Sunday, February 24, 2019

Why is Education So Important?

By Irene Kim, red belt

Education is a continuous process in a person’s life.  Since the day someone is born, he obtains education.  Learning how to eat, walk, talk, developing good characteristics, a career for living, social skills;  All of these things are parts of the process of education.  Therefore, it is very important to obtain his education the right way to prepare him to be a good person.

Our parents are our first educators. They teach us so many things until we become adults and even afterwards. We must be thankful and respect our parents for the education they’ve provided us to flourish our lives. Then there are school teachers, college professors, public speakers, Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo instructors at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute; they educate us and improve us.

A taekwondo master black belt performing staff pattern in demonstrationEducation must be systematic and organized to provide students the learning materials effectively. Even parents organize and plan on how they educate their children. They read parenting books, listen to experts, learn parenting strategies, then plan and act accordingly. The schools and colleges have well organized methodologies and curriculum to provide education in a systematic way. They have developed strategies to address differences of students as needed. A well-organized education system is efficient and improves its students’ skills and abilities.

Colorado Taekwondo Institute is a great educational organization. It provides students education to improve their body, mind and spirit.  While teaching well established martial arts techniques to develop self defense skills and a healthy body with the best Taekwondo instructors,  CTI also teaches us to practice positive attitude, great characteristics such as respect, self-confidence, empathy, courage, decision making skills, self-learning skills etc. These qualities make a Moo Sul Kwan student a pleasant and a valuable person to the society. Education framework at CTI is designed in a way to deliver these qualities to students very effectively. Programs are adjusted to cater differences in age, maturity, level of skills, proficiency and aptitude of the students. Regular training sessions, tournaments, seminars, camps, conventions are regularly organized and provide students opportunities to improve. There’re well written student manuals, teaching materials and news letter publications. Students are required to work on monthly homework, take written tests and physical tests for belt promotion. These are all evidence of a systematically structured education system.

Education gives us knowledge of the world around us.  We use this knowledge, be creative, add our opinions and ideas and change it into something better. It helps us to grow and improve our perspective of looking at life. Education helps us to become leaders at school, work, home and nation. “discit qui ducit” - who learns leads.

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