Friday, June 15, 2012

Camp MSK '12

Camp MSK '12 was definitely one to remember!  It was the largest Camp of all time and one of the best ever!

It all started on Saturday, June 9th.  Checking in was the first thing everyone did.  Rooms were assigned, Camp Teaching Staff meetings took place and dinner was served.  After dinner, the Camp Groups were assembled.  Immediately, the Camp Group Leaders, Abdu Kikhia, Bridget Sautel, Brian Steward, Stephen Sautel, Michael Sandusky, Patrick Vargo and Eric Evans, started drilling their groups on their line-up formations and moves on their Camp Demonstrations.

The week went quickly by.  On Sunday the whole group hiked to the falls after a few classes on self-defense, target kicking, one-step sparring and walking drills taught by Master John Sautel, Mr. Freddy Sautel and Mr. Clayton Garner.  On the way to the falls, students got the chance to see some of the black belt promotion test (which started at 7:00 AM that morning).  This was followed by lunch at the lake and some time spent on group demonstrations and line-up formations.  Later that evening, the Camp MSK Kite Flying spectacle ensued.  The wind was just right for some excellent displays of kite flying prowess - Devon Lewis had the highest flying kite - it took six tied-together spools of string to get his kite so high in the atmosphere!
Black Belt Teens at the Waterfall

Monday started with a black belt early morning workout on Poomse and Staff work.  Then all sorts of things happened!  There was the Zip Line, Horseback Riding, Miniature Golf, the High Zip Line and the Climbing Wall, exciting activities students were able to choose from.  A special High Ropes Challenge Course was reserved for our upper black belts and a bike ride of momentous proportions took place.  Probably the longest activity of the day was the Camp Tie-Dye Project.  Each camper  had the chance to make their own tie-dye shirt.  In addition to the campers' shirts, another 152 shirts were crafted for the MSK Summer Expo XXVIII's Amazing Race!  In the evening there was also some time made for work on Jump Kicking, Poomse and Sparring.  The day ended with some campers going Square Dancing and others hitting the giant indoor swimming pool!

The next day began with some early morning exercise and black belt work on the staff.  Red and brown belts also got the chance to explore staff basics with Grandmaster Sautel.  Later each group worked and showed the upper belts their group line-ups and demonstrations.  This year's demos, with music, were based on inventions by Benjamin Franklin.  Groups were named after his inventions like; the Armonica, Daylight Savings Time, the Franklin Stove, the Lightning Rod, the Fire Company, the Fire Insurance Company, the Bifocals and the Odometers.

After a wonderful lunch, students and instructors worked on sparring, walking drills, evasion drills, blocking, hapkido, target kicking, Great Grandmaster Shin self-defense and the three-sectional staff.  Also on slate for that day was time spent on letter writing, arts and crafts, banner making, duck tape art and a special drawing class taught by purple belt Kelsey Smith.  A huge bike ride then took place with 34 riders attacking the ride from one end of Snow Mountain Ranch to the other!  Along the way, poomse was performed and some GGM Shin self-defense. Later that afternoon there were other mountain bike rides, more demo work with the day ending with our Camp Movie Night!

On Wednesday, the upper belts worked on poomse and sparring after an early morning training session with some Colorado Rocky Mountain rocks!  The annual Camp Group Picture was taken followed by training in poomse and demo work.  After lunch, the 2nd Annual Camp Quest took place!  Everyone was divided into teams, named after a certain breed of dog, and the race was on.  Master Jones, Master John Sautel and Master Erik Albrechtson commanded three teams each.  Teams had to accomplish many tasks like; golfing, one-steps, poomse, baseball hitting,  building design, breaking, bike riding, various exercises put together by Cindy Tusa, kickball, Frisbee throwing and swimming.  Teams also had to bring back items like a feather, a unique rock, a rubber band and more!  Everyone had a fantastic time and the winning team on time was the Alice Meyung Team.

Later that evening, the Camp Board Breaking Extravaganza took place at the Leggett Building.  As the CTI band Hoshin-Motion practiced their songs for the upcoming Summer Expo, students and instructors performed many exciting board breaking techniques.

On Thursday, the last day of Camp MSK'12, special demonstrations
were given for our parents, family members and friends.  Students of all ages displayed their many skills and showed their toughness by ending the week with total effort in their demos!

Special thanks to Cindy Tusa, Pam Sautel and Kimberly Jones for their help!  Also, special thanks goes to our organizers who kept the week so incredibly dynamic; Karen McHugh, 4th dan, Freddy Sautel, 4th dan, Alice Meung, 4th dan, Clayton Garner, 4th dan, Master Albrechtson, Master John Sautel, Master Mindy Sautel and Grandmaster Sautel.

See you next year!  Reserve your spot early.

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