Monday, September 21, 2020

Self-Defense Training for Adults

Adult men and women in a self defense class

At the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, we train in Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo, which also includes some Moos Sul Kwan Hapkido training. Both Taekwondo and Hapkido are martial arts that are thousands of years old, initially developed for people to learn to defend themselves, from both other people and wild animals. 

Moo Sul Kwan classes include lots of exercise to get our bodies and mind into shape, but they also include learning self-defense techniques. Hopefully they will never be needed, but learning this self-defense can have the real world consequences.  In the event of finding yourself in danger in your day to day life, self-defense is a very necessary skill to have in order to keep yourself safe.  Although the possibility of having to use your self defense in your everyday life is very slim, it is still important to practice your self defense techniques in case the situation arises that you would need to use them.  

Just as it is important to practice some of the more complicated or difficult areas of our Moo Sul Kwan training like basic techniques or poomse (patterned movements), one should not forget to practice their one-step sparring and self defense skills and techniques.  Being able to properly defend yourself is a highly prized skill in ones daily life. A martial artists should also take time to practice all of their self defense and understand how the techniques work on the body and how to properly execute them.  In the event of a dangerous situation, it would be very harmful of one had to stop and think about what they had to do. To truly improve one's self defense skills, you should be able to not only perform the appropriate technique, but execute it without having to actively think about it. This will be very beneficial in the event of an actual dangerous situation. It would be very valuable to incorporate self defense training into ones ongoing training.  Even though some of the techniques are less complicated that other areas of our Moo Sul Kwan training, one's self defense can always be improved upon just like any other branch of our Taekwondo. 

Remember, in class as well as outside of class, make sure to practice effectively but safely.  Self defense training is meant to be very effective and can be harmful if used improperly. Training in self defense is just a small, but very important part of our Moo Sul Kwan discipline, but must also be maintained to ensure that it is ready should the need ever arise.          

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