Friday, May 4, 2018

Martial Arts School for Kids

By Bridget Sautel, 4th dan

Making the decision to enroll your child into martial arts for kids could be a life changing event. Out of the many benefits of this art of Taekwondo, a few of the most essential benefits include building confidence, learning self-control, and self-directed learning. In addition, kids karate encompasses the development of the body, mind, and spirit through physical and mental educational lessons. Not only can martial arts be positive for kids, but it’s also a physical sport that a parent can do and learn along with their child. There’s not many other places, if any, where a parent and child are able to have this kind of special interaction and bond.
A taekwondo kid smiling in front of a martial arts school for kids
One of the greatest benefits that kids martial arts teaches a child, is how to build up self-confidence and carry this skill over into other parts of life such as school and home life. Whether it’s giving a speech one day in school in front of the class, being confident in chores at home and being responsible, testing for your next belt, or performing at a tournament. Another benefit of kids karate is learning how to gain self-control in all different settings. Self-control can be a difficult skill to manage and master especially when kids are put into different environments, like school or the playground. Taekwondo teaches this skill through practice in every single class, and then teaching how to carry it over to school and personal interactions. Another prime benefit of kids martial arts is self-directed learning. Children are able to learn early on how to work hard for something that will make them better. They learn that working hard is a choice and with this hard work they will be able to achieve whatever they want to.

The wonderful fact that kids martial arts encompasses body, mind, and spirit is what ties it all together. Each and every class the student will get a thorough physical work-out, and at the same time be able to exercise the mind and have spirit too. The Taekwondo curriculum includes memorization that builds over time to make a stronger mind, and along with this comes coordination skills. Children can learn how to work hard at an early age and learn how to have a passion for something they love. The students earn each belt and put lots of effort and commitment into the art, all while having fun!

Possibly the finest part about all of this, is martial arts schools for kids is a place where a kid and the parent can do something together. The bond is one that you can’t find anywhere else, and being able to learn the curriculum together will boost the learning as a whole. It is very different when a parent just watches from the other side of the glass, compared to being immersed in the class and learning close-up what martial arts has to offer. If a child sees their parent learning what they are, it motivates the child more than anything else could and really gives them a chance to be successful.

Kids martial arts has endless benefits for a child that all lead to improving the body, mind, and spirit while having a blast doing it. This physical and mental sport will bring positive and essential lessons into a child’s life. The parent can have a considerable, if not the greatest, impact on this learning if they themselves participate in this martial art.

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