Monday, August 10, 2015

26th Denver Martial Arts Champs

By Emily Brophy, 1st dan

An exciting event is coming in September!

The 26th DMAC tournament is on September 11th and 12th at Alameda International High School.

 Our judges include blacks belts from all the campuses, and the tournament is organized by Grandmaster James Sautel, Master Merinda Sautel, Master John Sautel and Master Erik Albrechtson. Head Judges include Mr. Freddy Sautel, Ms. Alice Meyung, Mr. Clayton Garner, Mr. Brian Steward and Mr. Michael Sandusky.

This fun event starts on Friday night with the black belt competitions.  Black belts will compete in staff, poomse, sparring, and breaking. Saturday is the competition for all of our other students from tigers to adults and from white belt thru red belt! These competitions will include poomse, sparring and breaking.

During the 26th DMAC,  there will also be a DMAC Halftime were everyone lines-up, group pictures, the singing our national anthem and more!

This tournaments also includes two black belt grand champions, one an adult and the other one a junior.  The Grand Champions are chosen by the total number of points received in each of the competitions.

This is fun and action packed day that gives students and instructors the chance to show off what they know, meet new people, learn many things and see the benefits of good sportsmanship!

Register today!

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