Friday, August 12, 2011

CTI Picnic Time

The summer season of 2011 - starting to wind down . . . what a fantastic summer!  Thinking back on the last couple of months makes your virtual CTI head spin . . . we got so much accomplished this summer that the fall promises to be something special.  Some of the things we did in the past past sixty days . . .the Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo XXVII in Colorado Springs, Camp MSK '11 at Snow Mountain Ranch, the CTI Black Belt Team World Tour '11 in Germany / Austria, the Buffalo Bill Days Parade in Golden, CTI Promotion Tests, Water World, Special Workouts and Events.  We were so busy, the summer seemed to go by extremely fast.

Taekwondo Kids Having Fun!
So how do we end up a summer such as this?  Rest?  No!  We have a picnic!

Around 250 students, instructors, family members and friends attended our 4th Annual CTI Picnic at Tanglewood Park in Golden!  There were games, contests and some of the best food of the summer at our annual get-together.

At the picnic, we competed in throwing games like the Softball Toss, Frisbee Toss, Shoe Kickin
g, Ultimate Frisbee and the Football Toss.  Later, everyone's favorite, the Catch the Water Balloon Slingshotted by Three Dads, got everyone soaked and laughing as they tried to catch water filled balloons launched to the stratosphere!

Special thanks goes to everyone who came.  The food that was brought was outstandingly delicious and we had perfect weather and the best of company.  Thanks to the Golden Campus and Mr. Evans for hosting us in our annual day in the park.

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