Saturday, November 30, 2013

How Your Children Can Benefit from Taekwondo

Many parents who are considering enrolling their children in martial arts training may wonder if there are benefits. Let us take taekwondo, for example. This type of martial arts is from Korea and can provide many benefits for children even in today’s world.

Assessing the Benefits

What are some of the benefits for children who are involved in martial arts training? Some of the things to consider are:

  • Physical fitness
  • Weight control
  • Improved concentration
  • Respect for other people
  • Substantial improvements in self confidence and self esteem
  • In addition to all the benefits children can obtain from taekwondo, they are also having fun. 

Fitness is a very important aspect of taekwondo, and quite honestly, it’s refreshing to see children so fit and sporting a healthy weight. Unfortunately there are far too many children in today’s world who are overweight simply because they don’t exercise and eat high energy foods.

Fun and Exercise Are Part of Taekwondo

Many people believe the human body is design for exercise. This is especially true of children who should run, jump and get out of breath while combining play and exercise. One of the many benefits of kids taekwondo is they have fun at the same time they are performing physical exercise. They gain physical fitness all around because the exercises in which they are engaged exercise their whole bodies. Even better is the fact they want to continue coming back.

Lessons to Learn

Martial arts training can provide a great many benefits, especially for young boys. For one thing the rigorous physical training provides an outlet for their boundless energy. Some of the other benefits of taekwondo for young boys include the following:

  • Allows them to kick and punch under controlled conditions
  • Teaches self-control
  • Teaches them the need for taekwondo to remain in the Dojang
  • Teachers are also great role models
  • Instructors are fit, healthy and controlled as well as being senior students

How Taekwondo Benefits Girls

While many people see taekwondo as a sport for boys, the reality is girls can benefit from martial arts training as well. For instance, when girls are fit and healthy they have a positive image of their bodies. They also develop self esteem and self confidence as a result of learning in person confrontation and develop power through wooden boards. It doesn’t matter whether the child is a boy or girl; kids taekwondo helps them become physically and menta
lly stronger.

Keep in mind taekwondo is not just about physical training; it’s also training for the mind. In kids taekwondo children learn complicated movements that help their memory and ability to concentrate. During martial arts training they also learn how to coordinate their bodies. The training involves a great deal of discipline, which teaches them how to gain the self-discipline they need to push forward no matter how difficult training is.

Training in taekwondo also teaches children about respect and courtesy. It begins with respect for the instructors and each other. This in turn teaches them to respect themselves. They learn the importance of being polite to everyone whether they like them or not—definitely a great skill to take with them into adulthood. Some of the other things they learn include:

  • How to persevere
  • How to press forward if something is difficult but worth achieving
  • How to face failure and move past it by picking themselves up and trying again

When children succeed the pride shows on their smiling faces. This gives a real boost to both their self confidence and self esteem. Taekwondo can help children become surer of themselves and ultimately gain the confidence they need to speak in front of the class or even perform a difficult pattern in front of a panel of judges, the kind of tasks that will help them become successful adults.

They will learn to teach and become mentors to the younger children which helps them learn and achieve patience and kindness. Eventually these children will become calm and self-assured young people who possess the self confidence they need to accomplish everything they need and want to do. In fact, those who have self esteem are less likely to engage in destructive behavior such as substance abuse. It also means children who have trained in kids taekwondo are not as likely to become victims of the school bully.

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