Monday, August 11, 2014

CTI Limericks

Part of a recent CTI Monthly Homework

By Students from the Green Mountain Campus of the CTI

Morning workout punches and kicks,
Bend your knees and tighten your fists,
Strikes, blocks, and self defense,
Taekwondo in the mountains,
It just makes perfect sense!

Christina Manna, 12, Green Belt

The boy was kicking
He was not flicking
He was facing forwards
Towards the audience
What was he thinking

Emily Chavez, 7, Yellow Belt

Camp MSK was fun
Running and running to run
The sun was bright
Very very light
Fun in the bright sun

Sean Konrad, 9, Brown Belt

Camp MSK '14 it was fun
Almost all day in the sun
We got to have fun
And walk and run
Camp MSK was very very fun!

Brynn Konrad, 8, Brown Belt

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