Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Achieving Fitness with Taekwondo

Using taekwondo as a training tool can be a great tool for getting your body into shape for peak performance. This allows you to make sure you do what is necessary to get the most from your body. A martial arts training program allows you to work diligently with what you have in order to become the best you can be. Have you ever thought about what you want to achieve?  There are ten training tips that will allow you to use taekwondo in order to reach those goals.

  • Routine variances

There are good reasons not to perform the same routines week after week. There are a few reasons it may be a good idea to seriously consider varying any type of exercise routine, no matter what type of routine that might be such as:

  • Your body and mind will become accustomed to the same routine
  • Your body will no longer be capable of adapting  to the exercise
  • You will discontinue growing mentally

To allow your body to enjoy a peak performance use taekwondo to occasionally give your body a jolt by alternating the types of exercises you do.

  • Get enough sleep

Like any type of routine, engaging in taekwondo is more successful when the body is well rested. If you get enough sleep your performance will be greatly improved. Proper sleep is also essential if you want to see a good athletic performance.

  • Strive for lean and strong muscles

In order to enjoy peak performance in this martial arts skill it is important to be work toward strong and lean muscles. While bulky muscles may work in other types of fitness regimens, taekwondo is not one of them. In fact, bulky muscles are completely useless and will do nothing but slow you down. In order to build strength during the performance of martial arts, it is best to use your own body weight.

  • Do not train every day

Your body is not a machine and if you attempt to work it too hard you will experience burn out. As a living thing, your body and mind need time to work and then rest in order to perform at optimum efficiency. You should train in bursts rather than trying to continuously train for months at a time. This will only cause burn out, and it is more than likely you will become frustrated and quit.

  • Engage in stretching exercises

Stretching plays an essential role when it comes to peak performance in taekwondo. You will find it very difficult to perform without stretching, and the high kicks will be very difficult to perform. Stretching provides flexibility for your body and helps you maintain good posture. There is reduced chance of injury if your body is flexible.

  • Learn to relax

One thing you will learn about taekwondo players is they are always very relaxed. Because of this they have the ability to make very solid and fast movements that also allow their bodies to endure impacts.

  • Eat food that is good for you

Those who perform taekwondo need the right fuel, and it’s quite obvious with this type of martial arts performance you live by the saying, “You are what you eat.” It is essential to consume the right portions of quality protein in order to build lean muscle. The best options are fish, chicken, lean red meat and eggs.

Build your energy with complex carbs such as whole wheat bread, oats, brown rice, brown pasta and potatoes. Eat five servings of fruit and vegetables every day to complete the regiment. Try to avoid sugar though in a competition you might consume an energy drink to get you through the last round.

  • Be ready to take on new challenges

Peak performance in taekwondo requires the player to be mentally alert. It’s essential to remember all your patterns in stressful situations and think clearly. In order to accomplish these things you must be physically fit, well-nourished and well-rested. You also want to take on new challenges and push yourself in order to work on more difficult board breaks.

  • Have fun!

The most important thing is to have fun. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing you’ll quit. It won’t matter whether you want to continue training; lack of pleasure in what you are doing will eventually cause you to give it up.

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