Friday, May 13, 2016

Just For You - Denver Martial Arts for Adults!

All around the country, and especially in Colorado, adults are looking for a new form of physical fitness and exercise. Considering martial arts for your new fitness program may not be as outrageous as you think. Martial arts training is ever-becoming a popular way for kids to gain focus, confidence, and physical fitness, but in Denver, martial arts training can be just as empowering for adults. The Colorado Taekwondo Institute offers training at multiple locations throughout Colorado, including Denver-area training in Lakewood, Littleton, Westminster, Golden and Confer. Martial arts are not just for kids anymore!

You can benefit from adult martial arts classes, such as Taekwondo or Karate, in the same manner as children. And, if they come to their program with the same curiosity and openness that kids and teens do, they are often surprised by how much their training has improved their confidence, helped them relieved stress and produced strength & muscle tone that helps them in other activities.

Learn goal setting and self-defense with denver martial arts for adultsMany adult start martial arts because they are interested in learning self-defense to protect themselves and their families & friends. In fact, martial arts were originally developed for common people and soldiers to protect themselves in wartime and from wild animals. But in peace time, people continued to practice their martial arts because of the other benefits derived from them. So even in today's world, training in karate, taekwondo, hapkido, kung fu or judo will help you can reap the many benefits from adult self defense training.

Relieve Stress – According to, "44% of Americans feel more stressed than they did 5 years ago." And as you know, stress is linked to increased risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke. We may not all be naturally calm individuals, but as you begin your martial arts training, you can develop the skills you need to calm your nerves and focus your energies toward simplified goals. Martial arts as stress relief may be one of the most underrated reasons to begin an adult program, but nearly every adult struggles with stress on some level, and taekwondo, karate, kung fu, judo or hapkido training is a great way to tackle this life-shortening emotional strain.

Get Healthier – Of course, any type of cardiovascular exercise can help you feel better and live longer, and martial arts are no different. And martial arts are great, because they also develop muscular strength and endurance, along with weight loss and increased flexibility. Many adults face the struggle to get to the gym or find a goal-oriented activity that is beginner friendly. As a martial arts student, adults can get the exercise they need, learn something new and push their limits while participating in something they can enjoy.

Set Goals – The belt system for adults is the same as it is for any student, six or sixty. By advancing through the belts, you can continue to set goals and achieve them, learning a little more about the art and a little more about yourself with each step.

So as you see, you should consider adult martial arts classes for your next fitness program. Call the Colorado Taekwondo Institute today to learn more about a no-obligation, introductory program!


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