Monday, February 4, 2019

Anger: How to Channel that Feeling

By Vivi Brown, red belt, CTI BBC Member

Anger is an onset of emotion of when we are feeling threatened, disrespected or frustrated. There are several different types of anger that is used to express our emotion such as Assertive Anger, Behavioral Anger, and Chronic Anger[1]. Our current situation can manifest which type of anger or emotion may surface and lets face it we have all had experiences with it, but learning how to channel that feeling will have its benefits.
A black belt using a martial arts workout to develop anger management
Assertive anger, perhaps the positive out of these examples, is when you are feeling frustrated and you use this emotion as a catalyst motivator to overcome your fear and achieve your goals.  One simple example in everyday life is- have you looked at your house and have been frustrated at the fact that there is so much clutter around and then you just decide that “THIS IS IT” and you somehow end up cleaning faster than normal.  Instead of yelling or throwing items around the house to relieve that frustration it turned into a positive outcome of a clean house.

Behavioral anger, this type of emotion is expressed physically, throwing of items across the room, even perhaps physically attacking someone.  This is not a good way to handle anger as its destructive manner.  When feeling this type of anger its best to give yourself some time, remove yourself from the situation like Zuki the turtle, go take a walk and breath and give yourself a moment.  This will help you calm down till you can think clearly.

Lastly chronic anger, this is an ongoing emotion of frustration and anger towards oneself, and this can have an adverse effect on your health.  Handling this kind of anger may be difficult for some, its about forgiveness and moving on.

Here at Colorado Taekwondo Institute we have the opportunity to channel all those types of anger, we get to relieve our frustrations of our day by working out, and in turn building up ourbodies physique, endurance and our spirit.  We can yell it out with our kihaps that tighten our stomachs, we get to hit targets to improve our accuracy, and we even get to build our spirit by knowing that letting things go are better in the long run.  We use all our aspects of building ourselves up to have the knowledge on how to handle the situations and be in control of our emotions.


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