Thursday, June 6, 2013

Self Defense Training Brings Focus and Control to a Sometimes Dangerous World

Kids learning self-defense
You might have experienced it: walking to your car alone at night, keys held tightly in your hand, wondering what you would do if someone attacked you from the shadows. Or, if you are less fortunate, you may have already experienced an attack like this first hand. No one likes to walk in fear, and no one likes feeling helpless against a stronger person. For this reason, it is wise for any woman to take a class in self defense.

Many women have made the decision to fortify their bodies and prepare their minds for defense by turning to martial arts training. Because taekwondo and other forms of martial arts are designed not to kill people but to debilitate them, they are perfect for people wishing not to fight but simply to protect themselves. The nature of taekwondo is such that the attacker’s force is used against him or her, so the defender can do great damage even when not the attacker’s equal in strength or size.

For women who have been assaulted in the past, or women who are simply tired of being afraid, martial arts training in a classroom setting can be very therapeutic. Class community forms, where experiences are shared and support is given. Self defense class becomes a safe space for you to develop your sense of self and build confidence in both your mental and physical development. Knowing you aren’t alone is a healthy way to overcome your fear.

Self defense training is good to have when you’re walking down a dark alley – but it is also useful in the less dramatic events of your everyday life. Taekwondo and other schools of martial arts teach you to master and control your body and mind. Think of all of the stressful situations that occur in your life; now, think how much better you’d be at handling and overcoming them if you were practiced in slowing your breathing and slowing the rapid, disorganized thoughts in your mind. Martial arts training teaches control and focus, two things we could all benefit from.

Hopefully, you will never be attacked, and you will never have to use your fighting skills on anyone. But if you are ever attacked, be ready by signing up for a martial arts training class today.

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