Friday, August 19, 2011

What I Try to Do

By Don Symington, blue belt

From the August Homework - Knowledge, Creativity and School Pride

I often share my knowledge by teaching or mentoring others, especially in areas where I may be considered an expert or have greater knowledge.  This is related to my position at work where I often have to provide leadership and technical advice or direction.  I share by showing, advising, developing training materials and teaching.  I also share overall knowledge by how I act and approach situations.  I share knowledge at MSK by helping others or practicing with others, often answering questions or directing them to those with the knowledge and skill, if it is above my knowledge.

I try to act as a role model to others, both at the CTI Campus where I have younger students, or those of a lower belt as well as those that may be looking up to me as an adult.  I try to lead by example at work and home with great work ethics, working hard to achieve what I have set out to achieve.  By doing this I hopefully am helping show others what is right and how they can show the school pride.  I never disrespect the school or people and would not be afraid of standing up for the school or those wanting to be supported in showing school pride.  I hopefully help represent what the school pride is and strives to achieve.

I will try and spend more time and effort treating my family in ways that I would want to be treated.  As our family grows older my sons have gained much knowledge and experience and I need to understand that they have learned and developed into individuals that should be treated as peers more than children.  I should apply the training I have developed to listen more and lead by example more while maintaining a lighter side that takes time to try more creative things such as cooking and laughing more.

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