Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Very First CTI Picnic

By Uriah Hernandez, orange belt

My name is Uriah Hernandez.  I go to the Westminster Campus,  I am an orange belt, and I finally went to my 1st CTI Picnic and to be honest with you, I was frightened I almost chickened out and didn't go.  Gladly I did go and the picnic turned out awesome.

The afternoon started off with a very tasty lunch followed by a big plate full of deserts.  There was cookies, brownies, cake and ice cream it was all really good but made my tummy upset later that night, hahaha!

Everyone was finishing up their lunch I was throwing away some plates and I turned around to find Mr. Evans with dozens of eggs in his arms.  All I remember is thinking oh no what are we doing.  I grabbed my little brother Julian, we went and checked it out.  An egg toss!  How fun!  Not remembering that my brother is only 5 years old and not that skilled at being gentle I said, “Julian lets be partners."  So here we go, for a 5 year old he is doing pretty good but then he throws an egg at my face!  Quickly I dodged the egg it crashed down on the floor and I see that it is all broken into little pieces but its hard-boiled, yeah safe!! SPLAT!!  Not even a split second I get an egg thrown to the back of the ear.  I turn around to find that the partners next to me did not have the best aim for the other person’s hands. hahaha!  Gladly the water fight was going to be coming up so I wouldn't be so sticky…. and smelly.

Before the water fight started we got to slingshot water balloons at the new 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dans.  The next thing you know, everyone has their squirt guns we were all getting soaked.  I thought I had a pretty good plan to get Mr. Sandusky with a bucket full of water but he was one step ahead of me because when I went to go and dump it on him he pushed it towards me and all the water went dripping down my hair.  Not such a good idea.

To end our day we all started to cool down with a game of volleyball that was a blast!  I was getting ready to leave when I stopped and thought of what a great day I is a really cool experience when you get to meet new people or even just learn new things about the people you already knew, its really fun when we have days like the picnic where y
ou can just go and hang out with your instructors and just get to know them because you don’t really get to do that in class so when you do finally see their funny side or sporty side you are just like wow this person and I have a whole lot in common and it brings you closer to them.

At the picnic I learned that we are truly a family a CTI Taekwondo family and no matter how bad I smelt or how sticky I was going home one thing is for sure I am definitely going again next year.

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