Sunday, April 27, 2014

Objective Focus

What Does it Mean to Have an Objective Focus?

You've heard the idea of having an objective focus but what does that really mean?  Objective focus is mentioned as a key component of the rules of poomse training.  I believe, it generally means to be attentive and aware of the environment and the people around you.  For instance, it might be being prepared as when you have an imaginary attacker while doing poomse or one-step sparring.  You do not want to be so focused on the immediate danger in front of you that you lose perspective on the perimeter of danger that could be imminent in the close-by surroundings.

For example, when driving a car, you can be aware of what is directly in front of you at the front of the car, at your windshield and your space as a driver.  However, that is not all you want to see through your peripheral vision.  You need to be aware of more than just what is directly in front of you.  You need to think about 20 feet in front of you or to your sides and even behind you.  What cars are beside you in your blind spot, what car is behind you and coming up fast and what deer may jump out of the woods 20 feet in front of you.  You will be a better driver by building your awareness and keeping an objective focus.

Similarly, Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo requires an objective focus to be a more prepared defender against a sparring opponent or an attacker on the street.  To start, you need an objective focus to simply do a proper and balanced side-kick.  Don’t focus on the person next to you or the end of your foot, focus on a specific point on the wall in the distance from you where you might want to pinpoint your kick to break a board.  Find your spot, keep your spot in your vision and you will maintain better balance and your side-kick will be stronger while bringing a wider awareness to your surroundings.  An objective focus will help as you prepare for sparring – you can see not just the opponent’s next punch but you can see the opponent’s potential kick, fake and you can read the intentions in their eyes.

This skill can apply to many different areas of life such as driving, sports, skiing and self defense.  Work on keeping your objective focus and you can be a better driver, skier, athlete and martial artist as you control the space around you and are ultimately more prepared!

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