Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Family at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute

By Courtney Moen, green belt

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute is a family martial art school

At the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, many families go there to learn self-defense, compete, and have fun.  When you train with your family, you have a best friend(s) there to help you learn and understand things, while also teaching the other.  This could be better because you get to have more practice at home with someone else, so you can figure out more things you need to fix from another's eyes.

As a student at CTI who goes with my sister I can say that I definitely feel like I remember more things when we get home and practice.  Training with family is also a bit more of a fun experience, because you can learn alongside your younger or older siblings or parents, and you are treated the same.  You are the same age.  You all learn the same thing eventually.

The best thing is definitely when you can see the progress that you have all made.  It really does show.  You not only learn self-defense, but you also get a better personality.  Respect, Integrity, and humility can be seen in your family when training at CTI.  You can see the progress that you have made, you are proud.  Not only of what you did, but how your family did, even if they did get a higher score on a test or tournament.

Colorado Taekwondo Institute also bonds your family.  The people you think you know the most about come out with new strengths and weaknesses, and being a family, you help fuel the strengths and fix the weaknesses, as they do you.  After a while that younger or older sibling you thought you hated becomes your best friend and you want nothing more than to watch them succeed and make them proud with your own accomplishments. CTI helps build a better relationship with everyone, because here, we are all family.end.

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