Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Balance and Taekwondo

By Allyse Nothstine, red belt, age 14

Many aspects of life require balance which can be taught through Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo. Balance is necessary for people of all ages, because it can help prevent falls and injuries.  Studies have done specific studies on the effects of balance from doing Taekwondo, specifically for the elderly and young children with physical disabilities.  Balance is also highly important for Taekwondo moves.

One study done was people from ages 40-71.  Once a week for an hour, for a one year, Taekwondo was done.  Data showed that Taekwondo training improved people’s overall balance, posture, showed improvement in which way their body sways, and more control on how they fell.  The basic stances and foot work was shown to help with balance.

Another study was done with people in their 70’s.  It was to find out if it improves their balance and walking ability.  Taekwondo exercise was effective for improving balance and walking.  They attribute that to the specific movements required to do taekwondo.  Taekwondo training can decrease the likelihood of falls in the elderly.

In another study about children with developmental coordination disorder. The 44 children did three months of basic Taekwondo training.  Three months of training improved their visual coordination and improved their standing balance control.  People working with these children can suggest Taekwondo be a therapeutic fun activity.

In Taekwondo there are spins, jumps, and more complex moves.  But in order to hold the moves and do them correctly one needs to develop balance.  In order to stabilize the body the core has to be strong.  Studies have shown Taekwondo helps improve balance for children and elders, which can be used in many aspects of life. At the same time, balance is incredibly important in the art of Taekwondo itself.

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