Friday, June 20, 2014

Camp Moo Sul Kwan '14

This year's Camp MSK '14, was held from June 7 - 12th at Snow Mountain Ranch in Colorado.  Following one of the finest MSK Summer Expos of all time, this year's Camp MSK started six short days after the Expo.  The six days of training at Camp was filled with unlimited learning and fun!

Special guests Master Bill Jones, 6th dan from Jackson, Missouri, and Mr. Mark Fraser, 4th dan from Alberquerque, NM, joined our excellent Camp MSK Teaching Staff for all the action.

Students and instructors received a Camp MSK '14 Uniform that became dirtier and dirtier throughout the week.  Classes in Exercise, Moo Sul Kwan Judo, Sparring, Poomse, Self-Defense, Staff, Breaking, Basic Hands, Kicking, One-Step Sparring and Demonstration Work complemented the mountain bike riding, basketball, wall climbing, zip line, horseback riding, table tennis, miniature golf, kickball, kite flying, squaring dancing, frisbee tossing, hiking, movie night, musical breaking night and eating! There was also a Moo Sul Kwan black belt test on one of the days.  Twelve candidates, of varying ages, went through the physical test beginning early in the morning.

The Camp meals for over 110 hungry students were specially prepared by Cindy Tusa and Master Jones, along with Pam Sautel and other invaluable help!  Meals are always a favorite part of the Camp week, and on one evening, everyone dressed for dinner.  This year the special diinner was to celebrate the American Farmer.  Everyone  dined on kettle beef, mashed potatos and green beans straight from an old Kelso, Missouri, country recipe!

On the last day of Camp MSK, the parents, family members and friends were treated to some demonstrations.  It started off with a Camp Bicycle Demonstration by some of our older campers, and was followed by the Camp Team Demonstrations, each one named after
and demo symbolizing a United Sates Mountain Range.

Make plans for next year's CAMP MSK '15!

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