Friday, May 18, 2018

Your Local, Friendly Martial Arts School: Westminster Campus

The front of the Westminster Taekwondo school martial arts school

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute (CTI) provides 5 local locations in the Denver Area, including the Westminster location on W. 88th Avenue, just west of Wadsworth. CTI teaches the martial art of Taekwondo, and a key lesson we teach in our classes is self-defense. There are classes for every age, including children as young as 2 years old and also juniors, teens, and adults. Teaching self-defense to every student is essential, and there are numerous ways in which CTI incorporates self-defense training into the students daily routine. Knowing how to defend yourself in dangerous situations will help build self-confidence, along with learning how to respect yourself and others.

Westminster Taekwondo and Karate teach the student how to defend themselves and their loved ones, in the event of being attacked. At the Westminster location the primary lesson of self-defense that we teach our students, is to avoid bad situations, places, and people in the first place. Staying away from all of these initially, will make the possibility of being attacked or in a dangerous situation less likely. The next lesson of self-defense this martial art teaches, is how to physically defend yourself and others if the situation ever does come to that. One of the most basic forms of self-defense is yelling; in Taekwondo we call a yell a “kihap.” Yelling can scare away an attacker, and it is also a great call for help. The good people around become aware that someone is in trouble, and then they can step in to help. Students then learn how to get out and away if an attacker grabs onto them in various ways. These certain self-defense moves are practiced a lot in class, and when a student gets to be a teen and adult these self-defense will become more elaborate. Our main goal at Westminster Taekwondo is to ensure that the student knows how to protect themselves, loved ones, and other people around if necessary.

Self-defense is incorporated into our daily class routine in CTI martial arts classes. To prepare for physically defending oneself, the student always does a thorough warm-up of the whole body along with many different stretches. To practice self-defense in class, the students body needs to be properly warmed up; this way, if attacked in real-life the body will have the flexibility and strength needed to defend when the time comes. The exercises done in each class will build up the strength and endurance of the muscles to make them strong. Each self-defense move is practiced over and over again, to create many repetitions. If attacked in real-life the body will automatically react because of all these repetitions, and it will just be a reaction. Although learning self-defense in Westminster martial arts and Westminster karate takes a lot of physical strength, it also requires much mental strength and ability. The mind has to be focused in on each self-defense technique. This focus and mental strength really carries over to a students school-life, especially for teens in middle school or high school. Having a strong mind is a very important quality to possess in order to defend yourself in bad situations, but a strong mind is just as important in everyday life and school.

There are many great lessons learned from self-defense training in martial arts at our Westminster location. One of the most essential qualities is the build up of self-confidence. Knowing you can keep yourself away from bad people and also be able to defend yourself if it comes to it, really builds up a person’s self-confidence. Being aware of your surroundings and staying away from bad places and situations will also boost self-confidence. Another paramount quality in result of self-defense, is having respect for others. The student will learn how to respect people of all ages and types, and most importantly how to respect themselves.

Self-defense is such an important part of a individual’s character, and enables so many other great elements. At our Westminster martial arts school, through teaching the Martial Art of Taekwondo, we provide training in which self-defense is one of the top lessons taught. Through the daily class routine, self-defense is incorporated in numerous ways and the body is physically prepared for any situation. The student will know how to defend themselves, and all of this together will build self-confidence and respect in school, at home, and in everyday life.

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