Monday, July 25, 2016

CTI Masters Seminars - Sparring and Staff

Two girls sparring at a martial arts seminar taught in Denver CO

89 students and instructors attended our recent CTI Masters Seminars on Saturday, July 23rd, at the Green Mountain Campus.

There were two seminars offered, Staff Technique and Sparring.

The Staff Seminar was for black and red only and covered many of the aspects involved with staff training.  Because of the large turnout, Grandmaster Sautel, Master Merinda Sautel, Master John Sautel, Master Alice Meyung and Master Clayton Garner led everyone on a jog to the local park where everyone could spread out!  The hard work and summer temperatures got the upper belts sweaty and more proficient at their staff techniques.

Later, the Sparring Seminar took place and involved students of all ages and belt levels.  Divided into three main groups, the participants began with a special sparring warm-up led by the master instructors.  After the intense exercise, the basics of good solid sparring were covered as well as well as many great strategies that can be used at anytime!

Look for the next CTI Masters Seminar - Poomse!  Ask your instructor for more information.

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