Please see the calendar for the karate classes in Littleton at:

We at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute strive to produce high quality black belts that can contribute to society on many levels including family, school and community.  We have over thirty years of experience and success in accomplishing that goal.  We believe that we can provide the highest quality education based martial arts in Littleton experience to you and your family.

For more information about the Littleton campus and the Colorado Taekwondo Institute in general, please visit our website at or give us a call at 303-979-2621.

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