Thursday, November 9, 2017

CTI Students - Leaders in their Community

By Lynne Deane, red belt

In general, an effective leader breeds an organization of followers with like qualities.  For good or ill.  A leader with compassion, empathy, and ethics will draw to them and build an organization that works towards a positive goal complimentary to those traits.  Leaders who breed followers by intimidation and bullying will breed an organization of bullies.  Both can be effective in getting their way – but as an organization working for the good of the community, it is imperative why the CTI promotes effective leaders of good.

Colorado Taekwondo Institute - martial arts instruction for students of all agesWith so many distractions and focus on the negative, the CTI student has a real potential to positively impact their community, their class, their work environment, or wherever they interact with people.  CTI students need to be leaders in their community to promote a positive impact on that community.   A lot can be done with leadership by example.  A CTI student, younger or older, can lead their peers by being a good example and by being proactive when it comes time to helping the class or work environment, and also by going above and beyond with activities such as volunteering.

As a result, we all benefit from the CTI student taking on a positive leadership role and the school’s credibility grows and with that grows the school’s potential future impact.  The CTI student’s positive impact on their community is a positive donation to the karma bank – which implies that only good can come of it for all impacted.

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