Friday, September 29, 2017

Why Taekwondo is Great for Teenagers Like Me

By Collin Kreutz, 2nd dan

Teenagers practicing martial arts during lessons

Have you ever considered getting your teenager involved in martial arts such as Taekwondo or Karate? Do you want them to get in shape, develop as a more well rounded person, and/or become proficient at defending themselves through participating in martial arts? Then look no further, because the Colorado Taekwondo Institute is the place for you! The Colorado Taekwondo Institute had been instilling excellence in our students physically and mentally for nearly 35 years. Established in 1983, our goal has always been to develop the most thoughtful, involved, physically adept, and motivated individuals of all ages, abilities, and experiences.

Anybody can join Taekwondo, whether the prospective student is a four year old child, a thirteen year old teenager, or a forty year old adult. The overwhelming benefits of what students can learn will help to promote growth and a healthier lifestyle for all different types of people, whether it be learning responsibility and respect at a young age or improving your determination and confidence at work. In fact, Taekwondo is a fantastic medium for different ages and abilities to work together towards a common goal, allowing the development of friendships and comradery to push on another to new limits.

Taekwondo is a fantastic way to improve physical health and wellness through consistency and hard work. Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise are vast networks within Taekwondo, helping to build strength, quickness, and endurance. Altogether, Taekwondo is one of the best sports for physical fitness in terms of consistency, as classes occur year round unlike many other sports and activities, and consistent practice is unquestionably the best way to improve your ability. Additionally, the physical developments of martial arts for teens will translate wonderfully and complement many other sports and activities. Whether it be through the consistent training of Taekwondo, or the extremely tough exercise at an event or test, the physical nature of the body will always benefit in some way when practicing Taekwondo.

However, one of the primary aspects that makes Taekwondo and martial arts so beneficial is the focus on promoting knowledge and education alongside the physical elements of the sport. Participating in martial arts for teens not only improves physical abilities, but mental ones as well through the development of leadership, respect, and our five tenets of Taekwondo: perseverance, indomitable spirit, self-control, integrity, and courtesy. Our instructors work hard to impart these qualities upon our students, and make sure that their training complements their education. These mental growths will help in every other part of your life, assisting in improving yourself at home, school, work, and wherever you may go.

Joining the Colorado Taekwondo Institute will also open up a large avenue at making new friends, attending exciting events, and stepping out of your comfort zone. We hold a multitude of events throughout the year, whether it be tournaments, expos, symposiums, or summer camps and day camps, all of which are excellent ways to complement one's training and meet new people. Furthermore, these events, along with test for the next belt, offer a great challenge to the student that must be overcome, further assisting in improving their mental willpower and determination.

So, if you are looking to join teens martial arts lessons, the Colorado Taekwondo Institute will be a great fit for you, no matter what you age or abilities are. Come along and join the fun!

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