Monday, June 4, 2012

Thinking Too

By Shekina DeTienne, blue belt

"To encourage and develop."  So many jobs and positions in today's world encourage people to do more and be better but they don't necessarily enforce that encouragement.  Though self-directed learning is important to personal growth, so many people are happy to remain as they are.  By not putting enforcement behind this encouragement, we are creating people who are not pushing themselves to be the best that they can be. In simply encouraging and developing their students, CTI has already helped them to prepare for what life has in store.

"World class leaders."  By requiring its students and instructors to be world class leaders, CTI has given its students the early lessons needed to become the cream of the crop.  Because they have learned these lessons early, young students are able to utilize them to become stronger individuals throughout school and college.  For adults, reinforcement of leadership requirements helps them to push harder at school, work or home.  This allows them to stand out as trustworthy, responsible, valuable people to have around.  At school, this helps when striving for better grades and learning more advanced materials. When at work, this allows the adult to receive promotions and raises along with more responsibilities.  While at home or with their families, setting this example of being a world class leader helps their family push themselves and as a whole the family functions better. No matter the age or place, a person who exhibits the values of a world class leader will be able to leap ahead in the journey to personal growth.

"Through educational excellence and Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts traditions."  In employing instructors that teach with educational excellence and providing tools that reinforce the traditions of Moo Sul Kwan, CTI is able to ensure that the
information that is passed from teacher to student is correct and firm.  Without instructors that teach the same materials and enforce the same traditions, the organization would be a jumbled mess and unable to function.  If this were the case, the school would last no more than a few years and its initial goal would be void.  Thankfully this is not the case.  Great GrandmasterLee H. Park worked tirelessly for years to ensure the school would live for many more years to pass on its excellent education and solid traditions.

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