Friday, October 13, 2017

MSK Taekwondo Benefits for Kids Like Me

By Cody Jacobson, age 11, red belt

Kid's martial arts training doing a big kick in karate classes for kids

In Colorado Taekwondo Institute, we do many thing from practicing basics to high level patterns. There are many benefits of our training.  It is a great benefits for kids martial arts.

Kids like me (even younger and older) can get out of control sometimes.  Our classes and events teach them self control while having fun.  A new student should not expect to immediately get your black belt.  Unlike other schools, it takes you longer to progress through the ranks, thus allowing kids to learn more, and have more fun. I, as a student, like Taekwondo.  It helps me develop self control and respect for others. It also helped me learn better in school.

At CTI, we have a variety of events for kids that include summer camp, Expo, tournaments and more!  At all of these we learn.  My favorite event that I have gone to is Camp MSK. It is a week of Taekwondofor all belts. At camp, you do many activities, but most importantly, you do...Taekwondo!  You learn good sportsmanship, self control, and learning skills.  All of these are good for kids.  Tournaments are great events to go to. Unlike Camp MSK, tournaments are for all ages.  If you and your family are starting classes, you can go to tournaments together.  At my first tournament, I got scared. But when you get out there, it is really fun.  No, you will not win first place every time, but the important thing is that you take away the learning experience.  As you progress through the ranks and get older there will be more and more activities available to you.  Our events are a great benefit to younger students, and adults, to learn good sportsmanship, self control, and Taekwondo.

Going to your class is the most important thing about your Taekwondo career.  The only way you can advance through the ranks is by going to your class.  At first, you may think that our classes are all work and sweat, but they can be fun once you get the hang of it.  If you do the two things we ask for, paying attention, and trying your best, you will succeed, and most importantly, have fun.  Sometimes we do races, or fun games, but we usually work out.  Even though that may seem hard it is fun for everyone.  They are a good chance for kids to become healthier and smarter at the same time while having fun.

CTI kids martial arts classes are good for younger kids.  They teach them how to have self control and to know what it is to do your best.  All of this while having fun. You should give the Colorado Taekwondo Institute a call if you're looking for karate classes for kids.

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