Wednesday, November 6, 2013

CTI Leadership

By Mark Scott, red belt

Leadership requires many traits including being knowledgeable, responsible, decisive, capable, and selfless.  Leadership requires knowledge and credibility to create the feeling of trust with the follower.  The trust might take a long period of time, so the behavior must be consistent.

Leaders must act responsibly to direct the goals for the group in a manner that creates the best outcome for the group.  This direction must also be decisive for the leader to keep focus for the group to achieve the goals.  The leader should also be capable and willing to perform any tasks directed to the followers which will create loyalty.  By being willing to do the same tasks asked of any member, the leader proves the selfless quality.

Being a leader is different than being the manager.  At work, there are many managers that can direct the workers.  The leaders are the people that have proven to act responsibly and with integrity.  Leaders are the people that can accurately answer questions.  Also, a leader might not know the answer, but the leader can either find the answer or provide the direction to search for the answer.

The leader also provides a good example.  Others in the company can see the true leader doing what is necessary to achieve the goals.  A true leader at work also knows and uses the strengths of those around him.  I can become a better leader at work by doing my job to the best of my ability.  To become a leader, I should keep learning to become better.  I should also know when to help and where to get help when I need it.  The more I learn, the more I become more capable and confident.  After a time, I will become known for giving responsible advice and taking the appropriate actions.

At home, the leader must also be willing to be selfless and caring in relationships.  The leader must be responsible in the big decisions.  Creating trust at home is one of the most important qualities.

When performing sports, trust is also very important for the team aspect.  Another important quality for a leader in sports is to be the hardest worker.  The hardest worker will perform the best and will become the example.  The leader in sports will also show the correct attitude, showing sportsmanship whether winning or losing.

CTI students should be leaders in all aspects of their lives because of the qualities gained through the CTI training.  The CTI students work hard and have discipline derived from the hard work that can be applied to any area in life.  The CTI students learn to be responsible through the control required by having the ability to hurt others physically, but the knowledge to know how to hold off and maintain control.  CTI students also learn respect for others through competition and working out together.  The CTI student also learns the necessity of following the rules necessary for being a part of society.  By following the rules, a leader can set examples for others with lower moral values.

The positive attributes of the CTI student coupled with the confidence gained by leading and training, requires the CTI student to be an active member of the community.  The desire to help others and to do the right thing should be a driving principle for leading and taking responsibility as a community.

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