Friday, May 25, 2018

Karate Classes for Adults

By Tyler Murphy, 3rd dan

There are not very many activities that are good for exercise, fun, and encourage self directed learning. Especially as an adult it is difficult to find a good way to exercise other than going to the gym and exercising aimlessly. On thing to consider are Taekwondo classes or karate classes for adults. In Taekwondo it is always easy to stay motivated and to have a direction in the way that we exercise. Our classes consist of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, which contributes to our students being more rounded physically and mentally. Every class is different, but we are always working toward the same goal as a class, while working toward our own individual goals. The instructor is able to motivate and maintain a direction for the entire class, while giving each individual something to work and improve on. Everybody is different, and in order to improve this individual attention to detail is essential for each student in the class.

An adult man breaking a board with a punch doing adult karate classesOur classes are well organized and are centered around the Moo Sul Kwan basic routine. This means that every class will be a good work out, and that all campuses are on the same page regarding their training. Since we are united as an organization, our events will be more organized, and all students will be able to learn effectively together since they are at similar points in their training. Another benefit of our basic routine is that, even though we are working as a class, each student is able to focus only on themselves for that period of time. This is especially beneficial for adults. After working all day and dealing with other concerns in life, students can focus on only themselves and what we are working on in class while letting everything else fade away for the class. Our instructors are able to direct class in such a way that no other student we have to be concerned with anybody or anything else, which will lead to better improvement as a martial arts school, and as an individual as part of Moo Sul Kwan. Every student is different so it is excellent that the instructors can focus on individual students and give them what they need.

Another great thing about karate classes for adults at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute is the continuous learning that occurs every class. We learn poomse, which stands for patterned movement. Every student is able to learn poomse at a pace that is right for them. This constant learning is part of what helps our students to stay motivated, since there is always something more to learn, and work on. Adult karate classes at the ColoradoTaekwondo Institute take exercising to the next level with the many benefits that come from our curriculum and basic routine.

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