Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kids' Karate: Summertime in Conifer and Littleton

It’s finally here: summer has rolled back around, leaving kids running gleefully away from their last classes, ready for swimming and playing in the great outdoors. But we also are all familiar with that same old sentence we are sure to hear after a few weeks of scholastic freedom: “I’m bored!”

While it can be hard for adults to relate to the idea of “boredom,” we all know how prevalent it is for young kids, especially in mountain towns. If you are looking for a great solution to the what-to-do problem, consider enrolling your child in a kids’ karate class. Give your child some summer structure with a class schedule to follow, with other kids who are working towards the same goals. With multiple campuses around Colorado, CTI is enrolling now for Littleton karate and Conifer karate, among others.

What benefits can a kids’ karate class give your child? Good guidance, for one thing. In today’s world, it can be worrisome to wonder who might be influencing your son or daughter when you are not around. At our martial arts academy, kids are guided by our instructors not only in combat, but in respect. One of the essential elements of martial arts is their emphasis on discipline and respect for others and self; your son or daughter will be coached on how to behave to bring about the most peace for society.

Another benefit parents can expect when they enroll their child in Littleton karate or Conifer karate with CTI is an increase in healthy peer friendships. Childhood is a fun, but sometime scary time, and the presence of friends is essential to happy growth. Kids’ karate classes bring good kids together, where they work towards the same goals, provide each other with support, and celebrate each other’s achievements. Friendships are build that last throughout childhood and beyond, and your son or daughter learns what it means to lean on and support others.

Finally, kids’ martial arts training is extremely beneficial to your son or daughter’s health. Childhood obesity has become a serious problem in America, leaving many parents wondering what they can do to get their kids up and moving. Karate is a great way to pump up heart rate and strengthen muscles and, when started at an early age, sets a person on a healthy exercise track for life. So if you’re ready to give your child something do that will both entertain and enrich them, consider CTI kids’ karate classes today.

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