Friday, October 27, 2017

Waiting to be Uncovered: Westminster CTI

By Eric Evans, 2nd dan

The front of the Westminster Colorado Taekwondo Institute martial arts school

The Westminster location is located one mile west of Wadsworth and 88th avenue at 9020 W 88th Ave, Arvada, CO 80005. Nearby restaurants include a relaxed atmosphere in Sano's Italian Kitchen or sushi from I Love Sushi. While students are attending classes, parents can pamper themselves at the local hair Salon or barber shop and for the parents who enjoy running, Standley lake is just a short drive or jog away. For the pet lovers, a huge off leash dog park is just north of the campus and Standley lake on 105th and Simms street.

Our campus provides classes for all ages and students of all abilities. We serve the Arvada, Westminster and Broomfield areas. Convenient afternoon and evening class schedules are available for students Monday through Friday. Classes are separated by age group and occur twice a week with the same instructor. Opportunities exist for upper belt students to expand their training and leadership by assistant instructing in these classes. Additional makeup classes are available on Friday as well as advanced training in Black belt club.

Each dynamic class takes place in one of the three spacious workout areas. Workout areas contains a custom built suspension floor free of obstructions. New carpet has recently been installed in the main workout area. Viewing areas are available for parents, grandparents and friends and enclosed to minimize any distraction to the class.  The campus’ goal is to provide a safe environment where students can learn.

Students will learn self confidence, self control and leadership through Moo Sul Kwan martial arts traditions. Each class is taught to encourage the students to become thoughtful individuals. Students are encouraged to become leaders in their communities as they progress through each belt level. Each class is a unique journey that includes a warm-up, basic punches, strikes, and blocks as well as the dynamic kicks that Taekwondo is known for. Throughout the student’s training they are taught and reminded that all that is needed is a focus through paying attention and giving 100% every class.

In addition to the classes, the Westminster location hosts after school programs at select Jefferson County elementary schools. Students in these programs are welcome and encouraged to attend additional classes at the Westminster campus during the week. This is a great way to get students and their friends involved with a healthy activity that will educate and help them throughout their life.

All Instructors attend regular training classes as well as advanced training every weekend. The instructor's’ goal is to put the students first by providing a safe dynamic learning environment. These instructors team up 4 times a year with other Colorado Taekwondo Institute instructors to host competitive tournaments. Students are encouraged to attend as the tournaments provide the opportunity to bring their training to a higher level. The tournaments also provide an environment where many friendships are made and students gain self confidence through competition. In addition to the tournaments the Colorado Taekwondo institute hosts a weekend Expo, an upper belt symposium and a week long summer camp in the beautiful Colorado mountains. Additional demonstrations are provided to the community throughout the year as well as seminars for all current students. These seminars include sparring, anti-bullying, self defense and upper belt workshops.

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