Monday, May 23, 2016


By studying the problem from all angles and using the correct approach to solve it, perseverance is used effectively. The purpose of perseverance is to move consistently towards a solution and goal. Moving forward is the key and acting without a plan may seem like ground gained but is lost effort if not true towards your goal.
Colorado martial arts red belt with grandmaster bong yul shin

Having a plan of attack and staying strong even through the tough parts, all the way to the end is what proves that a person has perseverance. Even in smaller, seemingly insignificant tasks, one must prove they are persistent in order to be trusted with bigger responsibilities. Using perseverance in every task proves us to be the best team member and leader we all can be.

Easier said than done. How can one who wants to work towards a goal but be not be consistently consistent go about persevering towards that goal? Back to line one: study the problem from all angles and use the correct approach to solve it. Move consistently with a game plan. Don't set yourself up to fail with wild expectations of yourself, start out slow and pick up momentum. The best runners start with a jog and build to a run and then kick it into a sprint at the end. Not the opposite. I myself have several charts for the different areas of my life. I have a schedule of when to do what at work, one to track my progress in my business and a training chart for Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo at the CTI to keep myself growing stronger and better in my form, poomse and defenses. The best game plan for myself is a visual, interactive reminder of what and when and it keeps me accountable to my leaders as to what is actually happening. By staying consistent and gradually ramping up my routine, I can ensure consistent growth and long term the compound effect will kick in. Having a plan helps me to stay on the right track and to achieve my goals more effectively.

Using persistence yourself shows those around you around you the importance of perseverance and how to accomplish their own goals. Helping them to set up a game plan and outline their course of action gets them on the right track however they have to do the work and seeing other people who are accomplishing their goals may be the motivation they would need to fulfill theirs. This is especially true with younger association such as siblings or students. Stressing the weight of using perseverance in every part of their lives will set them up for success in school work and someday a business of their own. Instilling the quality of perseverance in those around you will help everyday tasks become easier and to be done more effectively.

All in all, perseverance will either break or make your goals and dreams. Without perseverance dreams are just dust in the wind and will never fully be realized to their full potential. However, using perseverance with every step makes the journey worthwhile at the end but even this can be difficult to see in the middle of the trip. Keeping yourself motivated is the biggest asset to your perseverance and doing whatever you need to do to keep your momentum is essential. Keep calm and carry on is an all-too-common phrase but it's the truth when it comes

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