Monday, April 28, 2014

Three Hundred and Something

By Jim Sautel, 7th dan

It’s a guarantee. It will be in the books if you can . . .

Hmm . . . three hundred and forty or fifty some days from now – fifty some weeks into the future, an entire year to go and the question is, “Where will you be in your training this time next year?”

Think of all the experiences you will rack up by starting today and consistently keeping at it for the next year. There would be over a thousand poomse (pattern movement or forms) reps if you did only three poomse a day!  You’d have over 18,000 push-ups if you only did 350 a week for the next twelve months! If you did 250 kicks a day for the next year, it would be around 90,000 kicks!  How could you not get better?  It’s a guarantee.  It will be in the books if you can follow through one day at a time!

It’s amazing what can be accomplished one day at a time over a designated period.  When you think about it, look at what we accomplish each time we step into the classroom.  Massize quantities of sit-ups are ripped out in a blink of the eye.  In 30 seconds of time, we can perform an entire poomse or two.  Give us 15 minutes and we can blast out numerous one-step and self-defense walking drills.  We do things like this each and every time we attend class at the CTI, and when you couple that with practice done at home, your personal stats can really pile up . . . and when you have heaps of stats, that means you've got a load of repetitions, uncountable experiences and exuberant successes!

Take a few minutes and make a list of all the exercises and techniques you do and look at the possible number outcomes that could result from three hundred and some days of training – results to be summed up one year from now.  Remember, when you hypothesize and look at those gigantic numbers, know that you can do it!  You can have all those stats under your belt by attacking it one day after the next starting now!

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