Monday, July 11, 2016

Thinking in Taeguek il Chang

By Peyton Brauch, 1st dan

With one calm breath you step into chumbi stance.  The roaring crowd at the tournament phases into a wasteland.  An attacker appears on your left.  With swift moves and a loud yell you low block their kick and step in for a punch to the solar plexus.  Your strong stance helps you return to a walking stance, blocking the attacker on your right.  When you finish your counter attack another attacker comes into view at the front.  You turn to block their low kick, setting them off balance.  This makes it easy to twist into a midsection punch.

Martial arts black belts doing a side kick and jump front kickJust when you thought it was over the man on your right is throwing a punch.  As you step over, you strike his arm with a powerful montang makki.  This allows you to step in to punch him a second time.  You realize that he was just a distraction.  As you check around your shoulder the attacker on your left is coming back with a punch.  Your inner to outer, inner forearm block protects you before you step into a punch.  Once that attacker is finished you step to the front to low block another opponent's kick. Your counter attack startles him and you are shocked to see more attacks coming.

The attacker on your left decided to arm himself with a pipe and swing it downwards toward your head.  You perform a quick high block and kick him, leading into a powerful punch.  As you finish that attacker, the opponent on your right decided to try the pipe as well.  The pipe collides with your area makki and sets you up for a kick and punch.

Accomplishment floods your mind and body as you think you are done.  As you do this your senses spike as you hear a yell from behind.  You quickly turn to a final opponent throwing a low kick.  You counter with a low block and step into a punch.  An ear piercing kihap escapes your mouth and you stay in your stance.  As you return to borrow stance you breathe deeply.  You have returned to the big gym in Alameda International High School, and are in the midst of tournament competition.  As the judges give you a score you sigh with relief and accomplishment.

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