Thursday, April 3, 2014

POTENTIAL – The Capacity to Develop, Succeed or to Become Something

By Kyle Feagans, 1st dan

At some point in our life’s we have all heard the phrases “You have a lot of potential” or “You are not living up to your full potential.”  The reason we have all heard these phrases is because they come from those that know us best and love and care for us the most.  They are the ones that can see our talents and potential when we do not.  They are the ones who can help us identify our talents of strength and which ones we need to improve upon.  Our talents and what we do with them are the foundations that help us live up to our greatest potential.

We all have those talents that come natural to us.  They are the talents that we never seem to have to work at…they are so natural that we tend to take them for granted.  Those talents of strength could be the ability to listen to those around you.  Your talent could be mentoring those around you or your ability to pay attention to details.  Maybe your talent is visionary helping you to see the big picture, the result before it happens.  Or your talent could be in your ability to set and your desire to achieve a goal or goals.  No matter what these talents of strength, they are our basics and should be worked.

Like our talents of strength we also have those talents that we desire to improve upon.  These are the talents that do not come natural to us; they are the ones that we have to work much harder at.  Talents such as memorization skills or practicing or have more patience with our colleagues at school or work.  Maybe there is a desire to improve upon leadership skills at school or work.  Whatever the talents are that we wish to improve upon we know that improving them will help us to live up to the full potential that we have been told we can live up to. Improving our talents can be challenging.  It requires discipline, desire, courage and focus.  It takes the will to win and the desire to succeed.

With these characteristics and with time, the talents we struggle with can become like those that come easy to us…they can become additions to our basics.

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