Friday, June 6, 2014

Rocky Mountain High Kicks

Are you looking for a great way to teach your children a love for exercise and self-discipline that can last a lifetime? The youth in the Colorado front range can have the benefits of ancient Korean and Japanese martial arts training from skilled professionals. At each of the five campus of The Colorado Taekwondo Institute (Lakewood, Littleton, Westminster, Golden and Conifer), children as young as three years old can benefit from a fun way to release stress, improve concentration, and increase physical strength and stamina.

Taekwondo can trace its origins to the Silla Kingdom on the Korean peninsula as early as 50 B.C. Following occupation by Japan in which all forms of Korean martial arts were banned, Taekwondo schools began to spring up at the close of WWII. A few years after a demonstration in front of the United Nations in 1963, the U.S. Taekwondo Associate formed, bringing the benefits of the martial art to Americans. By 1983, the Colorado Taekwondo Institute was alive and well in Colorado under the leadership of Master James M. Sautel.

Moo Sul Kwan
Moo Sul Kwan was brought to United States in 1969 by Grandmaster Lee H. Park. His unique style of training taekwondo, as well as hapkido and judo, have transferred to the Colorado Taekwondo Institute and flourished, with training classes the preserve this traditional martial art, and provide invaluable skills to participants training in hapkido and judo. In Colorado, karate fans can also participate in specialized courses.

Martial Art Student Breaking with a Side Kick
The Foot as a Fist
The basis for taekwondo training involves using the foot as the powerful striking force that it can be. While sparring, martial artists use a variety of kicking techniques as either an offensive weapon or a defensive blocking maneuver. The foot, when used correctly, has a longer reach and can generate far more power than punching or blocking moves made with the hands and arms. Classes at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute teach many kicks, along with blocks and strikes. 

Pride and Self-Protection
Taekwondo training is not meant to make you or your child a better fighter or provide them with foolproof protection from bullying. What martial arts training can provide for your child is a sense of discipline and self-control that can be invaluable in all aspects of their lives. In addition, martial arts can be a great way to instill a love of movement and exercise, as well as a spirit of cooperation and teamwork. Here are just a few of the skills beginners will begin to develop with the proper training:

•    Strength and Balance – By using their feet and hands, students will learn how to harness the power and strength of their body. This also increases balance and agility that they can use in other activities. Students can develop an even muscle tone that helps them increase physical stamina and take pride in their body’s appearance.
•    Concentration – An increasing number of young schoolchildren struggle with concentration. Taekwondo training can help students improve their concentration and focus, enabling them to use these skills in other aspects of their life.
•    Reduced Aggression – Children and adults that struggle with feelings of aggression and frustration can help find an appropriate release in martial arts training.
•    Discipline – Martial arts training can give students motivation and discipline toward achieving goals. Techniques require patience and obedience to master and Craig taekwondo masters help build respect and discipline in students.
•    Self-Confidence – Potentially the greatest gift afforded to advancing taekwondo students is the self-confidence that is instilled by attaining goals, being awarded belts, and getting to know the strength and power they can harness with their movements.

A Variety of Courses and Events
Martial arts (Taekwondo or Korean Karate) training programs have been available at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute since 1983. Students can participate in a variety of specialized training courses where they can learn and advance as they mature. Also, CTI participates in a variety of demonstrations and tournaments to give students an opportunity to show their friends and family their progress and prowess.

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